We all have those pieces of jewelry, whether inherited or purchased, that are outdated. From your grandmother’s antique brooch to that pearl bracelet you received at graduation to the lavish chandelier earrings you bought for yourself 10 years ago, these items are often highly valuable, but out of style. Rather than pushing these totems to the back of your drawer, take them to a jeweler, who can repurpose old jewelry items, turning them into something completely different. Today, we talk with Cindi Earl of Cindi Earl Fine Jewelry and Maria Fouce of Anatra Jewel to learn how you can transform old jewelry into new pieces with intrinsic worth and enduring style.

This ring was brought to <a href="https://styleblueprint.com/nashville/guide/anatra-jewel/" target="_blank">Anatra Jewel</a> to be refashioned. The owner wanted to create a new ring with a more modern appeal. Because it can be difficult for jewelers to salvage small diamonds and stones, the cost to make the new piece may be greater. Image credit | <a href="https://styleblueprint.com/nashville/guide/anatra-jewel/" target="_blank">Anatra</a>

This ring was brought to Anatra Jewel to be refashioned. The owner wanted to create a new ring with a more modern appeal. Because it can be difficult for jewelers to salvage small diamonds and stones, the cost to make the new piece may be greater. Image courtesy of Anatra

Take a look at this astonishing redesign created by Anatra Jewel.

Take a look at the astonishing results of this redesign. The gold was exchanged for sterling silver, which makes the green stones truly pop. Not all of the diamonds and stones were used, which means they can be resold by the owner. Image courtesy of Anatra 

It can be difficult to decipher what is worth repurposing. If the piece you have is composed of valuable materials, like gold, silver, diamonds or precious stones, then it is certainly worth the investment. The cost of repurposing jewelry is often much higher than customers anticipate, explains Maria at Anatra. The labor involved in salvaging and refashioning the original materials is far more extensive than people would imagine. So it’s advised to repurpose those pieces of real worth or true sentimental value.

This photo shows how a ring can be totally transformed by a new setting.

This is another fine example of how a ring can be remade. The ring on the right is what the owner brought to Cindi Earl seeking a change, so that it doesn’t feel so antique. The ring to the left shows what could be done by simply changing the setting.

This necklace, created by Cindi Earl, adds emphasis to the birthstone.

Often, women have birthstones from an old piece that they want to incorporate in a new piece. One solution is to amplify the beauty of the stone by setting it within diamonds, as shown above (from Cindi Earl). They can also be fashioned into earrings with diamond settings, which really brings a WOW factor.

When a piece is repurposed, the metals are melted down. Sometimes that same metal can be used to create a new item, but often it is resold by the owner if they choose to update the setting with a different metal. The stones are then salvaged and fashioned into a new orientation. The possibilities are truly endless with redesigning jewelry. Engagement rings can be turned into pendant necklaces, as can brooches and watches. Necklaces can likewise be formed into earrings, rings, bracelets and so on. Most jewelers prefer that customers arrive with an illustrated vision of what they want in the new piece. Pinterest is a great place to discover ideas for new designs and can provide great examples to bring to your jeweler.

This gorgeous necklace was created out of old watch chains.

This necklace was created from old watch chains, which gives the piece a beautiful vintage quality, but provides a new functionality. The black pearls add an edgy, but feminine, finish. (Found at Cindi Earl Fine Jewelry)

This necklace, created from old watch changes and black pearls, has a great vintage appeal.

This is another example of a necklace that was created from reused watch chains. The toggle clasp is a sophisticated addition to the center pendant. (Found at Cindi Earl Fine Jewelry)

Another great option for repurposing jewelry is to have your beads restrung on a mystery clasp. This ingenious device is a screw-like clasp that can be added into beads that have been drilled to fit each end. This allows metal extenders to be added to the ends of any of these beads. Not only does this give the stones an updated look, but it also allows you to change the spacing between the beads, so it’s like having lots of pieces all in one! See the examples of the mystery clasp from an extender below which we found at Cindi Earl.

Give a pearl necklace new life by adding a mystery chain and extender.

A pearl necklace is given a new shape by adding a mystery clasp and an extender. The extender gives the pearls a more modern and casual appeal. (Found at Cindi Earl Fine Jewelry)

This set of beads was lengthened by a mystery chain and extender.

In this case, a gold extender was used to separate sets of beads in an alternating fashion, creating a long chain that fits beautifully with high necklines. (Found at Cindi Earl Fine Jewelry)

The most important thing to remember about repurposing jewelry is that you are giving pieces of value a renewed life. Though often expensive, it is a great way to recycle what is already at your disposal. And with the right jeweler, the end results can be absolutely astonishing!