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We are greeting 2022 with more appreciation for the comforts of home than ever before. With January’s chill comes the desire for all things cozy and good for the soul — fuzzy socks, candles, cider. Whether you’re curling up with a good book, taking a long bath, or sleeping in, we’ve got a selection of locally found items to keep you warm and smiling all month long.


Wildcrafted tea

This cult classic from East Nashville tea house, High Garden, is perfect for winter warmth and immunity. This infusion is made of apple cider vinegar granules, elderberries, hibiscus calyx, hyssop, ginger root, cinnamon, honeysuckle blossoms, clove, and crushed red pepper. One tea bag will make a lot of potent tea and can be re-steeped throughout the day. Grab a single pack for $4.95 or the full for $14.95 at High Garden.

Nashville FINDS January: High Garden Tea Nashville

Fire Cider herbal infusion tea, $4.95 to $14.95, at High Garden | Image: High Garden

Cocktail kit

Whether you’re doing dry or damp January, WithCo’s seasonal cider pairs beautifully with bourbon, whiskey, scotch, añejo tequila, or with no liquor at all. The mix is made from apple, raw honey, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, rosemary, bay leaf, allspice, orange, and cayenne. This dynamic duo also includes a garnishing kit with apples, oranges, rosemary, and cinnamon sticks. Try this out for $25 at WithCo.

WIthCo cocktail mix

Sweaterweather cocktail + garnish kit, $25, at WithCo | Image: WithCo

Sunshine Rolls

Freshly made pastries are a “happy” we love waking up to, whether we’re hosting guests, cooped up with kiddos, or craving an indulgence with our morning coffee. Brightside Bakeshop’s West Nashville and East Nashville locations are open for pick-up from 8 a.m. until noon, Wednesday through Sunday. Order your Sunshine Rolls for $3.50 each (and peruse the current selection of mouth-watering treats) at Brightside Bakeshop.

Nashville FINDS January: Brightside bakeshop sunshine rolls

Sunshine Roll, $3,50 each, at Brightside Bakeshop | Image: Brightside Bakeshop

Boiled peanuts

Did you know that Nashville has a traveling boiled peanut guru? There are few more nostalgic and comforting things than some perfectly flavored and piping hot boiled peanuts. PapaPadgett sets up shop frequently throughout the week around Music City. DM him on Instagram for large orders or to track him down to purchase. Getcha peanuts from Papa Padgetts Peanuts.

Papa Padgetts Peanuts

Peanuts, prices vary by weight, at Papa Padgetts Peanuts | Image: Papa Padgetts Peanuts

Local pancake mix

Mornings are better with pancakes, and why not whip some up from a mix made right here in Nashville? Forage South Old Fashioned Pancake Mix yields light, fluffy pancakes that will surely get lots of thumbs up (if anyone can put down their fork and knife!). Find this for $9.95 at Made in TN.

Nashville FINDS January: Forage South Pancake Mix

Pancake mix, $9.95, at Made in TN | Image: Made in TN



An all-cotton throw is the home accessory you didn’t know you needed throughout the seasons. Covered In Cotton’s wares are made from Carolina-grown cotton featuring timeless patterns, hues, and fringe detailing. Experience the softness and comfort of this blanket for yourself. A variety of styles are $90 each at SB Shop.

Covered in Cotton throws

Throw, $90, at SB Shop


Winter calls for fresh-smelling soap that won’t dry us out. Nashville Soap Company makes their hand-cut, small-batch soap primarily of olive oil, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Free of synthetic fragrance, color, and preservatives, these bars are moisturizing, gentle, and ready to land in every bathroom in your home! Pick your set of three scents for $19.50 at Nashville Soap Company.

