Instagram is a wonderful place to find inspiration when it comes to fashion, travel and (everyone’s favorite) food. Beautifully photographed plates entice followers to explore the unique recipes and restaurants pictured, all while making your mouth water. Take a look at some of these Southern foodie Instagram accounts to liven up your feed and inspire your next mid-day snack or weekend outing. All except for one are accounts we haven’t listed before and every single day we feel like we are finding even more deliciousness!

Elizabeth Kirby


Expectant mother, cook and food stylist Elizabeth Kirby is worth following on Instagram as she turns her account into one cohesive themed feed. All of her photographs have undertones of pale purples and whites, turning the kitchen into a calm and euphoric place.

We could definitely enjoy a picnic like this.
Image: @local_milk
Quiche, anyone?
Image: @local_milk
This is such a beautiful and serene shot.
Image: @local_milk

Cynthia Groseclose


For an insider’s view of the food industry, follow food stylist and photographer Cynthia Groseclose. Her clients include big-time names like Le Creuset and Garden and Gun for starters, but don’t let this big-time success be off-putting. Cynthia usually posts pictures of her daily dishes and her surfing adventures. Food and beach life in one account? What’s not to love?!

Are you hungry now?
Image: @cynthiagroseclose
Nothing but yum.
Image: @cynthia_groseclose
Color and flavor galore!
Image: @cynthiagroseclose

Melina Hammer


Writer, cook, recipe developer, food stylist and photographer Melina Hammer creates organic layouts with rustic quality that capture the motion and moments of her every day cooking adventures.

Image: @melinahammer
Image: @melinahammer
We love all the fresh ingredients!
Image: @melinahammer

Charlotte Lately


Charlotte Lately articulates the magnificence of Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Charlotte food community. The photos are simplistic but it’s the unique perspectives of the food shots that make it worth giving a follow.

We love the perspective of this juice shot.
Image: @charlotte_lately
Donuts, anyone?
Image: @charlotte_lately
How cute are these?!
Image: @charlotte_lately

Best Food Charlotte


Best Food Charlotte is a hub for ooey, gooey comfort food found in Charlotte, North Carolina. Warning: The rich foods and large dishes included in this account are bound to make you hungry!

Look. At. This!
Image: @bestfoodcharlotte
WOW! Chicken and waffles done right!
Image: @bestfoodcharlotte
This is not your mama's mac & cheese!
Image: @bestfoodcharlotte

Edible Nashville


Edible Nashville‘s Instagram account allows you to get a taste (pun intended) of the publication without being a subscriber. Their account features not only tasty goodness, but also the culinary masterminds behind the local Nashville, Tennessee, food scene, current trends and so much more.

Bee keepers in Nashville
Image: @ediblenash
A delectable feast by Edible Nashville
Image: @ediblenash

Hungry Girls Do It Better


The two food bloggers behind this account are eating their way through Atlanta, Georgia, and using Instagram and their blog to share their delightfully delicious culinary adventures. Their daily snacks look incredible and the backgrounds they use to present their foods make the account shine.

Popsicle power
Image: @hungrygirlsdoitbetter
WOW! That's the poster child for ice cream cones right there.
Image: @hungrygirlsdoitbetter

Tami Hardeman


Tami Hardeman’s photos spotlight everything from gorgeous ingredients to the recipes she’s testing at home. This account allows you to get a clear view into an experienced food stylist’s kitchen.

Everyone's favorite summer fruit!
Image: @runwithtweezers
We love the symmetry of this shot!
Image: @runwithtweezers
Fresh beets!
Image: @runwithtweezers

Eat Louisville


Kind of like our SB App, Eat Louisville is an account solely dedicated to helping locals figure out where to eat. The photos are artistic and vibrant — like you can taste the flavors. If you’re a Louisville, Kentucky, local stuck in a restaurant rut or are visiting the area and looking for some great local options, this account is definitely worth scrolling through!

Doesn't get more Southern than hot chicken with a pickle on top!
Image: @eatlouisville

If you’re sufficiently hungry, then our work here is done. Before you go fix a snack, though, there’s one more account to follow — @StyleBlueprint! We post the best of Southern food, fashion and lifestyle every single day!

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