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The holidays are behind us. What now? Celebrate a fresh start, of course, and cozy up at home to ride out winter with the latest wellness and beauty finds, comfiest clothes, and updated home accessories. We found some great products to help kick off 2022 in good spirits. Cheers to that!


A cream to keep your hands soft and hydrated

As temperatures drop and the air becomes drier, so does our skin — so we’re obsessed with good creams to help our skin stay hydrated. One we really love is this elizabethW Vetiver mini hand cream, which we found at B. Prince in Mountain Brook for only $12. We were drawn first into its earthy, woodsy scent, made up of (you guessed it!) vetiver and balanced with light citrus tones and green tints of bergamot from the peels of nearly ripe fruit. The cream is made with shea butter and is intensely hydrating thanks to its signature botanical cocktail of ginseng, ivy, cucumber, and comfrey. It’s instantly moisturizing, and it comes in a travel size — perfect for sticking in your bag to take wherever you go.

Birmingham FINDS January: elizabethW vetiver hand cream

Hand cream, $12, at B. Prince | Image: B. Prince

Getting to sleep has never been so easy

It happens to the best of us — our internal clock and the time clock don’t match up, and we toss and turn and can’t sleep. That’s where this LABBE Avant Sleep Rested Night Oil comes in. We found it at Etc. in Mountain Brook for $16, which is a steal for what it provides: a good night’s sleep, which is essential to our overall health. Made of all-natural ingredients, the oil is a blend of apricot kernel, lavender, bergamot, jojoba, and sandalwood and is endlessly calming and relaxing. You can use it during your bedtime routine, but also to calm you during meditation — another wellness habit we’re looking to pick up in 2022.

Aviant Sleep Night Oil

Night oil, $16, at Etc. | Image: Etc.

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Fresh start, refreshed skin

The Atelier in Mountain Brook continues to impress us with the cosmetics and skincare lines it offers, from Dr. Augustinus Bader and Vintner’s Daughter on the skincare side to Westman Atelier on the cosmetics side. A skincare line we’ve recently become acquainted with is that of Dr. Lara Devgan, a well-known and well-respected plastic surgeon in New York City. The Atelier carries what seems to be basically her entire line, and we were drawn in particular to the Dr. Devgan Physical Defense SPF 47 as we seek to protect our skin even through winter’s harsh weather. (The sun doesn’t hibernate in the South, folks!) It retails for $95.

Birmingham FINDS January: Dr. Lara Devgan SPF 47 Sun Shield

Dr. Devgan Physical Defense, $95, at The Atelier | Image: The Atelier

A spa getaway multiple times a day

We’re washing our hands more than ever these days, so we might as well make it feel like a trip to the spa! We found this glorious Spa Day scent at Buff City Soap in Mountain Brook, and it really does feel reminiscent of a day spa with its vetiver overtones and notes of amber, pear, and patchouli. Even if we can’t afford to go to the spa every day (#goals), we can definitely afford the $7 price tag here.

Bars of 'Spa Day' Soap from Buff City Soap

Soap bars, $7 each, at Buff City Soap | Image: Buff City Soap

The summer tan, sans summer

When you think of winter, the words “bronzy glow” probably don’t come to mind. That’s where one of our favorite makeup products — all hail a good bronzer — comes in. We like shopping at Bluemercury at The Summit because they carry some of our favorite products, like Tom Ford’s Soleil Glow Bronzer, which we found for $70. (Bluemercury also carries lines we love like Bobbi Brown, Kosas, NARS, and Laura Mercier, among others.) Billed as luminous, hydrating, and buildable, this bronzer lives up to the hype, giving us the lit-from-within glow we desperately need during these chilly months where our skin is dry and pale. In addition to making us look tan and glowy, this particular bronzer also has anti-aging properties — you can’t really beat that!

Birmingham FINDS January: Tom Ford’s Soleil Glow Bronzer

Tom Ford bronzer, $70, at Bluemercury | Image: Bluemercury

Better hair, skin, and nails? Check!

