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Yes, charcuterie trays and grazing boards are having a major moment right now. With both sweet and savory options, the opportunity to sample delicious and complimentary flavors is readily available. If you’re looking for such a thing for a holiday graze fest, or anytime really, you’re in luck. Nashville has a handful of people and places offering cheese boards, charcuterie trays, grazing boards, and more. Here is a list of spots to peruse and place your order.

Where to Get Cheese Boards, Charcuterie Trays, Dessert Platters & More

Host & Toast Luxury Concierge

Anne Elizabeth McIntosh, of Host & Toast, is known for her Southern hospitality, and she equips others to shine in this department as well by way of her charcuterie trays and cheese boards. From traditional charcuterie to outside-the-box options like brunch boards, s’mores boards and more, each one of her Host & Toast creations is luxurious, delicious and every bit of what you’re looking for in a snackable set-up. Pricing starts at $25 for a one-person serving and goes up to $400 for an extra-large option, which serves 16. Gift sets and gift certificates are also available.

Host & Toast brunch board

Think outside the board box with Host & Toast options like this brunch board. Image: Instagram

Host & Toast s'mores board

Enjoy a sweet experience with one of Anne Elizabeth’s s’mores boards. Image: Instagram

A Tasty Tray

Jess Nixon, A Tasty Tray‘s chief proprietor and self-described “charcuterie guru,” whips up cheese boards and grazing tables that delight both the taste buds and the eyes. While she can put together pretty much any type of custom order, she savors the opportunity to get creative. Boards start at $40 and increase from there — direct message her on Instagram for pricing. Extra crackers, honey, jam and delivery are available for an additional fee.

A Tasty Tray cheese board and charcuterie tray

Jess can whip up boxes, boards, trays — you name it! From cheeses to meats to nuts, pickles, olives, honey, and jams … oh my! Image: Instagram

A Tasty Tray hot cocoa tray

Don’t let the littles miss out on the tasty treats. This hot cocoa tray is a magical way to celebrate the season! Image: Instagram

Cheese Gal

Cortney LaCorte — aka “Cheese Gal” — has been creating gorgeous cheese boards and charcuterie trays for nearly two years. While she recently opened a physical location inside the Fairlane Hotel, where people can come shop Cheese Gal items to-go, Cortney still creates and delivers tasty trays for any occasion. And while her smaller displays are divine, it’s her grazing tables that are next-level. Pricing for her mini cheese + charcuterie boxes, which serve one, starts at $22.

Cheese gal grazing table

Add in some bottomless mimosas, and we could spend all day with this spread. Image: Instagram

Cheese Gal's Cheesemas tree

How perfect is this?! Image: Instagram

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Nashville Charcuterie Company

A relative newcomer to the local charcuterie scene, Nashville Charcuterie Company (aka “Nashcuterie“) offers straight-forward and beautifully arranged displays of all sizes. Tasty selections of meats, cheeses, fruits, breads, crackers, honey, jams, olives and more comprise each of the creations. Themed and seasonal boards are also available. Pricing varies and can be found HERE.

Nashville Charcuterie Company cheese board and charcuterie display

An abundance of flavors dances beautifully on this Nashcuterie creation. Image: Instagram

Nashville Charcuterie Company hot cocoa tray

How sweet (pun intended) is this hot cocoa board? Image: Instagram

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Anzie Blue

If you’re looking for a little bit of all of these board options found all in one place, Anzie Blue has you covered — and then some! From bagel boards and crudité platters to s’mores boards, Caprese boards, holiday boards and more, Anzie Blue not only sells boards at their brand-new Hillsboro Village location, but they also ship their boards nationwide. Order it on a custom Tennessee hickory board, and you’ll have a beautiful reminder of how delicious your Anzie Blue charcuterie board experience was.

Anzie Blue charcuterie board display

Pick up a charcuterie board at Anzie Blue, or have one shipped anywhere in the U.S. Image: Anzie Blue

Anzie Blue Christmas Cheese Board

How beautiful is this Christmas board from Anzie Blue?! Image: Anzie Blue

Happy grazing!


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