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With the highly anticipated arrival of 2021, we are easing into the new year by surrounding ourselves with items that make us feel comfy and cozy. Winter is in full swing, and as we set out to achieve our New Year’s resolutions, we also need to find time to relax and recharge. We searched the Magic City and discovered some local FINDS to help you do just that. From household items to the perfect work-from-home attire, snuggle up and enjoy our comfiest, coziest January FINDS!


No.5 Pavot concrete dome aromatic set

Diffusers are a great way to breathe in the calm and breathe out the stress! Create a spa-like experience at home with a new aromatic diffuser set. Pick the perfect spot in your house, and fill the diffuser with the famous No.5 Pavot scent to create a warm and relaxing aromatherapy-filled room. Find this diffuser by Photogenics + Co. for $196 at Illuminated Candle Bar.

Birmingham FINDS January: Concrete Dome Aromatic Set from Illuminated Candle Bar

Aromatic set, $196, from Illuminated Candle Bar | Image: Illuminated Candle Bar

Family names pillow

There’s nothing more comforting than surrounding yourself with the names of all your favorite people. That’s one of the many reasons we love this personalized pillow by Maddie and Co. Gifts. Not only is this pillow a great addition to any room, but it’s also perfect for snuggling into for an afternoon nap. Find it starting at $16.99 at Maddie and Co. Gifts.

Family names pillow from Maddie and Co. Gifts

Family names pillow, starting at $16.99, from Maddie and Co. Gifts | Image: Maddie and Co. Gifts

Linen spray

Practice self-care and relaxation with a simple solution: a linen spray. With three delightful scents — Wanderlust, lavender and mint, and orange and clove — there is a fragrance everyone can enjoy. This can be used on your sheets or clothes, sprayed in your home’s most lived-in rooms, or spritzed for some aromatherapy. Find the sprays for $20 each at Trove Design Shop. They are also available in mini sizes for $12.

Birmingham FINDS January: Linen spray from Trove Design Shop

Linen sprays, $12-$20 each, from Trove Design Shop | Image: Trove Design Shop

Lush blanket

Winter is the perfect time of year to pour yourself some hot cocoa, cuddle up on the couch, and grab a good book. This beautiful, lush blanket is ideal for doing just that. Neutral and perfect for any aesthetic, you’ll never want another throw. Find this one for $65 at Dorm Decor.

Lush throw from Dorm Decor

Lush throw, $65, from Dorm Decor | Image: Dorm Decor


Monogrammed wrap

Dress it up for a winter date night, or dress it down as you snuggle with your pup on the couch. This monogrammed wrap created by South of Hampton is versatile, comfortable and stylish. It also makes for a thoughtful birthday or bridesmaid gift! Find it for $92 at SB Shop.

Monogrammed wrap from SB Shop

Monogrammed wrap, $92, from SB Shop

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Knit hat

If you have to venture out into the cold, stay warm but fashionable. This adorable knit hat offers a cozy fit and ensures you head and ears will be protected from the winter chill. Find this for $36 at Alabama Outdoors.

Birmingham FINDS January: Alabama Outdoors knit hat

Knit hat, $36, from Alabama Outdoors | Image: Alabama Outdoors

Lounge set

Loungewear is the new work-from-home uniform, and we are here for it. This set by Z Supply is so warm and soft — it’s almost like wearing a blanket! We especially love its fun leopard print pattern. Get comfy, grab a throw and snuggle up in front of the fire. Find the top for $49.99 and the shorts for $39.99 at Pants Store.

Z Supply lounge set from Pants Store

Lounge top, $49.99; lounge shorts, $39.99, from Pants Store | Image: Pants Store


We can’t talk about cozy and comfortable attire without mentioning these beautiful fuzzy slippers by Patricia Green. These slippers are as pretty as they are warm. Trust us, you won’t find a more comfortable pair anywhere else. Find these for $89 at The Lingerie Shoppe.

Birmingham FINDS January: White fuzzy slippers from The Lingerie Shoppe

Fuzzy slippers, $89, from The Lingerie Shoppe | Image: The Lingerie Shoppe

Sherpa pullover

Sherpa pullovers are as fashionable as they are cozy. This plush gray pullover is so comfortable, warm and unbelievably soft, you’ll never want to take it off. It will become your new winter staple. Find it for $39 from Moda Boutique.

Sherpa half zip pullover from Moda Boutique

Sherpa half-zip pullover, $39, from Moda Boutique | Image: Moda Boutique


Collagen face mask

When it comes to pampering yourself, make sure you include your face in the self-care regimen. The KNESKO Skin Nanogold Repair masks hydrate skin and create a firm, glowing complexion. Find these masks for $45 each (or four for $150) at Gus Mayer.

KNESKO collagen face mask from Gus Mayer

KNESKO collagen face mask, $45-$150, from Gus Mayer | Image: Gus Mayer

Waffle knit robe

Treat yourself like the queen you are with a brand new monogrammed robe. Following a relaxing bubble bath, face mask and spa-like afternoon, there is nothing cozier than wrapping up in a waffle knit robe. We spotted this gorgeous one at Wrapsody and knew it had to come home with us. Find yours for $46 at Wrapsody.

Birmingham FINDS January: Waffle knit bath robe from Wrapsody

Waffle knit bathrobe, $46, from Wrapsody | Image: Wrapsody

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Hair oil

Nourish your hair with this deliciously scented hair oil created by Clary Collection. Find your zen as you relax following a scalp massage with this oil. Hydrating, non-toxic and strengthening, this hair oil has everything your roots need for a refresher this new year. Find the oil for $24 at SB Shop.

Hair oil from SB Shop

Hair oil, $24, from SB Shop

Bath Crush soaking salt

Show your skin some much-needed love with a relaxing, soothing bath. Pair your bubble bath with these soaking salts for a well-deserved pick-me-up. Filled with healing Epsom salt and moisturizing cocoa and shea butter, Bath Crush will leave you feeling recharged to take on the year ahead. Find these for $18 each at 1818 Farms.

Bath Crush soaking salts, $18, from 1818 Farms | Image: 1818 Farms

Soothing lotion

Are you hoping to revamp your skincare routine in 2021? Start by replacing your current lotion with one that truly works wonders. This Garden Honey Bee lotion not only soothes dry and cracked winter skin, but it also smells delicious and is made from all-natural ingredients. Find it for $15 at Alabama Goods.

Birmingham FINDS January: Garden Honey Bee lotion from Alabama Goods

Garden Honey Bee lotion, $15, from Alabama Goods | Image: Alabama Goods

Happy January, Birmingham! We wish you a happy, healthy, cozy and comforting 2021.


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