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I’m a cook. I grew up cooking, and I’ve even owned a restaurant with menu items entirely made up of all my own recipes. So, why would I pick up Home Chef meal kits at Kroger? Because they are easy to make, include all the ingredients needed, and are delicious! These work for newbies in the kitchen and seasoned cooks alike.

Home Chef Meal Kits

Home Chef Meal Kits contain everything you need for a homecooked dinner for two!

I’m sure you’ve seen ads for delivery services for meals that you then make at home. I’ve been intrigued by them but not enough to fill out online forms, and I don’t want to commit to a schedule. This is where the Home Chef Meal Kits at Kroger fill a large hole in this market: simply walk into your local Kroger, choose which meal prep box you’d like to make, and check out. Or, have it delivered to your door with your groceries. There is no commitment, and it already works with your routine.

Home Chef meals feed two people, but from the few meals we’ve made, they are easily stretched to feed three, especially if you prep an additional simple salad.

But, how hard are they to make and how do they taste? Those are the big questions.

Here is a sample of two Home Chef Meal Kits. Each box contains the exact ingredients needed, included all spices, butter, grated cheese, meat and vegetables. EVERYTHING is included; Home Chef makes no assumptions about what you may have on hand.

Home Chef Meal Box from Kroger Review

Here are all of the ingredients needed for the steak with garlic-herb butter meal.

Home Chef Meal Kit Review

And, here are the ingredients for the meal kit for BBQ pineapple chicken quesadillas.

Home Chef Meal Kit from Kroger Review

Each box comes with a recipe card that on one side shows what the meal should look like once cooked, as well as a list of all the ingredients contained.

Home Chef Meal Kit from Kroger Review

Flip the card over and the pictures and words walk you through how to easily prepare the meal.

Home Chef Meal Kit Review Kroger

The recipes are easy to follow and require no advanced cooking skills.

Home Chef Meal Kit Kroger Review

Here is the steak with garlic-herb butter meal. Everything was delicious!

Home Chef Meal Kit

Here is the BBQ chicken with pineapple quesadillas. This was delicious, too. If you like things spicy, add some hot sauce or crushed red pepper.

These meals were easy to make and the time needed to prep and cook is listed on the side of the box. If you can read and slice with a knife, you can make these meals. Plus, both meals wowed my family. With teenagers at home, they were happy to have some meals they could make without looking up recipes. And, our oldest chimed in that she’s going to start getting these for her college apartment as she can cook dinner and have another portion for lunch the next day.

In a year that has seen so much renewed interest in honing kitchen skills, Home Chef works because it’s not intimidating for people trying to learn. It’s also a great way for older kids to start learning to follow a recipe and how to prep a meal.

But, Home Chef meals also work for people who can cook any gourmet recipe, but simply want to cook a delicious meal for their family and not think about it much more than that. Our brains are all taxed and tired; sometimes we want to be creative cooks, and other times, we still want to cook but not make decisions. For those nights, having a box with all the ingredients and the recipe right there sure is nice.

This is home cooking, made easy.

While Kroger sponsored this article, our use of Home Chef Meal Kits will last. We sincerely enjoyed these meals and are looking forward to more!

This article is sponsored by Kroger.

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