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From the Love Circle vista point and the pedestrian bridge overlook to the lush landscape and equestrian barns of Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, Middle Tennessee offers its share of stunning scenery to admire. We may not always have an opportunity to enjoy them, but there are plenty of local homes that boast beautiful panoramas, too. Here’s a sneak peek of the view from four of the most picturesque abodes in and around Music City.

4 Stunning Homes with Stunning Views

A Lakeview Home in North Nashville

Perched on the Cumberland River, just north of Nashville, this pretty home nearly blends in with the natural scenery that surrounds it. “The home is tucked into the edge of the woods and features bark siding and stone elements,” says Castle Homes’ Owner and Founder Alan Looney. Second homes are all the rage these days, and this one is no exception. “This home is a secondary home for the clients, where friends and family gather to unplug from technology and everyday life,” Alan says. “Whether it’s gathering around one of the many fire pits on the property, swinging on the porch watching the wildlife wander, or fishing on the banks of the lake, it’s the perfect setting to get back to the basics.” We’re sold.

The serenity of the lake combined with the beauty of the wilderness is certainly a sight to behold. “Serenity perfectly describes this property,” Alan says. “Sitting on the front porch watching the sunrise makes this view extraordinary. Just beyond the lake, you can watch the riverboats cruise up and down the Cumberland River. “ A majestic retreat, to be sure!

A second home in the woods by Castle Homes

This gorgeous second home is a lakeside masterpiece by Castle Homes. Image: Leslie Brown Photography

A lakeside home with a view by Castle Homes

A perfectly manicured lawn and multiple firepits add to this property’s ambiance. Image: Leslie Brown Photography

A living room with fireplace and breakfast table

Vaulted ceilings and beautiful wood floors offer a natural contrast to the painterly images of nature seen through the many windows. Image: Leslie Brown Photography

An Oak Hill Escape

There aren’t too many Nashville homes that can call an entire hilltop their own! South of Downtown, this stunning residence is nestled in the woods of Oak Hill with a view that will make your jaw drop. The tranquil property has a rear yard with a grass-covered hill that provides built-in privacy, and there’s even a trail from the home to the hilltop, offering the perfect spot to relax and feel inspired by the city views and surrounding foothills. Brittany Dingler, Project Manager for Page | Duke Landscape Architects, says it was a treat to enjoy the serenity of nature while looking out at the cityscape as she and Lead Landscape Architect Gavin Duke worked at the residence. “For this project, you couldn’t help but be inspired by its setting and panoramic views of the Nashville skyline,” she says. “The view and surrounding hills were the driving factors in everything we designed and planted.”

In the project’s beginning stages, Gavin and Brittany sketched the clients’ vision to assess function as well as aesthetic impact, then fine-tuned the design on the computer. “It’s always a joy to be wholistically involved in the design of a project, from the larger birds-eye view down to the profile of a custom rail,” Brittany says. “It makes for an extra special project.” With a combination of both cozy and vast rooms from which to enjoy the landscape, the home offers a space to accommodate every mood and moment, including outdoor areas perfect for entertaining. “When you have such a spectacular view of the skyline and foothills of Middle Tennessee,” says Brittany, “it’s very important to have contrasting outdoor ‘rooms’ that are inwardly focused — like the family fire-pit area or the semi-private front lawn — for visual relief and escape.” And a gorgeous escape it is!

A grand Nashville home with a view in Oak Hill

This Oak Hill residence is gorgeous both inside and out! Image: Reed Brown Photography

The back of house with pool and landscaping at a Nashville home with a view in Oak Hill

With thoughtful landscaping from Page | Duke Landscape Architecture, this property is an oasis. Image: Reed Brown Photography

The skyline view from an Oak Hill home

A swoon-worthy and stunning view. Image: Reed Brown Photography

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A Quaint Farmhouse Vista

With rolling hills and expansive farmland, Cedar Hill Farm is a breath of fresh air. Located just North of Nashville, the quaint farmhouse rests on virgin land with an unspoiled tree-lined view that wows. For interior designer Julie Couch of Julie Couch Interiors, having a client with one home in the city and one in the country was an inspiration. “The look and style of the homes couldn’t be more different,” she says. “For this home, nature and the beauty of the surroundings inspired the look of the space. There were lots of rustic elements and lots of layers to give the space a cottage kind of feel, which our client loved. Where our client’s in-town home is full of pastels and feminine [details], their farmhouse embraces rustic, masculine elements with lots of used outdoor space.”

With a truly warm and homey farmhouse vibe, the residence has a simple exterior that allows the view to speak for itself. “This view is so exceptional because the land surrounding it is uninterrupted,” Julie says. “Being surrounded by nature and acres of untouched land is so peaceful. At the time these photos were taken, it was fall and the leaves had started to turn.” No matter the season, there’s no doubt that this view is indescribably captivating.

A fire pit in front of a hillside with fall colors

A fire pit overlooks the picturesque Cedar Hill Farmland. Image: Paige Rumore Photography

Rectangular pool with five poolside chairs set up to appreciate the hillside view

This pool with a view is beckoning us to dive in. Image: Paige Rumore Photography

A bathroom with white tile and a clawfoot tub, with windows that highlight the view.

With large windows to display the scenic landscape beyond, this bathroom highlights the colors of every season. Image: Paige Rumore Photography

A Sewanee Bluff House

Located at Myers Point in Sewanee, Tennessee, this incredible residence sits at the edge of a bluff that overlooks land that’s permanently protected by the Land Trust for Tennessee. Both nearby Mercer Logan Lake and a seemingly endless stretch of trees that change with the seasons make for majestic views all year round. “Our clients wanted a mountain house, but not a traditional rustic cabin,” says architect Van Pond Jr. of Van Pond Architect. “We used their in-town home, which has Craftsman influences, as a jumping-off point for a house that melded with the site and capitalized on views toward the cove but also across their front yard to a private lake.” With rear elevation, Van says that every direction you turn is spectacular, offering nearly every room access to the pristine beauty of the site.

A home with a view in Sewanee, Tennessee

A spacious driveway leads up to this gorgeous home designed by Van Pond Architect. Image: Reed Brown Photography

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An aerial view of the lakeside home in Sewanee

A private lake offers a calm yet majestic water element to the landscape. Image: Reed Brown Photography

Interior of a lakeside Sewanee home with a view

A neutral interior color scheme offsets the outdoor greenery that you can see from the massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Image: Reed Brown Photography

We hope you enjoyed the views!


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