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While bold statement walls have certainly made a splash over the last decade, it seems that statement ceilings have steadily been making their mark as a hot design trend, too. To be fair, statement ceilings have been around for centuries — after all, Michelangelo created his share of them! These days, statement ceilings tend to be a bit less elaborate and labor-intensive, but it doesn’t mean they’re any less eye-catching. Metallic tiles, animated wallpaper, and wood paneling are only a few of the gorgeous ways to bring vivid color and rich texture to your space, whether you’re sprucing up a bathroom, bedroom, or dining room. From spirited Southern designs to elegant international influence, check out these stunning examples.

12 Eye-Catching Statement Ceilings

Intricate Wood Details

Earthy tones take on a whole new depth of design when there’s a detailed ceiling to offset the neutrality. This ceiling, at a home in Tampa, Florida, has an intricately detailed wood ceiling that wows.

Vibrant Color

As evidenced by the unique draw of places like Fortaleza Street in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where hundreds of umbrellas create a canopy, there’s something spectacular about looking up and seeing a vibrant pop of color. This gorgeous green statement ceiling is the perfect way to accent fun wallpaper, particularly when it also picks up the color in the baseboards.

Ornate Molding

Sometimes a white ceiling isn’t just a white ceiling. Such is the case with this impressive master bathroom ceiling in Madrid, Spain, which boasts an ornate design that adds exquisite elegance to an otherwise minimalist interior design.

Mission-Style Beams

With a nod to the serene and beautiful mission-style homes often found on the west coast, this design from Parkes and Lamb Interiors in Nashville, Tennessee, features thick beams and rounded arches. Exceptional millwork from Vintage Millworks, Inc., takes the design to the next level.

Moody Wallpaper

Dark walls and a ceiling that boasts complementary patterned wallpaper make for a gorgeous contemporary kitchen space. In the case of this home in Austin, Texas, a vibrant yellow door also accents the brooding color scheme and offers a bit of sunshine in an otherwise dark space.


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Color Contrast

Contrasting bright colors and earthy materials is a classic combo, and interior designer Marcelle Guilbeau certainly knows how to do it justice. As she puts it, this Nashville, Tennessee, design is “a harmonious union of contemporary coolness and mid-century warmth with a few vibrant pops of color.”

Bathroom Glam

Statement ceilings have a place in the bathroom, too! This design collaboration from Cindy McCord Design and  Gusmus Construction in Memphis, Tennessee, is a tribute to elegance. The spa-like ambiance lends itself to an in-home retreat, and the fantastic mosaic tile ceiling only enhances the vibe.


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3-D Ceiling Art

Artistic expression lends itself to endless possibilities, so it stands to reason that you can spot some of those possibilities on ceilings. That’s certainly true of this one in Charlotte, North Carolina. As if the wine lockers weren’t enough to woo us, the 3-D ceiling layout is memorable all on its own!


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A Whimsical Painting

There’s something special about a patterned ceiling. Becoming more and more popular as of late, painted patterns and whimsical murals are taking over the design scene — be it on a wall, the side of a building, or a ceiling. This pretty example in London, England, brings whimsy and style to a beautiful living room.


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Rustic Arches

A throwback to the majestic European cathedrals of long ago, these rustic arches are sure to draw attention. The overhead in a Maine cabin, this ceiling is the ideal accompaniment for the stone fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows, and woodsy ambiance.

Metallic Tiles

Metallic tiles make a bold statement, offering dramatic flair to any space. Whether ceramic mosaic tiles or tin squares, the reflective surface presents a glossy, elevated look for everything from kitchens to patio ceilings. This bar interior showcases just how sleek and modern metallic ceilings can be!


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Glass Panels

Whether you’re watching a snowfall or soaking up the sun, a glass-paneled ceiling is a dazzling way to make an architectural statement and connect with nature. A comprehensive view of the tree canopy allows for an “outdoor” dining experience regardless of the weather. Talk about enjoying your backyard to its fullest!

Look up! Inspiration is everywhere!


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