Driscoll Design & Decoration

Dedicated to capturing the personal style of each individual, Driscoll Design & Decoration works closely with every client to create a design that is timeless and functional. With an affinity for classic and modern aesthetics, they layer materials, colors and finishes in a way that brings depth and vitality to each space. They are able to create environments that feel luxurious and sophisticated but remain suitable to the lifestyle of each homeowner. With a large showroom filled with eclectic accents, they bring together different elements in a harmonious fashion. Driscoll Design has a reputation of excellence and continues to transform homes into beautiful and unique spaces.

SB Tip:

Driscoll Design created Ragland Hill, a unique collection of colorful fabrics ideal for kid spaces, vacation homes, dorms, porches and any space that brings out your whimsical side!

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Mon-Fri 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Contact Info:

(901) 767-1340


632 S Perkins Rd A, Memphis, TN 38117