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We’ve been hearing a lot about “self-care” in 2019, and we think the perfect person to kick off a movement focused on personal health and wellness is Aaliya Bashir. The founder of Warrior Body Spa has spent most of her life helping women across Atlanta tap into their inner warrior, through detoxifying therapies and treatments. And now Aaliya is spreading her message beyond Atlanta with her new podcast, “Health, Wealth & Womanhood,” as well as her online videos and YouTube channel. Her focus on treatments, like ear candling and TMJ massages, coupled with new ventures like Green Queen (a line of CBD remedy products to relieve pain, inflammation and anxiety), has pushed Aaliya into the spotlight as a self-care guru. Get to know our newest FACE of Atlanta!

Aaliya Bashir is our newest FACE of Atlanta!

Aaliya Bashir is our newest FACE of Atlanta!

How did the word “warrior” become the name of your body spa? How do you define “warrior?”

The name Warrior Body Spa is an acknowledgement and appreciation for yoga and its values. The warrior pose is a staple in yoga that encompasses courage, strength, endurance and inner peace. And with that definition, I believe everybody should want a “Warrior Body,” and that is what we aim to help our clients achieve.

What’s the scariest and most rewarding aspect about being an entrepreneur?

Every day I wake up and go to a job that I created for myself.  It is very empowering to know this is the life I chose, and I am responsible for my own happiness and success. It can be a lonely journey, which is why I seek support by listening to and reading other women’s stories, like the ones on StyleBlueprint.

Aaliya wears her positive message proudly!

You’re an active philanthropist in the community (DeKalb County Judicial System, Emory University, Georgia-based Arthritis Foundation). Why is giving back so important in your personal life and business model?

Support is crucial — people need to know that they are not alone and that someone is rooting for them. When I was building Warrior Body Spa, I had no support from my family or friends, and my customers, literally strangers, were the wind beneath my wings. I am aware of how much of an impact I can make, and I feel as though I have a responsibility because I have so many bright lights in my life.

Ear candling, one of Warrior Spa’s signature treatments, is so fascinating to watch. What is the reaction from first-timers?

First-timers to ear candling are always pleasantly surprised by how relaxing it is. Some people have a misconception that they’ll be confronted with balancing a flame on their face, however it’s the opposite. The warmth of the process is so soothing, you can doze off. They are also fascinated with how quickly they get relief. After the session, clients immediately feel more clear and balanced and can hear better.

Welcome to your new happy place: The Warrior Retreat!

To those women, who never worry about or treat themselves — what do you suggest as an easy, introductory way to start caring for their own wellness needs?

The first step to anyone’s self-care routine is acknowledging that it needs to start today. It’s not an option, but a necessity. Most women are caretakers to other people, and we must learn we “cannot pour from an empty cup.” I define self-care as doing what is necessary to be filled up, to serve others and yourself.

You moved from New York to Atlanta as a kid, and lived in Tucker during high school. What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the city, from then to now?

Recently I am noticing that even the smaller and less popular neighborhoods are fostering local shops and experiences so there’s less need to travel to Buckhead or downtown to have a great meal or fun time. This is wonderful for creating small-town pride and giving opportunities to small business owners.

Since you spend much of your time living a healthy, clean lifestyle, where are your favorite places in Atlanta for a wholesome meal?

Cafe Sunflower is delicious and everything, from their appetizers to desserts, is vegan. I also love Flower Child at Lenox Square — their menu is fresh, crisp and has a lot of variety. I don’t label my dietary choices because I believe in balance and tolerance.

Aaliya’s best advice? “Self-discipline is self-love.”

Have you always been interested in holistic medicine and wellness?  What made you choose this career choice?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in alternative medicine. My seventh grade science project was titled, “Alternative Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine.” Eventually when I went to graduate school, I had my sights on working as an administrator at a hospital or health insurance company. But when I landed my dream job, it was nowhere as rewarding as I envisioned, so I started providing slimming detox body wraps, ionic detox foot baths and weight-loss consulting part-time. Now, this was rewarding! People were experiencing real results from my guidance. Long story short, my part-time gig became my full-time career. I added employees, more services and thousands of clients to get to where we are today, six years later.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Self-discipline is self-love.

What are three things you can’t live without (excluding family, friends and faith)?

My passport, green tea and rosewater

Our thanks to Aaliya Bashir for sharing so much about her life and teaching us how to become warriors in our own lives. And thanks to Catrina Maxwell of CatMax Photography for the gorgeous photos!


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