Water. We all know we need to drink more, but sometimes it’s just, you know, boring water. There’s a reason nice hotels and resorts have beautiful water displays. They entice you to drink more, it looks nice, and the water simply tastes better. From added oranges or lemon slices to chopped fruit or herbs, there are a lot of things you can do at home — just like those fancy hotels do — to elevate simple water. So, stop paying for all that flavored water and make a better version at home.

And, since it’s summer, make some flavorful ice to add to your water, which makes it even more refreshing. The more the ice melts, the better your water tastes, so keep refilling!

(We’re also covering frozen citrus slices today, so keep scrolling for those ideas.)

Flavorful Ice

With automatic ice dispensers coming standard on many refrigerators or the popular addition of icemakers to upgrade a kitchen, many people don’t have the plastic ice cube containers anymore. I highly suggest that you get some. Buy several. You’ll want them to keep making this flavorful ice, but it’s also a great solution to freeze pesto, herbed butter, extra juice and so many other tasty things.

With ice cube containers on hand, all you really need is some inspiration. The two inspirations we’re providing today are 1) strawberry + basil, and 2) blueberry + mint.

And, if you are keen on making big fruit salads, sometimes there is fruit left over. Plop them in these containers, add your water or juice, and voila — you’ll look forward to your next glass of water more than ever.

Ice recipe for fruit — strawberry + basil ice cubes

To make strawberry + basil ice cubes, slice the strawberries and basil. To slice basil, I prefer strips, so I roll the basil and then cut it, thus creating strips. Place a strip of basil across the bottom of each ice cube section, then stack with sliced strawberries and add basil, again, on top. Fill with water and freeze for at least four hours.

Fruit Ice: blueberry + mint ice cubes

To create blueberry + mint ice cubes, chop fresh mint and then place some mint across the bottom of each ice cube section. Fill with blueberries and place more mint on top. Then, fill with water and freeze for at least four hours.

SB TIP: The secret to pretty ice cubes is to make sure the herbs are seen on the top and the bottom, and that any sliced fruit faces the outside of the soon-to-be ice cube, thus showcasing it best once frozen.

You can also use watermelon juice, lemonade or any other kind of juice to sub for the water when making these ice cubes.

Fruit water ice cubes

The ice is really pretty. If you want the clearest ice possible, consider boiling your water first to make it extra, extra clear. But, if you do this, cool it down so it doesn’t “cook” your fruit before it freezes!

Fruit ice

Obviously ice floats, so you have a gorgeous drink!

How About a Cocktail?

What if you want to use this same ice technique, but for a cocktail? Great idea!

Pickers Blueberry Vodka cocktail

Here, we used the blueberry + mint ice cubes and added some Pickers Blueberry Vodka, some Navy Hill Club Soda (order some HERE on SB Shop), and a slice from a juicy lime. Yum!

Picker's Blueberry Vodka + Soda

This cocktail makes a nice end to a hot summer day. Recipe: Pickers Blueberry Vodka + Navy Hill Club Soda + blueberry mint ice cube + lime

Flavorful Water

Last but not least, here are some ideas to just add to a pitcher of water, even at the last minute. It will make your dinner table look that much nicer, and the water tastes that much sweeter:

Blackberry + mint water

Add blackberries + mint to a pitcher of water. Add ice. Voila!

Fruit water recipe — Cucumber + basil water

Cucumber + basil water: With so many vegetable gardens these days, this is a combo many have in their backyards!

Fruit water recipe — Peach + Sage water

Grab a bushel of peaches and use them in everything, including water! Here’s some peach + sage water.

Don’t Forget the Fruit Slices

Now, consider slicing up a bevy of citrus fruit and keeping that handy for summer cocktails or to add to a glass of plain or sparkling water. They are easy to make and oh-so-pretty.

frozen citrus fruit

Learn how to freeze citrus fruit properly and all the ways to use it HERE.


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