An LSU School of Interior Design grad, Jerad Gardemal is known for building interior design narratives one layer of artistic elegance at a time. With an extensive career marked by both commercial and residential success, Jerad now owns a full-service design firm in Baton Rouge, LA. Beyond its interior design projects, JF Gardemal Designs also features a showroom brimming with art, exquisite antiques, and more. Known for intentionality and sophistication, Jerad’s work is both memorable and a breath of fresh air. Please welcome our newest Interior Designer Crush, Jerad Gardemal of JF Gardemal Designs. 

Jerad Gardemal in a blue blazer, sitting on a chaise.
Please welcome our newest Interior Designer Crush, Jerad Gardemal of JF Gardemal Designs. Image: JF Gardemal Designs

Can you tell us about your background in design?

I graduated from LSU School of Interior Design in 1994. I then worked in the commercial design field for three years and have been in residential design for 25 years. I started my own firm, JF Gardemal Designs, in 2020.

Is there a common thread woven into all of your projects? An aspect of your design aesthetic that’s unmistakably “you”?

I love to use one or two fine fabrics in every room. This is a small investment to make to give a little bit of luxury to any space. Curated artwork is also present in all of my projects. I love to help my clients create a collection that is truly unique and speaks to their individuality. We like to describe our firm’s approach as traditional design with an artful soul.

What project are you currently working on, and what is your favorite project you’ve done?

I am currently working on some residential projects that are so exciting. One project, in particular, is a major renovation of an 8,000-square-foot mid-century home which is the third residence I have worked on with this client. They love sophisticated, elegant interiors but are not afraid to use unusual fabrics and vivid colors to impart a unique sense of style.

Office with Einstein painting on the wall
Jerad tells us, “I love that this client adores fine antiques and traditional design. In this office, he loved the interjection of the contemporary art piece to excite the eye. The rich, masculine look of this men’s study is elegant and tailored but still fresh.” Image: James Peck
Gold-walled bedroom with lipstick art
“In this Soho apartment, the client wanted to mix contemporary glamour with elements of pop art,” says Jerad. “The gold metallic wallpaper is not only high glam, but it gives the room visual depth, making it appear larger than it is.” Image: James Peck
Kitchen with wooden beam and ornate lighting.
“The prior architectural design of this home was ‘country French,’” explains Jerad. “When the client decided to do a renovation of the home, they chose to keep the iron chandelier because it made such a statement. I decided to let it stand alone as an individual work of art and allow the new design approach to grow around it. We had the kitchen hood faux finished to pull in an additional element of rusticity.” Image: James Peck
Moody living room with purple hues and geometric elements.
“The living room in this Manhattan apartment needed to make a big visual impact upon entering,” Jerad tells us. “We used an iridescent aubergine grasscloth to provide a dramatic focal point for the room. The lighting, furnishings, and artwork create a more glamorous ’70s vibe.” Image: James Peck

What is your go-to source of inspiration, and who or what is currently inspiring you?

My showroom is my biggest inspiration. It is my laboratory to experiment with different design concepts, furniture, and accessories before presenting them to clients. With 3,000 square feet of beautiful, fine furnishings and accessories on hand, I can find inspiration in the smallest things.

Where do you take chances in design?

I love to use unexpected wallpapers in unexpected places. Even the most masterfully designed architecture can become monotonous without the element of surprise. I feel the same way about the use of color. Folding in an imperfect or oddball element makes a space far more interesting.

If you could work with anyone in the world as a designer or co-collaborator, who would it be?

I would love to work with either Ken Fulk or Miles Redd because they are both unafraid to take risks with layering colors, patterns, and textures in every project.

Master bedroom with mirrored side tables
“This client wanted a chic European approach to this bedroom — almost neo-romantic,” says Jerad. “With the steel gray palette as an anchor, we used pale blues, corals, and metallics to soften and feminize the space.” Image: James Peck
Bedroom closeup of lamp and flowers
A combination of texture and rich drapery fabric adds warmth to this master bedroom, which also features exquisite antique pieces. Image: James Peck
Wine bar with glass storage.
“I designed this bar and storage cabinet to highlight an empty wall that needed something exceptional,” Jerad tells us. “I worked with the cabinet maker to adapt the design of the glass storage cabinet from a 19th-century French apothecary original. The result was a bar carved out of a rather challenging space that ended up looking like an integral part of the original design plan.” Image: James Peck
Living room with yellow and gray aesthetic.
“This was a new build, and the architectural approach was completely different compared to their prior home,” Jerad explains. “This floorplan is open with clean lines. The client wanted a transitional design with an introduction of contemporary art and accessories.” Image: James Peck

Do you have a favorite space or design element in your own home? What is it, and what makes it special?

I love my library. I converted a guest bedroom by having custom cabinets built that resemble a large English breakfront. The walls and trim are painted a terra cotta from Benjamin Moore’s Williamsburg Collection, and the cabinets are painted dark charcoal. My books and artwork fill the walls from top to bottom, and it is just perfect for me. It is my own little version of the library from “Downton Abbey”!

Can you share one secret or piece of advice with us to elevate our homes?

You have to invest in the best quality home furnishing you can afford and realize that it takes time to create beautiful spaces. One or two beautiful pieces acquired each year will elevate your space over time. You will never regret focusing on quality over quantity.

Jade office space with mood lighting.
“This office was originally an extra bedroom that we converted,” Jerad tells us. “The room had no defined purpose, so we were able to transform it into her perfect home office. The gold leaf ceiling, Kate Spade rug, and custom-lacquered walls all exude elegance and high style.” Image: James Peck
Stairwell landing with ornate chair and side table.
“The revolving Asian book table is the star of this entryway,” Jerad says. “Pulled up next to the oversized Chinese throne chair, it creates a detail of a larger, grander space that commands your attention.” Image: James Peck
Living room with leather chairs, fireplace, and domed windows.
“In contrast to this client’s previous home, they chose to have a large open living space that would accommodate the entire family in one large room,” says Jerad. “The design of this room centered around the Ralph Lauren light fixture, which was the perfect scale for the large space, but also had a casual elegance that reflects the preferred design style for this client.” Image: James Peck
Master bedroom with four-poster bed and floral curtains
“This bedroom, with the use of gorgeous window treatments and oversized upholstery pieces, is all about comfort and luxury,” shares Jerad. “The detailed draperies frame the view of the courtyard, and the richly colored velvets on the chairs and pillows make the room inviting.” Image: James Peck

What is the biggest faux pas we can make in our own home interiors?

Following any design trend plastered all over social media can be problematic. The shelf life is temporary, and it is a huge mistake. Fashion trends are not a big investment and can easily change from one season to the next. The same cannot be said for interior decor.

How would you describe your design philosophy in five words?

Classic, detailed, passionate, vibrant, and artful.

To see more of Jerad’s work, visit his website,


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