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We all know finding the perfect pair of jeans can be an exasperating, time consuming task that either results in an extreme rush of joy when your search ends in success or disheartening defeat when you come up empty handed. Multiple pairs of denim are a must for every girl’s wardrobe and there are literally thousands of styles to chose from.  So what are we to do?

SOCA carries all the latest and greatest premium denim.

Head on over to SOCA in Homewood!  Not only do they carry all the best premium denim brands, like top sellers JBrand, AG, Citizens, Seven, Joe’s, Paige, Hudson and DL1961, but they also stock over 2500 pairs!! And the best part is every employee goes through extensive denim training where they learn the particulars of each brand – how they fit, the stretch factor, which body types are best suited to which brands, etc. They take all the guess work and the leg work out of shopping for jeans, making finding the perfect pair a much easier task to accomplish.

Stacks of denim line the store walls.


They have all the latest trends.

The denim buying process is very streamlined and painless from what I witnessed when I visited SOCA last week.  A woman came in saying she was looking to find a good pair of skinnies. The saleswoman asked her what wash she preferred (dark, light, coated, colored or print, etc.) and whether or not she was looking for a dressy or more casual pair. She noted the woman was tall and came in wearing Hudson flares. She asked for her size and then told her to continue shopping around the store and she would pull 3 to 5 pairs and put them in the dressing room for her. Pretty simple. I shadowed her to the denim wall where she explained her process to me.  She knew certain brands had shorter inseams so would therefore not be a good fit. On the first go-round, the saleslady noticed the woman had large calf muscles so she suggested that a straight leg, as opposed to a super skinny style, might be the most flattering. The next pair she pulled from the wall was spot on and the woman left very happy with her new purchase. The whole process took about 15 minutes!

The trained staff really know their denim stuff.

Now I normally steer clear of sales people, fearing they will either waste my time with suggestions that don’t interest me or pressure me to make a purchase I’m not sure I want to make. But there are two exceptions that I think everyone should make – when shopping for a bra and a good pair of denim!  Fit is crucial in both these circumstances to avoid spillage, slippage, cleavage and crackage, so getting proper guidance is a must!!

The trained staff will pull several pairs for you to try based on your answers to a few questions.

Not only does SOCA have the best selection and friendly, well-trained denim experts, but they also offer their Vintage Denim program where they will buy your used pair of denim (must be a brand they carry) for a $30 store credit and sell them for $50 a pair and all proceeds go to benefit a local charity.  That’s a win-win in my book!

So if you’re looking for that just right pair of denim, I say let SOCA do the work for you! For more information on SOCA and the brands they carry, visit their website at


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