Late spring and summer days are luxuriously long and tinged with the spirit of celebration. Parks are packed, and restaurant patios clatter with activity. Every day feels like a Friday. So whether you’re kicking off the weekend after a long week at work, enjoying brunch with friends, or just looking for a grown-up way to beat the heat, pull up a chair at these local bars and restaurants and order a frozen cocktail!

Coco Piña Colada at Cayo Coco Rum Bar & Restaurante

Neighborhood: Downtown • More Info:

Cuban-inspired Cayo Coco offers a tropical vacation in the heart of Birmingham. Enjoy a few sips of paradise with an order from their frozen drink menu, which includes classic favorites like frozen daiquiris and piña coladas — all featuring high-quality spirits and syrups that are made in-house with fresh fruit. Complement your drink order with ceviche or traditional ham and cheese croquettes.

person in tropical print shirt holding a frozen cocktail
Get a load of the frozen Coco Piña Colada from Cayo Coco. To make it a ‘Miami Vice,’ ask them to add some strawberry liqueur! Image: Facebook

Adult Capri Suns from Melt Avondale

Neighborhood: Avondale • More Info:

Make your way to Avondale for an “adult Capri Sun” on Melt Avondale’s patio. These fun drinks come in a pouch with a straw, and you can enjoy a variety of fruity flavors. Try out the classic piña colada, the frosé, or a Bushwacker. You can also order them in bulk for your next summer party!

frozen cocktails in a pouch
These grown-up Capri Suns are available for individual purchase or bulk order from Melt in Avondale. Image: Melt

The Hurricane from The Rougaroux

Neighborhood: Forest Park • More Info:

At The Rougaroux, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a shotgun-style house on the outskirts of New Orleans — one that’s serving up authentic cajun and creole food in the heart of Forest Park. And now that it’s high season for frozen cocktails, you can also try The Hurricane, made with freshly squeezed orange juice, spiced rum, lime, passion fruit, and strawberry. Beyond their classic Hurricane, they have rotating flavors like Frozen Lemonade, Piña Coladas, and the tropical Miami Vice. Keep an eye on their social media for updated flavors!

frozen cocktail by a menu
Grab authentic Cajun and Creole fare and libations at The Rougaroux. Image: Instagram

Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri at Paramount

Neighborhood: Downtown • More Info:

Rum, strawberry, pineapple, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup create this refreshing frozen daiquiri at Paramount in Downtown Birmingham. “I love its classic simplicity and versatility in pairing,” says Tim Wardlow of Paramount. Tim suggests enjoying the frozen daiquiri with the El Capitan Burger, a juicy patty topped with bacon, avocado, pico de gallo, mayo, and pickled jalapeños.

frozen daiquiri on a bar
The frozen daiquiri at Paramount pairs beautifully with a fully-loaded burger. Throw in some arcade games, and you’ve got yourself a perfect date night! Image: Facebook

Rocket Booster at Saturn + Satellite

Neighborhood: Avondale • More Info:

Saturn’s signature and beloved frozen drink, the Rocket Booster, combines Cathead honeysuckle vodka and Aperol with Tang — yes, Tang, the orange powdered drink mix that debuted in 1959. “We like to take our space theme here to the extreme, and since Tang is associated with NASA’s manned space flights, it seemed the perfect ingredient,” says bar manager Byron Sonnier. “It is also our best-selling cocktail.”

The cosmic music venue’s adjoining coffee shop and bar, Satellite, is a great place to visit with friends before a show at Saturn. Funky art, a picture booth, and games galore make it impossible to get bored. Just don’t forget to order a Tang-infused Rocket Booster before you launch into your favorite old-school fun.

frozen orange drink with an orange slice
A frozen homage to the old-school orange powdered drink mix, the Rocket Booster includes Cathead honeysuckle vodka, Aperol, and Tang. Image: Saturn | Satellite

Classic Bushwacker from Moe’s Original BBQ

Neighborhood: Locations in Vestavia Hills + Lakeview • More Info:

If you’re craving an Alabama classic boozy milkshake, head to Moe’s Original BBQ in Vestavia Hills or along Lakeview for a Bushwacker. Kahlua, rum, crème de cacao, and cream of coconut are blended for a sweet treat with a caffeine and alcohol kick.

frozen milkshake with restaurant lights in background
What screams “summer” louder than a classic Bushwacker cocktail on a sunny day?! Image: Facebook

Frozen Summertime Blues from Neon Moon

Neighborhood: Downtown • More Info:

Head downtown to Birmingham’s favorite country music bar, Neon Moon, and enjoy a frozen treat before hitting their light-up dance floor. The Summertime Blues frozen cocktail features vodka, blueberry, and lemonade for a tangy sweet sip. They also offer a frozen Kentucky Coffee, which includes bourbon, coffee, and vanilla. 

Stay cool out there, BHAM!


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