We then hopped over to The Vitamin Shoppe in Hoover, where we found the popular Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder for hair, skin, nails, and joint support. Read any beauty magazine and you’ll find that collagen and peptides are two hot topics right now; this powder combines both into a $46.99 jar of wellness. Collagen is touted to ensure the vitality of your skin and hair, as well as bones and joints, and this particular product has accrued quite the following. The peptides in this blend are digestible and soluble in cold or hot liquids, so they can be stirred into your morning coffee, blended into a smoothie, or even mixed with oatmeal.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder from The Vitamin Shoppe

Collagen powder, 20 oz, $46.99, at The Vitamin Shoppe | Image: The Vitamin Shoppe

For struggling winter locks

No time of year does our hair give us more headaches than the winter months when it tends to become dry and dull. We found a solution at LUSH at The Summit in the form of ‘Revive,’ a hair moisturizer ranging in sizes and retailing from $25.95 to $69.95. This is a leave-in hydrator specially made for curls, coils, braids, textures, and dry hair in need of moisture, especially at the ends (raises hand!). Plus, we love its tropical scent and how it transports us to a sunny beach far, far away — and the fact that it kills frizz doesn’t hurt, either. All you need is a small amount, and your hair will be soft and conditioned all day long.

Birmingham FIND January: Revive hair moisturizer from LUSH

‘Revive’ hair moisturizer, $25.95-$69.95, at LUSH | Image: LUSH


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Jersey T-shirt pajama set

If you prefer wearing a T-shirt and pair of shorts to bed, this impossibly-comfy set from Natalie Busby is perfect. Featuring everything you could ever need in a sleep set — from buttery soft bamboo material to an oversized, relaxed fit — you can find these pajamas in a stunning redwood color at SB Shop for $135.

Jersey T-shirt pajama set, $135, at SB Shop

Blocks of color

When it’s time to leave the house, we always turn to Milla in Mountain Brook for cute everyday pieces. In stock right now are a number of great sweaters, including this black and brown colorblock sweater that we found for $72. Colorblocking is on-trend this season, and we like the neutral nature of this piece. It runs oversize, so plan accordingly.

black and tan colorblock sweater from Milla

Colorblock sweater, $72, at Milla | Image: Milla

Warm and cozy in taupe

Though it may be called Pants Store, we found some adorable sweaters to keep us warm this month at this Mountain Brook boutique. We love this ‘Throw It Like Confetti’ sweater in taupe, which retails for $49.99 and keeps us warm and comfortable, but still looking polished. This balloon-sleeved turtleneck is also oversized for an effortless look.

Birmingham FINDS January: Tan turtleneck sweater from Pants Store

Oversized turtleneck sweater, $49.99, at Pants Store | Image: Pants Store


The next best thing to the beach

We really like the Field + Fleur line of candles, which Monkee’s in Mountain Brook carries. This luxury salt and sea bamboo candle is $26.50, and even though it’s winter, it instantly takes us back to summer. You’ll instantly be transported from wherever you are to pristine sands, thanks to the scents of ocean air, sparkling citron, sandalwood, pink sea salt, coconut husk, and green tea leaves. If you can’t get to the beach, this just may be the next best thing. Plus, its burn time is an impressive 50 hours!

Birmingham FINDS Januar: Bamboo candle glass from Monkee's of Mountain Brook

A chic vase to brighten up any room

The chilly temperatures have us wanting to stay home and cozied up by the fire, so why not spruce up your space? What better way to adorn your coffee table than this iridescent speckled glass vase that we found at Amparo Fine Living in Mountain Brook? Hand-blown by artisans in Mexico, it’s perfect for brightening up our spaces, alone or filled with a fresh bouquet. The vase retails for $35 and is 5.5 inches tall and 3 inches across.

Iridescent speckled glass vase from Amparo Fine Living

Glass vase, $35, at Amparo Fine Living | Image: Amparo Fine Living

Finally, a home for our magazines

This is the perfect addition to any living room! If you’re like us, we accumulate a lot of fashion and beauty magazines. This blue patterned magazine holder from B. Bayer & Co. in Homewood is perfect to keep all of our favorites — like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar — all in one place. At $75, it makes a stylish addition.

Birmingham FINDS January: Magazine bin from B. Bayer and Co.

Magazine holder, $75, at B. Bayer & Co.  | Image: B. Bayer & Co.


Her first beauty kit

The 12 days of Christmas may be over — until next year! — but at Mon Ami in Mountain Brook, you can still grab this “12 Days of Beauty Lip and Nail Set”, perfect for the kid who is just discovering their love of all things beauty. This kit features nail polish and flavored lip balm and is a fun entry point into the wide world of beauty. It retails for $26.50, and unveiling a new product every day for 12 days is a fun activity for little ones.

"12 days of beauty" set from Mona Ami

Beauty set, $26.50, at Mon Ami | Image: Mon Ami

Have a great January, Birmingham!


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