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To continue the connection Nashville Ballet fosters throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, digital classes are offered through Zoom. Registration to book a class closes 30 minutes prior to the class’s start time. A free class is also live-streamed on Nashville Ballet’s Instagram at 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

These class offerings include the regularly offered Community Adult classes like DANCEFIX and ballet, as well as pilates, yoga, and more. To view the classes currently offered on-demand and see how to purchase one class or a package, click here and to sign up for classes on MindBody, click here. Keep reading to hear one SB Staffer’s first-hand experience at Nashville Ballet. 


Walking into Nashville Ballet, I’ve never felt more welcomed. The energy in the building reverberates between the walls — especially down the hall where the Community Adult classes are about to kick off. I hear howls of laughter and see huge smiles. I can tell this is going to be a special experience. Everyone comes over to greet the newcomer, immediately putting me at ease. When the music is turned up, it’s a welcomed invitation to forget about the world for an hour and just dance.

Thea Jones is

Sign up for DANCEFIX, and you just might have the pleasure of dancing under the direction of the fabulous Thea Jones.

School of Nashville Ballet’s Community Adult classes are for anyone 18+ no matter your dance experience. Whether you’re looking for a fun, new way to stay fit, reigniting a passion for dance, or elevating your own dance education, there is a Nashville Ballet adult class for you, each one taught by the ballet’s best professionals or other community experts. There’s a variety of class types from which to choose; I chose DANCEFIX, a wildly popular option for adults of all ages and fitness levels. Blending hip-hop, jazz, Latin and lyrical, the choreography is fresh and fun whether you’re new or experienced. The hour-long class starts with a warmup, then goes into 10 dances that increase in cardio intensity, and it ends with a toning session. Each week the instructor builds on the choreography, but it’s okay to hop in at any point.

Dancers at DACEFIX at Nashville Ballet

DANCEFIX is a heart-pumping, invigorating workout with only one guideline: just keep moving! Even if you’re not an immediate whiz at the choreography, let the music guide you through and pick up what you can!

Nashville Ballet also offers ballet classes for adults: Introduction to Ballet, Beginner Ballet, Intermediate/Advanced Ballet and Advanced Ballet. The introductory Ballet 101 class teaches the basic structure and common movements of a ballet class and explains stance, foot and arm positions. After a few spins around the studio in Introduction to Ballet, even the total novice is ready for Beginner Ballet, conveniently scheduled at the same time. Beginner Ballet classes focus on posture, presence, self-confidence, flexibility and balance. Even if you have two left feet, this is the room for you.

As you move on to the intermediate classes, you’ll build on the fundamentals many people learned as children by exploring increasingly more complex movement and new dance vocabulary. Musicality, artistry and strength are major areas of focus. From there, the intermediate/advanced classes explore advanced movement in a safe, guided environment. Advanced classes are for seasoned dancers looking to hone their technique. Last, but certainly not least, the contemporary classes are an inviting way to explore modern and improvisational movement.

Group of dancers in DANCEFIX class

Many formats are incorporated into DANCEFIX (pictured) and contemporary classes.

The welcoming, come-as-you-are vibe is refreshing. There is no dress code for the adult classes, and the staff — as well as the regular class devotees — are happy to help you. It’s truly an experience that every dance-curious Nashvillian should pirouette into. The positivity is contagious, the instruction top-notch and the workout fierce.

Community Adult classes are offered on a rolling basis throughout the year, with the exception of certain holidays. Find the perfect class for you here, and see the full schedule here.

For more information, contact School of Nashville Ballet at (615) 297-2966, ext. 910, or email [email protected].

This article is sponsored by Nashville Ballet. All photos by Leila Grossman.