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Originally from Mobile, AL, Tiffany McLemore moved to Memphis to be a third grade teacher. After spending her summer break working as a real estate agent, she knew she had found her real calling. She joined Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury as an agent and soon thereafter was offered the position of Corporate Relocation Director. Since making the jump from teaching to real estate in 2000, she has been helping clients who are new to Memphis find just the right home. Now, in her current role as the Principal Broker of the Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury Corporate Office, Tiffany works with both new and experienced agents to help them develop their careers. We are excited to introduce you to today’s FACE of Memphis, Tiffany McLemore.

Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury

Meet today’s FACE of Memphis, Tiffany McLemore, Principal Broker of Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury.

Tell us about where you’re from.

I grew up in Mobile, AL. My mom is a retired school principal, and my dad is a retired counselor. I was fortunate to live close to the beach, so I have many fond memories of summers in Gulf Shores. My dad introduced me to golf at an early age, so I also spent long summer days at a local public golf course, and at the time, I was one of few female golfers in the area. I received a full scholarship to the University of South Alabama, where I received a Bachelors of Education.

How did you get into the real estate field?

I moved to Memphis after graduating from college and taught third grade at Sherwood Elementary School. Bill Maury was my realtor when I purchased my first house, and coincidentally Doug Collins’ building company built it! I decided to get my real estate license to occupy some time during my summers, and Collins-Maury was the clear choice for me. After a very busy summer, I decided to go full-time. Being new to Memphis, I really got to know the city quickly and found it was a great avenue to meet new people and great opportunities.

Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury

Tiffany originally moved to Memphis to be a school teacher, but made the jump to real estate after spending her summer break selling homes.

Tell us about Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury. What is your role at the company?

Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury is a full-service real estate company serving Northwest Mississippi and the Greater Memphis area. I am the Managing Broker of the corporate office, located in Collierville, in which my primary responsibility is promoting agent success and professional growth. With that comes lots of coaching, mentoring and growth opportunities. We hire new and experienced agents who exhibit our core values of integrity, trust, loyalty and a winning attitude.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I love helping others and watching new and experienced agents reach their personal and professional goals. We strive to have the best trained and educated agents, which leads to high customer satisfaction and repeat business. Our focus is giving our clients an outstanding home selling and buying experience. At the end of the day, when you know you have served your agents and customers to the best of your ability, it makes for a very rewarding job.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Keeping people calm and on the same page — emotions can be high at times, especially when people are dealing with what is often their biggest investment.

Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury

“This company’s unique value proposition of a full-time, non-competing leadership team dedicated to the sales team financial and personal growth creates a unique culture to better serve clients,” says Tiffany about working for Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury.

Why did you choose to make Memphis your home?

There are so many things I love about Memphis! It is a big city by numbers, but it has never felt this way. The people are what makes Memphis special. It is a city of heart, history and culture — and who doesn’t love the food too?!

Describe your typical day.

My typical day is usually not very typical. It usually ranges from office meetings, one-on-one time with my agents, lots of networking and team building.

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What is your best advice?

One of my favorite sayings is, “Life is tough, but so are you.”

As a mom, you have so much going on! How do you balance work and your personal life?

My husband and I do a lot of tag-teaming, and I’m blessed with a really responsible son. There is a constant check and balance, but time-blocking really helps keep a healthy balance. If we calendar it, we usually keep all the balls in the air.

Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury

In her current role as Principal Broker of Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury, Tiffany works with both new and experienced real estate agents to help them develop their careers.

What do you do to relax?

Chilling out on the screened-in porch is therapy for me. I also love a good bike ride or time at the park. We love Shelby Farms and some of the great Wolf River trails in Collierville and Germantown.

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You help out in the community. Tell us about that.

I am active in Collierville Schools PTA, as well as outreach activities through our church, Hope Presbyterian.

What is the first place you take out-of-towners when they visit you?

Barbecue is always a must, from Rendezvous to Germantown Commissary. I also love showing off Shelby Farms, depending on the time of year, and the Collierville Square.

Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury

“We moved back to Mobile, AL, for a few years, and as much as we enjoyed our time living close to the coast, all arrows pointed us back to Memphis,” says Tiffany. “When we returned to Memphis and I was offered the position of Principal Broker for Collins-Maury’s Corporate office, it was like a home away from home.”

Finish this sentence: If I had a superpower, it would be …

Cloning, no question. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours to do it all. The lesson there is try to live in the moment and prioritize your time the best you can.

If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself?

Save always. There are a lot of ups and downs in real estate. Ten years ago was the start of a tough time for many in this industry. If you made it through those times, you look at today’s market through different lenses. There will always be things beyond your control, so be wise and live conservatively.

What is something people might be surprised to know about you?

I coached golf in Alabama in which one of my responsibilities was maintaining a driving range. I learned to operate a commercial-grade lawn mower and rusty golf ball collector and washer. Those long, hot summers were pretty special. Appreciate even the most unordinary opportunities, as they are character building.

Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury

“Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours to do it all. The lesson there is try to live in the moment and prioritize your time the best you can,” says Tiffany.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Being a mom is my proudest accomplishment. I learn something every day and am pretty imperfect, but there is nothing I’m more proud of.

With the exception of faith, family and friends, what are three things you can’t live without?

I love SEC Football, the beach and Pickwick Lake.

Thank you, Tiffany! To learn more about Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury or to view their listings, visit

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