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With the arrival of October, fall is in full swing, signaling the time to swap out those sandals and sundresses for sweaters and booties. To get in the spirit of the season while remaining fashion-forward, we’ve rounded up this year’s top color trends for fall and beyond. Butterscotch yellow, nutty brown, berry pink and emerald green are just a few of the season’s most popular hues. And to help transition you into autumn, we’re sharing a few easy ways to incorporate the festive shades into your wardrobe. From accessories and footwear to fall-appropriate dresses and the beloved chunky sweater, here’s how to style Fall 2019’s top color trends.



Similar to spring and summer, yellow will continue to be an on-trend shade throughout the rest of the year. Rather than sunshine shades, though, fall brings mustard, butterscotch and deep yellow hues as a nod to the season’s changing leaves and festive feel.

Here, we’ve rounded up one chunky turtleneck sweater ($79) in the ideal fall yellow shade, a pair of snakeskin booties ($159.95) that touch on both the yellow and animal print trends, a cute and minimal bag ($48), perfect for a girls’ night out, and one deep yellow pencil skirt ($199) to add a pop of seasonal color to your office attire.

fall color trend

Here are four easy ways to incorporate deep yellow hues into your closet. This chunky sweater is $79, the booties are $159.95, the purse is $48, and the pencil skirt is $199. Images: Nordstrom


Deep reds, burgundy and berry shades are always a top color of the fall and winter seasons, and this year is no different. We’re shifting from pops of summer-appropriate cherry red and soft pinks to rich purples and vibrant plums.

These darker shades are probably the easiest to either add to or find in your already existing wardrobe, but if you’re looking for some suggestions, we’ve got you covered. This sweet purple dress ($139) features longer sleeves to keep you warm and stylish. We suggest pairing it with some booties or even over-the-knee boots for a fashionable ensemble. This cozy fleece jacket ($55) is both comfortable and sophisticated. This jumpsuit ($69), which would look fabulous with a blazer or pea coat draped over it, is a statement-maker for those fall and winter parties. And if you’d rather add a pop of berry through your beauty routine, go for this Bobbi Brown lipstick in plum ($29).

fall color trends

These pieces offer four fashionable ways to wear berry and burgundy this season. This dress is $139, the fleece jacket is $55, the jumpsuit is $69, and the lipstick is $29. Images: Nordstrom

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Emerald green is a flattering color regardless of your skin tone or hair color. Luckily, it’s one of the top color trends of the season. Although olive green is still a popular shade of choice, emerald offers the striking, statement-making effect only a rich jewel tone can.

It’s also pretty easy to bring emerald green into your everyday wear. This cardigan ($108) is soft, comfy, stylish and great for transitional weather and beyond. This knotted headband ($24), another major hair trend right now, is the perfect way to doll up an otherwise neutral look. This high-low tunic ($89) is figure-flattering and great for in and out of the office, and this blazer ($89) is the most elegant way to bring emerald into your workwear.

fall color trends

Go for emerald green this season! Here are four ways to style the shade. This cardigan is $108, the knotted headband is $24, the tunic is $89, and the blazer is $89. Images: Nordstrom


Similar to berry and burgundy, warm brown shades are another yearly fall color trend. This year, we’re going for camel shades, nutty colors and warm tans as our go-to neutral.

We’re sure you have plenty of pieces in these shades already in your closet, but here are four of our favorite current buys in case you’re looking for some new additions. This ultra-cozy Madewell coat ($298) is equal parts comfort and style, and these booties ($89.95) feature a block heel and pointed toe to dress up any look. This v-neck sweater ($138) is the definition of sophisticated fall style, great for in and out of the office, and this cashmere scarf ($149) will keep you warm, cozy and fashionable throughout the cooler seasons.

fall color trends

Transition into fall by swapping out your white attire for camels and nutty browns. This Madewell coat is $298, these booties are $89.95, this v-neck sweater is $138, and this cashmere scarf is $149. Images: Nordstrom

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Soft navy and pieces that seamlessly combine the versatility of neutral gray with the flattering richness of deep blue round out this year’s list of fall color trends. Pop these over a white tank and jeans, or pair them with some sparkling silver for a timeless look.

This soft cardigan ($116) is beyond comfortable and easy-to-wear with any top. This drape collar blue jacket ($59) is a great addition to your night-out ensemble. Slip on these snakeskin flats ($99.95) for a subtle splash of color and pattern, or don this flattering wrap dress ($88) for your next date night.

fall color trends

Adding soft blue and gray to your wardrobe is a stylish take on neutrals this fall. This soft cardigan is $116, the drape collar jacket is $59, the snakeskin flats are $99.95, and the wrap dress is $88. Images: Nordstrom


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