Four things are needed for a great BBQ or potluck: family, friends, fun and (most importantly) FOOD! We’ve come up with three epic plant-based recipes to take your summer parties to the next level. They’re free of meat and dairy, but full of lip smackin’ goodness! Trust us – with these crowd pleasers, people will be crawling back for more.

“Pulled Pork” Sandwiches

The traditional pulled pork sandwich has definitely met its match. With low-calorie, nutrient-rich mushrooms, you can’t get a more delicious (or healthy) meat substitute. This recipe is carnivore-approved, and no animals were harmed in the making of this meal. Click HERE to view our thoughts on this scrumptious entrée and to get the full recipe!

These pulled “pork” sandwiches are completely meat-free — and super tasty! Find the recipe HERE.

Summer Pasta Salad

Nothing hits the spot quite like a killer pasta salad on a warm summer day. StyleBlueprint has put our own special twist on this crowd favorite, but you can make it your own as well. Add all of your favorite veggies, a fun pasta and the tastiest dressing you can find! Click HERE for the 4-1-1 on this simple side and to get the full recipe!

This pasta salad is a total crowd-pleaser! Find the recipe HERE.

Sweet Sangria

Sangria is an oh-so-delicious sip of sweet, sweet summertime. Ah, can’t you just taste it? This perfect summer cocktail pairs well with anything and makes for super cute pictures! Click HERE for our thoughts on our drink of choice this summer and for the perfect sangria recipe.

Sangria is the perfect summer sipper! Find the recipe HERE.

Whether you need recipes for your next BBQ, potluck or summer soirée, these three are sure to please. Healthy AND delicious? Nothin’ better. Happy summer!

All photography by Haley Bottorff; all recipes by Wesley Ware.


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