It doesn’t take celebrity status to achieve a drool-worthy closet. With a talented designer and a vision, you can maximize your space for optimal organization and an idyllic at-home dressing room experience. Whether it’s the addition of miniature cubbies for your husband’s dapper tie collection, ample counter space for wardrobe planning or shallow drawers for your velvet jewelry organizers, your dream closet isn’t impossible to achieve. Check out these beautiful closets for some serious design inspiration!

Transitional Glam

“Everything about this closet was drawn specifically for this client by hand and custom-designed using CAD (computer-aided design) and Revit (4D building information modeling software) programs,” says Leslie Murphy of Murphy Maude Interiors, a residential design firm serving Nashville and Memphis. Her design team transformed a previously compartmentalized, traditional closet into an open concept with multiple original organization features in a sublime overall look. “We incorporated soft, soothing colors to create a restful environment,” says Leslie of the chic dressing room space. Recessed closet and shelf lighting allow the homeowners to easily see their garments and accessories each morning – a lovely way to wake up and prepare for the day. “I also love the glass and mirrored section specifically designed to hold the client’s luggage, as well as the upholstered jewelry compartment – that was a fun addition!”

Custom closet tie rack by Murphy Maude Interiors

“I love the custom tie rack, which makes this closet feel a little like a retail space,” says Leslie Murphy of Murphy Maude Interiors. “The client can literally go shopping for which tie he prefers to wear each day!” Image: Selavie Photography

All-white closet with island in center

A massive island with built-in custom storage drawers is the perfect place for laying out outfits, which will be clearly seen given the mix of high and low lighting as well as large windows allowing natural light to flood the space. Image: Selavie Photography

Entry way with mirrored luggage storage

This mirrored section cleverly doubles as luggage storage and a place to check one’s reflection before heading out. Image: Selavie Photography

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Elegant Escape

“My style is inherently traditional, with contemporary elements and lots of artistic touches. I want my clients’ homes to be practical, comfortable and fun,” says Laura Vogtle, interior designer and art curator of Design Supply and Gallery 1930 in Birmingham, Alabama, who relished the opportunity to create a boudoir reimagined through a modern-day lens. “Designing this master closet was such a unique opportunity – it is every girl’s dream to have a closet large enough to furnish!” Clean ivory shelving and gauzy white curtains set a serene, light-filled backdrop to highlight a multitude of wardrobe changes; while, the textured woven floor and the traditional-meets-contemporary seating area lends an inviting warmth to the spacious dressing room.

Master bedroom dressing space with built-in shelving and drawers

This airy and elegant master dressing space boasts open built-in shelving and drawers with a vanity, as well as ample room for dressing with a beautiful seating area awash in natural light. Image: Graham Yelton

Classic & Clever

Lindsey Black, of Lindsey Black Interiors in Memphis, took inventory of every garment, shoe and accessory before designing the perfect closet for this client. “Once I figured out everything that needed to be stored in the closet, I then worked out how it could best be organized and made accessible. I made sure no space was wasted, and everything had a home,” says Lindsey, who was also intentional about creating a chic aesthetic. “We wanted a neutral, classic style that allowed the clothing and accessories to be the star,” says Lindsey. “The ‘pretty items,’ such as nice shoes and bags, are fun to have on display, and it helps to be able to see everything you have, but they also needed to be protected from dust. The sliding glass doors were the perfect storage and display solution, and they deliver a wow factor when you walk into the closet!”

Custom designed shelves and drawers for an all-white closet

Custom-designed shelves and drawers, as well as sliding glass doors, allow for easy navigation of the client’s wardrobe as well as streamlined outfit planning. Image: Stefanie Rawlinson Photography

Shelves with jewelry storage

“I love the vanity area with jewelry storage,” says Lindsey Black of Lindsey Black Interiors. “I had velvet jewelry trays custom made to fit the drawers, so everything has a place and is easy to find!” Image: Stefanie Rawlinson Photography

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Clean & Neutral

Interior Designer Cindy McCord of Cindy McCord Design, also in Memphis, created this ultra-organized and spacious master closet in the 2019 Fall Vesta Home Show, turning it into an elegant oasis for dressing and wardrobe planning. Fabulous custom storage designed by Inspired Closets Memphis set the stage for incredible organization, while a neutral color palette with subdued decorative accents and hardware let the garments take the limelight. “We added soft decorative lighting with recessed cans for brightness where needed, as well as a beautiful Cowtan & Tout fabric for the window,” says Cindy, which brings up her favorite element of this bright master closet: natural light from the window.

Closet with neutral colors, white chandelier and natural light from nearby window

A hushed neutral palette, understated decorative accents and hardware, and diffused light from a gauzy chandelier and the great outdoors set a bright yet calming tone in this master closet featuring storage designed by Inspired Closets Memphis and interiors designed by Cindy McCord Design. Image: Cindy McCord Design

Sleek & Minimalist

“Defined by its rich Italian-inspired finishes and unique wood grains, this wardrobe has a sleek, modern look of Milano gray paired with black finger pulls on the slab doors,” says Lana Reed, California Closets Nashville design consultant. The wood grain is from the California Closets Lago® collection, noted for exceptional craftsmanship and unique grain texture. The client wanted to add additional wardrobe storage, so California Closets created this custom expansion into the master suite, which works around their media center while creating a beautiful piece for the bedroom. The clever lighting makes the gorgeous installation a showpiece. “I love the presentation of the entire piece in the room,” says Lana. “Another interesting dimension to the design is creating a box within a box to give it a more striking presence.”

Master bedroom wardrobe with media center

Clothing storage has cleverly expanded into the master bedroom as a wardrobe that incorporates a media center, creating a striking piece for this Nashville area home created by California Closets Nashville. Image: California Closets Nashville

Take elements from your dream closet and use them as inspiration in your own wardrobe space. With the right design and vision, your dream isn’t as far off as you think!


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