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Ok, this is a bit embarrassing, but I have to admit when it comes to football, I know next to nothing. I’m not sure how it is that I never learned anything more about the sport than a touchdown is worth 6 points and after scoring one the team gets to kick it for a chance at another point. I mean I grew up here, amidst all you football fanatics, and I attended all the high school games, college tailgates, etc., but somehow I just missed out on all the details. So this year I plan to figure this sport out once and for all. Now can someone please tell me why it’s called football when the game really has very little to do with feet and seems to have everything to do with catching, throwing and tackling??

But first things first, if I’m going to participate and really concentrate on the game this football season, there will have to be some serious eats (and that is something I do know a bit about), so let’s talk tailgate-ready take out food. Here are some of our favorite options for getting your game on!

Homewood Gourmet

Homewood Gourmet never disappoints — who doesn’t love the baby bleu? The tailgate options are endless: gumbo by the gallon, whole roasted pig, homemade boudin sausage, caramelized onion and bacon dip, turkey cranberry cheddar pinwheels and white chicken chili are just a few of our favorites. Check out Homewood Gourmet for more details.

Homewood Gourmet promises

Homewood Gourmet promises you’ll score big with their tailgate menu options!

Everything Iz/Cafe Iz

Cafe Iz never disappoints with their abundant menu of fresh salad, sandwiches and homestyle meals. Lately, I have become addicted to the grilled chicken sandwich, and I have always had a weak spot for the lemon squares at Cafe Iz. These guys are masters at catering large events and offer superb tailgate options for groups both small and large.

Cafe Iz offers an assortment of fresh ideas for any event.

Cafe Iz offers an assortment of fresh ideas for any event.

Taco Mama

Create your own taco or nacho bar with all the fixin’s or keep it simple and grab a burrito box for all your amigos. And if you’re headed to T-town, remember that Taco Mama has recently opened a new location there, so you can get all your tailgating fiesta fare there, too!

Photo credit:

Fresh Mexican fare at Taco Mama. Photo credit:

Asian Rim

Probably not what comes to mind first, but the Asian Rim offers football-loving food like wings, sliders, and more! This spot is locally owned and operated and offers a wide variety of sushi, Thai, Pan Asian and traditional American fare. Even better, visit and they will deliver the party right to your door!

Sliders at Asian Rim.

Sliders at Asian Rim. Photo credit:

Bottle & Bone

With a planned opening in October, Bottle & Bone will offer smoked rib racks and chicken wings, sourced locally, along with sides like potato salad with soft egg, lemon confit and crème frâiche. Growlers of local beer and wine by the bottle will also be available at this local butcher shop. We can’t wait to sample the wares!

Take a look at their Taste of Uptown offering of chiccarone with kimchi pimento cheese, country ham, and pickled mustard seed. Wow!

Bottle & Bone offered chiccarone with kimchi pimento cheese, country ham, and pickled mustard seed at the Taste of Uptown event. All we can say is “Wow!” Photo credit:

Whether you need a party ready platter or a grill-it-yourself option, these Birmingham hot spots are sure to impress and earn double points with your guests!



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