Thanksgiving is all about the food, right? Actually, yes and no. You need the right wines to accompany your meal, whether you are the host or bringing a gift of wine to the meal. We asked Kenny Andreozzi from Commonwealth Tap in Norton Commons to pick out the best wines for the meal and educate us on the reasons behind those selections. He provided us with a lineup, from cooking and appetizers straight through to the turkey and sides, and on to dessert. Kenny believes that with the variety of food on the table that the wine needs to be food friendly and fun to drink. Here is his lineup:

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

The Thanksgiving Day wine lineup

Il Follo Rosé Prosecco, $14.99

Bubbles are a great, fun, delicious way to start off the day. You can pop a bottle while you are cooking or when the guests arrive. Either way, it signals a start to the meal event. Prosecco is great served on its own or with food. This is a rosé prosecco, which means it is pink and very pretty in a glass.

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Il Follo Rosé Prosecco for $14.99

Fattori Runcaris Soave, $14.99

This wine, from the Soave region of Northern Italy, is a cool, crisp white wine. Reminiscent of a pinot grigio, it is more acidic, like a sauvignon blanc. This is an old-world wine; the grapes are grown where pinot grigio grapes are grown, and it’s good on its own or with food, meaning it can be served before the meal or during.

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Fattori Runcaris Soave for $14.99

Bouchaine Chardonnay, $19.99

This California wine is a best seller at Commonwealth Tap for a reason: everybody will be familiar with the taste. A rich-style chardonnay, it pairs well with turkey, potatoes and “anything with butter,” which just about covers everything on the table.

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Bouchaine Chardonnay for $19.99

Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir, $23.99

Never let anyone tell you that you cannot drink red wine with turkey or with Thanksgiving dinner. This is a pinot noir from Santa Barbara County, CA. It is an incredibly food-friendly wine that pairs well with all varieties of dishes. It is elegant, smooth and worth every penny.

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Au Bon Climat Pinor Noir for $23.99

Savigny Les Beune by Capitain Gagnerot, $54.99

This is the most expensive wine on the list, and it positively made Kenny’s eyes light up talking about it. He says it’s a bargain at $54.99 for the taste that it has. Elegant with earth tones, it is an excellent French red burgundy that pairs with every food on the table. His opinion is that it is more of everything that you get with a California wine, period. (We’re sold!)

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Savigny Les Beune by Capitain Gagnerot for $54.99

Mas de Gourgonnier, $18.99

This red from Southern France is an all-around winner. Known by its unique bottle shape, it is a medium-body red wine that everyone at the table will enjoy. Fruity, floral and made from fantastic grapes, this option’s value is incredible at less than $20 for an all-around crowd pleaser. (Editor’s note: I had this wine recently, and it was all this and more.)

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Mas de Gourgonnier for $18.99

Dolcetto d’Alba, $19.99

Translated as “little sweet one” in Italian, this wine from a family-owned winery in Piedmont, Italy, is a wonderful pick. The sweet grapes from that region in Italy translate into a great wine, but it’s dry, not sweet, and very aromatic with a brilliant red color.

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Dolcetto d’Alba for $19.99

Domaine Boisson Côtes du Rhône, $24.99

For those of you who like a full-bodied cabernet or merlot, you will enjoy this one. It has more earth tones than a basic cabernet and pairs well with any main course, as well as with dressing and gravy. It is a great wine to drink with anything fatty or salty, hence pairing it with meat is ideal. For future reference, this is a perfect mate to your juicy steak or any meat on the grill.

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Domaine Boisson Côtes du Rhône for $24.99

Ryan Patrick Riesling, $9.99

Riesling gets a bad reputation for being too sweet, but there are so many great ones on the market that range from sweet to super dry, and this one is a sweeter end to the meal. Ryan Patrick Riesling is from Washington State, and comes from beautiful grapes. The sweeter notes counter all of the salty food. If you can imagine, that is why people like ketchup with their french fries; it creates a perfect balance between sweet and salt. Same rule applies here.

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Ryan Patrick Riesling for $9.99

Château Les Roques Loupiac, $18.99

This loupiac is a sweet dessert wine from France that is meant to pair with all desserts. It is a lovely finish to your slice of apple or pumpkin pie or just on its own as dessert.

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Château Les Roques Loupiac for $18.99

Thank you Kenny from Commonwealth Tap, which is a wine bar and wine retail shop offering upscale wine, bourbon and beer in Norton Commons. If you want great advice for any wine or spirit, he is a wealth of information.

OK, now let’s eat!

Great Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Meal

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