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Kathryn Zmistowski and Pelham Wilder IV are Georgia folk, through and through — Pelham grew up in Atlanta, and Kathryn just outside of the city in Covington. As a couple, the two have spent their entire adult lives together here, including the home they now share in Virginia-Highlands. So it just makes sense that their wedding would pay homage to these strong Southern roots with the ultimate Atlanta soiree.

Zmistowski-Wilder Wedding

Kathryn Zmistowski and Pelham Wilder IV tied the knot on October 10, 2015 at Ansley Golf Club.

The VaHi neighborhood isn’t just special to the couple because they own real estate there — it served as the backdrop for their first date, entire courtship, even their engagement. For the actual nuptials, the couple kept things in town and had their wedding at Ansley Golf Club.

“Pelham grew up going to Ansley Golf Club in Midtown,” says Kathryn. “We checked it out as a possibility for our wedding, and once I saw the beautiful skyline that serves as the backdrop of the fairway, I knew it was a perfect fit.”

Zmistowski-Wilder wedding

Kathryn was the picture of sophisticated grace as she prepared for her big day.

Zmistowski-Wilder wedding

Ansley Golf Club served as the perfect Atlanta wedding venue, especially since Pelham spent so much time at the beautiful clubhouse when growing up.

Wedding gown

Meet “Marjorie,” an Alençon lace mermaid gown with a Swarovski beaded belt and details along the sweetheart neckline. “‘Marjorie’ was the first dress I tried on [at Winnie Couture’s Atlanta flagship boutique], and we all simply fell in love immediately,” says Kathryn.

wedding makeup

Kathryn looks like the picture of calm as Annagrace Martin does her hair and makeup. The beauty expert did the makeup for the rest of the bridal party, as well.

wedding program

The couple designed their own wedding programs.

The pair, accompanied by their wedding party of 15+, got married on the practice green at Ansley and had the reception in the club’s ballroom. Though the ceremony was a gorgeous outdoor space, it almost didn’t come to be during last year’s very wet and rainy fall. The day began overcast and rain started falling an hour before the ceremony’s start. Though it was risky to still plan and have the ceremony outside, Kathryn stuck with her original concept. Cupid must have been eavesdropping, because for the exact 50 minutes the ceremony was scheduled, the clouds parted and the sun came out. Though the rain started up again during the photos, you don’t get much better timing.

The family’s Southern roots were proudly represented in the day’s menu: hors d’oeuvres of sugar-smacked bacon, pimento cheese puffs and deviled eggs; dinner featuring fried catfish, shrimp and grits, a macaroni and cheese station and Ansley’s famous chicken tenders; and Southern desserts (minus a traditional wedding cake) of red velvet cake, peanut butter and chocolate cake, and key lime pie.

man of honor

Kathryn gave her seven bridesmaids and one “man of honor” robes to get ready for the big day. The bride made sure her entire bridal party felt relaxed, confident and beautiful (or handsome in this case).

Pelham's groomsmen

Pelham had eight groomsmen to stand at his side.

Zmistowski bridesmaids

Kathryn’s bridesmaids wore J. Crew bridal collection, in varying styles of knee-length silk chiffon dresses in Newport Navy. Her Man of Honor wore a navy suit from J. Crew.

Kathryn Zmistowski and Pelham Wilder

Kathryn and Pelham lucked out when it came to the weather — the rain stopped and the clouds parted for only the length of their ceremony, just enough time to create a magical moment that everyone was able to share together.

wedding harpist

Music sets the tone for any wedding. Kathryn and Pelham’s guests listened to the soothing sounds of harpist Fay Ellen Steelnack before the procession commenced.

Kathryn Zmistowski and bridesmaids

The bridesmaids (and Man of Honor) and flower girl are ready to walk Kathryn down the aisle and get this party started!

Though the weather may have temporarily shaken Kathryn’s resolve, the event went off without a hitch. In fact, the only drops that fell were those of happy tears when Pelham delivered his gift to Kathryn — a pair of earrings made from his grandmother’s pearls. The groom’s grandparents have passed away, but he kept their spirit alive in a few sweet traditions — like the gift to his bride and the fact that he used his grandfather’s wedding band. Inside the band, Pelham’s grandparents’ initials and wedding date are engraved; Pelham and Kathryn have now added their initials and their wedding date to the band, as well.

“[Opening Pelham’s gift] was such a sweet moment with his brother, his mother, my mother and the bridal party,” she says. “I don’t think there was one dry eye.”


Kathryn and Pelham taking a few minutes for themselves after tying the knot.

Zmistowski-Wilder desserts

When a traditional wedding cake won’t do, serve lots of delicious desserts! Kathryn and Pelham went with their favorites: red velvet cake, chocolate and peanut butter cake, and key lime pie.

wedding dance floor

Kathryn and Pelham show off their moves on the dance floor, as their seven-piece Motown-style band played all genres. “The band was amazing,” says Kathryn. “They kept the party going until our final goodbyes!”

Ansley Golf Course reception

Emily Burdette at Ansley Golf Club handled everything at the club so Kathryn could focus on the groom, her family and friends, and making memories.

Pelham Wilder on the dance floor

Once the reception started, it was time for Pelham to kick up his feet, put his hands behind his head and just relax.

Zmistowski and Wilder wedding rings

Kathryn and Pelham’s wedding rings have special meaning — Pelham’s wedding band originally belonged to his grandfather. Next to his grandparents’ inscribed initials and wedding date now are Kathryn and Pelham’s initials and wedding date.

Zmistowski and Pelham wedding reception

“After the ceremony, the party began and Pelham and I took in every moment,” says Kathryn. “We had the most fun we could. I actually think my favorite part of getting married is having all my favorite people in the world in one place at one time. It truly is so special.”

wedding sparklers

The wedding ended the way it began, with smiles, love and lots of light. And, of course, sparklers!

pelham on golfcart

What’s a wedding at Ansley Golf Club without driving off in a golf cart?! The couple later spent their honeymoon in the U.S. Virgin Islands for 10 relaxing days.

Though the excitement of planning a wedding has evolved into the quiet joys of married life, Kathryn and Pelham are still having a ball together. “Married life isn’t much different than before-married life. It’s great! The best part about married life for me is my last name is a little easier to pronounce. Seriously though, one of the best parts is making our own new traditions. We are looking forward to hopefully growing our family this year.”

A huge note of thanks goes to Elle Wood of Elle Wood Photography and Matt & Patty Photography for sharing these wonderful photographs.


Florist: Susan Massar of The Flower Lady
Band: Crystal Clear Band (Sam Hill Entertainment)
Gown designer: Winnie Couture
Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew bridal collection
Invitations: Paper Source, Virginia-Highlands
Rehearsal Invitations and Save the Dates:
Event Planner: Emily Burdette of Ansley Golf Club
Day-of Coordinator: Craig Bing of Rome, GA
Hair (bride) & Makeup: Annagrace Martin
Hair (bridal party): KC Frazier of Covington, GA
Harpist: Fay Ellen Steelnack of Rome, GA
Bridesmaid gifts: Judith Bright
Photographers: Elle Wood of Elle Wood Photography and Matt Montemayor of Matt & Patty Photography

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