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We have officially hit the mid-month mark of January 2019, and although the “new year, new me” feelings may be fading, 2019’s color scheme definitely is not. If you’re like us, you always look forward to both learning and exploring Pantone’s annual color of the year. For 2019, they have named “Living Coral” as the year’s bright and vibrant shade, and we cannot get enough! This bold, feminine hue is both playful and unique with nature-inspired oranges, pinks and reds perfectly combined to create a signature coral shade. We like to think of this shade as fuschia’s cool younger sister — full of life and excitement with a bit of a twist.

That said, coral is an often intimidating color to incorporate into your wardrobe and, even more so, your home, but don’t fret! There are a few effortless and understated ways to do so. So, we’ve scoured our favorite sites to find a few items that can offer colorful inspiration while easing you into a coral-colored headspace. These home decor and fashionable pieces will sprinkle your life with a bit of orangey-pink goodness. From heels and sweaters to lamps and throws, here is how we’re infusing Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year into our life!

Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year

Welcome Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, “Living Coral!” We love this bright shade for livening up our winter wardrobe and giving our home a vibrant pop of modern color. Plus, it’s an easy and fun way to add vibrancy to a subdued, neutral-filled closet and less-than-impressive interior.


It’s almost too easy to fall into a rut with regard to home decor, especially with a busy work and family schedule. After all, who has time to completely revamp their interior? We encourage you to switch up your mindset a bit in 2019 by focusing on adding clever hints of coral brightness to your space. To do so, we suggest opting for a few accent pieces, like a fun throw, table lamp or art piece. These will liven up the room without being overly feminine or too bright to handle.

Here, we’ve pulled together six home accessories ideal for incorporating coral into the home without going over the top. Consider placing this art piece ($278) or stool ($111) in a shared space, or donning a side table with this vase ($14) or table lamp ($54.99). Coral can be cozy too! This fringed throw ($58.50) and “confetti” sparkle pillow ($49.95) will add both warmth and vibrancy to the room.

Pantone Color of the Year

Infusing “Living Color,” Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year into your home is easier than it may sound. We suggest opting for a few accent pieces to add fun pops of coral to any interior. Here, we’ve rounded up six pieces ideal for making life a bit more colorful. This art piece is $278, the stool is $111, this fringed throw is $58.50, the table lamp is $54.99, this confetti pillow is $49.95, and this simple decorative vase is $14. Images: Anthropologie/Target/West Elm


Now that your space is set, let’s coral-up that wardrobe! Pinks, oranges and reds are flattering shades on most skin tones and hair colors, making coral an easy shade to add to your closet. We suggest using coral as an accent piece in your outfit, especially if you’re more drawn to neutral colors. A pair of statement heels, an on-trend furry jacket or some jewelry, like coral-colored hoops, is a great way to achieve this. Here, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite current coral pieces, all of which are under $200.

As the chilly months aren’t leaving anytime soon, we simply had to showcase this coral jacket ($51) and cowl-neck sweater ($128) as a fantastic way to bring light and color into a normally subdued winter wardrobe. Additionally, this midi-skirt, ($50), which can be styled year-round, is a gorgeous option to pair with a neutral top and shoes for a fun creatively coral look. If colorful accessories are more your style, these Kendra Scott earrings ($120) are the perfect way to rock coral as are these to-die-for Jeffrey Campbell ruffled heels ($89.95) and glittered block heels ($49.95). However you incorporate it, you’ll be thankful for a pop of modern color!

Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year

Don’t be intimidated by coral! When attempting to brighten up your wardrobe, we suggest starting out small with a statement heel, bright earrings or a funky skirt. These understated pieces are fantastic examples of how to incorporate Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year into your wardrobe. The jacket is $51, the cowl-neck sweater is $128, this midi-skirt is $50, the Kendra Scott earrings are $120, these Jeffrey Campbell ruffled heels are $89.95, and these glitter block heels are $49.95. Images: Anthropologie/Free People/Nordstrom

Here’s to viewing 2019 through coral-colored glasses!


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