Any parent knows that finding a trustworthy, reliable babysitter can be a challenge. Well, parents, meet your new BFF: Wyndy!

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Born out of need, Wyndy is a mobile app created by Tommy and Ginger Mayfield in 2015 that makes finding, booking and paying background-checked babysitters a snap! The service recently expanded to several southern markets, including Nashville. In a world where Uber reins supreme, and you can hire anyone to do any job with the touch of a button on your phone, creating an app seemed the obvious solution. The idea came to fruition when Tommy was working at a Birmingham, Alabama law firm, and Ginger was earning her master’s degree at night — all while raising two children.

“We’ve definitely been humbled by the positive response, but not necessarily surprised,” Tommy tells us. “As the parents of young children, we were keenly aware of the challenges parents face when it came to finding trustworthy sitters. Through our own experience, as well as through conducting focus groups and interviews with both parents and college students early on, we felt confident we could build a platform that parents and college sitters would benefit from and enjoy.”

Wyndy Babysitting App Connects Parents with College Sitters

Wyndy is here to help you find trustworthy college sitters conveniently!

The platform was built by parents for parents, to ease a pain point. While Wyndy is designed to alleviate the struggle of hiring a babysitter (texting your list of go-tos, calling friends for their list of recommendations, etc.), they also work to strengthen families by supporting college students and building communities while providing greater flexibility for parents. “We want to empower parents to do more within their community or their jobs or their relationships. We wanted to empower students to make their own money,” shares Lauren Mabry Cater, Wyndy’s Marketing Director.

“The most rewarding part of launching Wyndy has been seeing how the app has positively impacted the lives of our users and empowered them in ways we didn’t foresee when we launched,” shares Tommy. “We’ve heard stories of parents who were about to accept job offers they had previously turned down because, with Wyndy, they could now effectively manage their childcare needs. We’ve also heard from students who were on the verge of withdrawing from school for financial reasons but were able to stay enrolled because of the extra income they were able to earn through Wyndy.”

Wyndy Babysitting App Connects Parents with College Sitters

“College babysitters will interact with the kids. They will get on the floor and play, and the children love them. It is a trusted segment of the marketplace so it made sense to focus on college sitters,” Lauren shares.

Wyndy Babysitting App Connects Parents with College Sitters

Tommy and Ginger met at Vanderbilt University and moved to Birmingham after Tommy graduated from law school at the University of Georgia. The idea for the platform came about as they struggled to find sitters for their own young children.

“It is interesting because while I’m an early adopter, I will say when I first heard of Uber, I was like, ‘That’s crazy! No one’s going to get into other people’s cars!’ But, of course, less than a year later I was like ‘When is Uber going to come to Birmingham?” So I think just as with Uber, you have to teach people that there’s an easier, safe, convenient way to do things that also helps the community. Wyndy is really unique because we’re a babysitting platform, but we only have college babysitters. All of our sitters are background-checked, vetted, college students,” Lauren told us in this SB FACES of Birmingham interview.

Wyndy sets itself apart by using full-time undergraduate and graduate students from Wyndy-approved campuses. Each sitter undergoes a thorough application process and must pass a background check. Parents can post jobs to the job board and see which Wyndys are interested, or they can offer a job directly to their list of favorite Wyndys. Parents can select and search for Wyndys based on their school, major or affiliation with certain organizations to find a person who will fit well within their family. The minimum pay is $12 per hour and the typical job ranges from $13 to $20 per hour and all payments are made through the app. Parents can rate Wyndys, add them to their list of My Wyndys and share recommendations with friends. Jobs can be booked in advance or last-minute — the bookings happen two weeks out and two days out. Find the answers to more frequently asked questions here.

Wyndy Babysitting App Connects Parents with College Sitters

“A lot of people ask where the name Wyndy came from. It is a nod to Wendy Darling, the character in Peter Pan who acts as a surrogate mother to the Lost Boys in Neverland,” Tommy tells us.

Wyndy Babysitting App Connects Parents with College Sitters

Wyndy empowers college students to make their own money, and it accommodates their flexible schedules.

Wyndy Babysitting App Connects Parents with College Sitters

“Starting a company is more like a marathon than a sprint. While you need to work hard and move fast, it’s also important to take care of yourself. As a founder, investing in your own well-being is essential to providing the long-term results that your users, your team and your investors are looking for,” Tommy tells us.

Wyndy is currently available to parents and students in Tuscaloosa, Mobile and Birmingham, Alabama; Nashville, Chattanooga and Memphis, Tennessee; and Charlottesville, Virginia. “Each of our cities is different because the campuses are different. Most cities have multiple colleges to pull from,” Lauren explains. “We are focusing on being part of the communities and building trust — these are your children, and we understand how important it is to create that level of trust.”

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