Nashville FINDS January: Nashville Soap Company

Set of three soaps, $19.50, at Nashville Soap Company | Image: Nashville Soap Company

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Spice jar set

Winter seems synonymous with spices in the kitchen. Whether you’re sprucing up a vat of chili or serving garnishes to a friend-filled table, it’s nice to keep your most-used spices cutely displayed and easy to access. Crafted from exposed reddish-brown earthenware, this set is sized perfectly for your condiment picks of the month. It comes with an indented tray and two-toned spoons for easy serving. Find this fabulous set for $48 at OAK Nashville.

spice jar set oak nashville

Spice jar set, $48, at OAK Nashville | Image: OAK Nashville

This Land by Jack Spencer

If you’re dreaming of your next stateside trip, this one is for you and your coffee table. Photographer Jack Spencer set out in 2003 to capture what it meant to live in America. Over 13 years, 48 states, and 80,000 driving miles, he created an impressive and evocative portrait of the American landscape that is sure to evoke some introspection and wanderlust. Find this book for $60 at Reed Smythe.

Nashville FINDS January: This Land book Jack Spencer

This Land, $60, at Reed Smythe | Image: Reed Smythe


This is such a clever FIND that you will want to get one for all of your fire-loving friends. Toss one of these rustically scented firestarters into fireplaces, wood stoves, campfires, and more, and it negates the need for kindling! Each firestarter package comes with 10 pods. Find this in many different scents for $16 each at Hollie Ray.

Firestarter package from Hollie Ray

Firestarter, $16, at Hollie Ray | Image: Hollie Ray


PJ set

If you have never owned a set of jammies by Eberjey, consider this your sign! Some of the softest and comfiest pajamas out there, you will never want to take these off. Find them in this great wintergreen color and more at Habit for $108.

PJ set

PJ set, $108, at Habit | Image: Habit

White blouse

A soft and simple white button-down is a must throughout the year, but we are especially loving the “button-down under sweater vest” trend happening right now. Layer this in the winter and wear it open over a bathing suit in the summer. This classic look features a blend of linen and rayon, so it isn’t an overkill beachy feel. We also love the giant front pockets and cute buttons. Grab yours at e.Allen for $138.

Shirt, $138, at e.Allen | Image: e.Allen

Wearable blanket

If fickle Nashville weather can bring thermostat wars and drafts into your home, this Shawl Dawls blanket wrap is your new best friend. The ultra-cozy Barefoot Dreams-like fabric and the oversized pockets are perfect for lounging or carpool drop-off. Check out the multiple colors available at The French Shoppe for $48.

Blanket shawl

Blanket shawl, $48, at The French Shoppe | Image: The French Shoppe


You’re all set for more snow in this fabulous quilted, hooded puffer! The heather gray lining creates a laidback, yet fashionable, look. It’s not-too-long, not-too-short, and the safari green goes with almost everything. At $128, this feels like a nice winter steal at Posh!

Nashville FINDS January: Puffer Jacket

Jacket, $128, at Posh | Image: Posh


Makeup lesson

If your makeup collection has seen better days, we can relate! Beloved cosmetic purveyors Woo Skincare can help you refresh your supply and learn some new techniques along with the guidance of a professional. You deserve to be excited and ready for the dress-up occasions to come this year. Book a lesson for $150 (which will be redeemable for products after your lesson) at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics.

Woo Cosmetics

Makeup lesson, $150, at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics | Image: Facebook

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Facial + body treatment

This luxurious treatment starts with a skin analysis and personal recommendations to enhance your regimen. Then, a deep cleanse and a clarifying exfoliation using crystal-free microdermabrasion. After extractions and an intense moisturizer, they revitalize the skin with an ultrasound treatment and finish up with a peel for results you will see and feel weeks after. This session also includes exfoliation and aromatherapy treatments for arms and feet. Ona has locations in East Nashville and Belle Meade, and you can book your “me” day for $195 at Ona Skincare.

Nashville FINDS January: Ona Skincare facial

Ona Ultimate Facial and Body Treatment, $195, at Ona Skincare | Image: Ona Skincare

Stay warm and cozy this January, Nashville!


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