Transforming a humdrum home into something worthy of a daydream is what every designer — and homeowner — hopes for. The inhabitants of this Nashville home desired interiors that would maintain the mid-century modern architectural design and suit their traditional style. Another requirement for the house on a wooded lot in Radnor Park was bright, airy interiors that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. It took removing walls, gutting the kitchen, adding windows to reveal lush canopies and upgrading every inch of the design to realize these dreams.

The homeowners turned to Beth Haley Design to blend traditional tastes and modern elements — something the design firm does well. Lead designer Stefani Benson reimagined the space and brought the dream home the clients envisioned to life. “Working with a client who has a clear sense of style is always a delight, but incorporating her style in a home with strong mid-century features was no small feat,” Stefani explains. “We married the two styles by keeping the architectural features of the home while reimagining their uses to work for the busy lifestyle of two working professionals with kids. The result is a stunning balance between form and function, old and new, and trendy and classic.”

beth haley design project

Left in the capable hands of Stefani Benson and Beth Haley Design, the dated look was replaced with cool interiors framed by oversized windows that link the house to its natural landscape.

What was once a dated and choppy design is now bright and open. After removing the wall between the kitchen and living room to create easy movement through the space, a wood-clad beam was added for structural support and acts as an eye-catching element to divide the rooms. The designer helped the homeowner say goodbye to the previous floor plan that impeded flow from the kitchen to the living room. It required a little bit of inspiration and trust — and much heavy lifting — to reach the end result. A simple color palette of natural hues and creams, and subtle accents of blue on the kitchen chairs and in the throw pillows, complement the rich greens of the nearby trees. In fitting with mid-century modern design, the furnishings are smartly edited. With only a large sectional, round coffee table and small accent pieces, the views through the tall windows are unobstructed.

beth haley design project — kitchen and living room

Cabinetry and tile choices, as well as the big farmhouse, apron-front skin, are reflective of the homeowner’s traditional taste; but the furnishings are more mid-century modern in design.

As you can see in this before photo, a modern twist on this dated mid-century home was needed in order to completely transform it into a place you’d be happy to come home to.

Here’s another before photo of the home. Beth Haley Design offers design services, as well as home decorating. This means you don’t need to hire an architect for remodeling and renovation design; they are trained to tackle all aspects of the project.

Stefani brought the kitchen to life with a combination of materials that flatter the mid-century modern bones. And, again, more windows create a stronger connection between inside and out.

A custom live-edge table integrated into the island is a smart solution for additional dining. The classic blue on the chairs feels luxurious and playful; it is the final touch this kitchen needed.

The living room layout isn’t over complicated. A graciously scaled kitchen island and a large sectional in the living room are the main furnishings in the open design.

Before you approach the home’s main level of living, you’ll notice a dropzone tucked under the stairs. Working in place of a full mudroom, this area was a wise addition.

Stefani, guided by her client’s traditional tastes, transitioned the interiors in the remainder of the home — comprising three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a master bedroom with ensuite and closet, and a finished basement. The designer admits that the master bathroom layout was tricky and perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome. It was necessary to be creative with the space so that the homeowner could have her dreamed-about bathtub. After that puzzle was put together, the focus was on the finishes, including large tiles with grey veining, grey cabinets to complement and champagne bronze fixtures.

The newly designed bathroom maintains the neutral and sophisticated palette introduced in the living area while pops of blue are replaced with soothing grays.

The dark, dated bathroom was desperate for a dramatic makeover. The difference between before (pictured here) and after is night and day.

Marble-look tile replaces blue tile in the shower, which was relocated to accommodate the addition of a bathtub. Champagne bronze finishes seen here and in the kitchen are on-trend.

Perhaps the best example of the homeowner’s traditional taste, the dressing room and closet is a showstopper. “Another way we reimagined the space is by converting the master bedroom sitting room into a dressing room,” shares Stefani.

“Our client had a very specific idea of what her style is, and we helped interpret that,” says Stefani. “It is our job to edit the design you have imagined to make it work for you. We understand that homeowners are overwhelmed; we are here to help guide you and select pieces that work together.” Bright, inviting and livable, the interiors showcase the endless opportunities that are possible.

The house received a fresh coat of blue paint and updated railings around the porch. Now, the outside is as dashing as the inside.

Whether you’ve been in your house for a while or just purchased a home in need of renovation, you likely have ideas swirling in your head of what “could be” — a drab bathroom made bright and bold, a dated kitchen renewed with fresh designs and updated appliances … Imagine all of the possibilities — then reach out to Beth Haley Design to help you make them reality.

This article is sponsored by Beth Haley Design. All photography provided by Beth Haley Design