The mud-slinging presidential election continues, global warming is churning more extreme weather patterns and don’t get us started on the collapse that was Brangelina. Perhaps these recent events are indicators of an apocalypse on the horizon, and if that’s the case, it’s time to scratch some items off your bucket list. First up? Choose your favorite Atlanta dish that will serve as your last meal!

We hit up some of our favorite Atlanta foodies, chefs and gourmands to share what they would like as their last meal before they leave this earth. Or before another Kardashian spinoff get greenlit.

The Nook totchos styleblueprint atlanta
Not that anyone was asking me personally, but my favorite meal has to be the Totchos from The Nook on Piedmont Park. Or the tots at The Vortex. (Pretty much any potato product would make me happy on my last day.)

Jonathan Fox of Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

“For my one last meal, I would have to let Bruce Logue cook the meal. His restaurant BoccaLupo is one of my favorites in town. My starters would consist of the octopus & mortadella spiedino, Iowa prosciutto, bruschetta banh mi and, my favorite, the Roman fried cauliflower. Bruce’s pasta specials are, fittingly in this case, to die for, but if I had to choose just one, it would either be the risotto of the day or the always comforting bolognese. To end the meal of all meals, the cream cheese panna cotta with huckleberries and squid ink cookies.”

Julian Goglia of The Mercury and The Pinewood

Sotto Sotto’s pappardelle with braised duck ragu, or Chef Mike Blydenstein’s pappardelle bolognese at The Pinewood. I was raised on pasta and couldn’t go on without it. Either way, my last meal would undoubtedly begin with a bourbon and water and end with a glass of wine.”

Alyssa Fagien of ATL Bucket List

“I’m the type of person who can eat breakfast at all times of the day. And while there are a million incredible breakfast spots in Atlanta, one of my absolute favorites is Buttermilk Kitchen. I love every single item on the menu, but the pimento omelet and the two eggs your way (don’t call me boring!) are my go-tos. And don’t forget a side of pimento grits and one of Buttermilk Kitchen’s famous buttermilk biscuits!”

Buttermilk Kitchen styleblueprint atlanta
The heaping portions, including the massive biscuits, at Buttermilk Kitchen make it a fave with many Atlantans, including Alyssa Fagien. Image: ATL Bucket List

Jared Hall of One Flew South

“My last meal in Atlanta would probably be the slow roasted rabbit from Canoe, or perhaps their hickory grilled New York strip cooked medium rare. Canoe is, and always has been, my favorite restaurant in Atlanta. I’ve shadowed there many times and have always been impressed with their quality and consistency.”

Fred Castellucci of Castellucci Hospitality Group (who couldn’t pick just one)

“The Boston black cod at Tomo — I honestly order five for myself every time I go there. The tom ka soup at Little Bangkok is better than Thailand — I routinely have it delivered to my house with nothing else. Fried chicken at Table & Main is worth the trip to Roswell. The B.G.T. at Little Tart Bakeshop is the perfect sandwich. Finally, the chicken liver tart at Staplehouse is a flawless dish.”

black cod tomo restaurant styleblueprint atlanta
The Boston black cod from Tomo melts in your mouth. Image: Tomo
chicken liver tarte staplehouse styleblueprint atlanta
Another highlight on Fred Castellucci’s list is the chicken liver tart from Staplehouse (pictured above right). Image: Atlanta Magazine

Justin Fox of Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

“I used to say that if I had one last meal, it would be chicken fried steak with cream gravy, green beans and mashed potatoes. But recently, that has changed to the Dan Dan noodles at Miso Izakaya, with some toro on the side. The toro just melts in your mouth, and the Dan Dan is so flavorful and spicy that it makes you want more … so hopefully my last meal would wind up being last meals. And because I have to end sweet, I would love to sneak in some Fox Bros. banana pudding because it has and always will be my favorite dessert.”

Megan Roth from Hungry Girls Do It Better

“If I were to leave this earth tomorrow, my last meal in Atlanta would have to be the pomodorini pizza from Antico Pizza. The way the cherry tomatoes burst in your mouth is unexplainable. This is literally my ultimate favorite pizza on the entire planet … add garlic, Parmesan and fresh basil from the guys in the kitchen, and we are set for a lifetime.”

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Zeb Stevenson of Watershed on Peachtree

“I would happily eat the snapper ceviche at Ticonderoga Club day, night or anytime in between if I could. It’s perfectly balanced, super refreshing but wildly satisfying and always executed perfectly!”

Morgan Bryant of Eat Here ATL

“My favorite meal in Atlanta would have to be a bowl of shrimp pho from So Ba in East Atlanta Village. There was a time I was eating at least two bowls a week! This traditional Vietnamese soup is savory and full of flavor. It’s perfect for winter days but also the type of dish I eat when I’m sick. I’m originally from California, and we have a large population of Asian-Americans, so Pho is kind of like our version of chicken noodle soup — it’s what you eat when you are not feeling well. Pho can cure anything, and So Ba has the best!

shrimp pho so ba styleblueprint atlanta
So Ba’s pho bowl ranks high on Morgan Bryant’s bucket list of last meals. Image: Eat Here ATL

Justin Anthony of True Story Brands

“My dish would be the Otoro tartare at Umi. Chef Ito is a sushi master … The dish hits all my senses and itself is an experience. Also, I love the look and feel of the restaurant!”

Todd Richards of White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails, Richards’ Southern Fried, Southern Food Traditions LLC and The Soulful Company Inc.

“My last meal in Atlanta would have to be Stone Bowl House—Woo Nam Jeong. The restaurant is one of the first dates I had with my girlfriend (now wife). We have the tasting menu every time we go. Each dish is full of life and gives you a sense of place and well-being. We are especially fond of the short ribs and pickles. The most delicious food!”

Savannah Sasser of Twain’s Brewpub & Billiards

“For my best last meal I would have to say that it would be a meal at Bacchanalia. There is an egg dish there that I am always in love with how well the egg is executed. For me, a perfect non-breakfast egg dish is beautiful. I have had their farm egg with ancient grains and roasted vegetables. I have never loved sauces except that of the one a soft yolk makes. And every dish is beautifully done there. Bonus? Service and atmosphere are wonderful as well.”

EJ Hodgkinson of King+Duke

“BoccaLupo would be my last meal in Atlanta. Since opening, I’ve seen Bruce Logue and the team learn their neighborhood while truly sticking to their concept. The food and service is never short of excellent. There is a veritable list of greatest hits on his menu that everybody should try (the octopus or black spaghetti for example), and as time goes on, the dishes that are new to the menu, consistently become favorites as well. Without question one of my favorite spots in Atlanta to dine. My favorite meal: Roman fried cauliflower, with mint capers and lemon, and the 20-yolk tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, Tuscan kale, kimchi and butter.”

BoccaLuppo black spaghetti styleblueprint atlanta
BoccaLuppo’s black spaghetti is one of their most popular dishes on the menu. Image: BoccaLuppo

Kathleen Cone from Hungry Girls Do It Better

“I recently had the pleasure of dining at Il Localino, where you are immediately greeted with colorful lanterns hanging from every inch of the ceiling. Of course, there is no dieting with Italian restaurants, and their bread and garlic butter is something I dream about almost every night before my head hits the pillow. As my main entree, I had their gnocchi alla vodka — the potato puff pasta were like little clouds that melted in your mouth. It was gone all too soon, but it was a night out that will never be forgotten … and a dish that I will 100 percent meet again.”

Did any of the Atlanta restaurants of your bucket list match up with our experts?! If not, it’s time to go exploring and try some new dishes out! Happy eating!


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