It doesn’t have to be spring to spruce up your home! And with all the fall and winter festivities around the corner, now is the perfect time to give your home a facelift. Whether you’re looking to host a party, host guests in from out of town or even if you’re wanting to sell, these tips from local Louisville design experts are sure to have your house in tip-top shape, from the smallest home decor details to the outdoor curb appeal tricks. Read on to discover how you can liven up your household and give it that perfect welcoming feel.

8 Expert Tips to Give Your Home a Facelift

Lyn Mabry, Owner & Designer of Living Spaces by Lyn

Sell it with staging.

Lyn, a home-staging enthusiast, believes that it makes a world of a difference when setting the stage to sell a home. “Staging helps a potential buyer see what size and scale furniture fits in a given room,” she says. A tip she gave us is the idea that “lighting is the single quickest and most affordable way to update a room.” This easy trick to brighten up your home can be done by purchasing a new floor lamp, changing out old light bulbs or replacing dull lighting fixtures with newer models.

Top Designers' Staging Tips for Sprucing up your Home
This bright and fresh kitchen staged by Living Spaces by Lyn displays the beauty of incorporating more light to an area. Image: Jeremy Blum

Atmosphere is everything.

Lyn also likes to add emphasis to the bathrooms of a home. She enjoys creating the feel of a calming, “spa-like” atmosphere. “Classic updated tile on the floor and shower makes a home feel very upscale.” These renovations can go a long way. Keep in mind that whites, creams and blues are perfect color palettes for capturing that calming, inviting atmosphere. Having well-organized closets also exudes a sense of organization, another must for a relaxing, low-stress feel.

Top Designers' Staging Tips for Sprucing up your Home
We love how bright this bathroom is because of the fresh, white tile. Also, notice the tidy and organized closet. Image: Jeremy Blum

Natalie Officer, Owner & Designer of Natalie O Design

Greet with green.

When it comes to decorating, think of ways to incorporate pieces of nature into your interiors. It’s Natalie’s belief that “as humans, we are inherently drawn to the motion of life. We want to be near the textures and elements that exude movement and energy.” This can be integrated into a home in various ways. You can pick up a unique plant from a local floral design studio or incorporate vases of flowers. “Bringing in elements of nature might be cliche, but when you do it in an interesting way, you will always find it sparks conversation.”

Top Designers' Staging Tips for Sprucing up your Home
Natalie incorporated this simple plant to bring nature into her home environment. Image: Luke Metzinger

Switch it up.

Do you ever get bored with your furniture layout? Natalie recommends that you switch up your furniture within the space. “As the homeowner, you will appreciate your home more, and ‘aftershocks’ of creating motion will spring to life new perspectives and appreciation for your home,” says Natalie. You will notice things you may never have and will get a feel for how you best like your furniture setup. Adds Natalie, “As you welcome people into the home, for any purpose at all, there will be new sense of pride.” Changing up the layout can even make it seem like you have purchased new items when you haven’t even spent a dime!

Top Designers' Staging Tips for Sprucing up your Home
Natalie’s recommendation for rearranging furniture and moving pieces around is easily achieved in a living room area where multiple layouts are possible. Image: Luke Metzinger

Leslie Lewis Owner & Designer of LL&A Interior Design

It’s the little things.

Leslie shared with us the idea of setting out a basket of fresh hand towels in the bathrooms for guests. This helps stimulate a clean and thoughtful environment. Guests will be happy that you have thought of them specifically. “Dress the bed! Fluff the pillows!” are also some of Leslie’s encouraging ideas for homeowners to do in advance of hosting overnight guests. Just these simple updates will result in a fresh look for your company.

Top Designers' Staging Tips for Sprucing up your Home
Leaving out fresh towels is one of LL&A’s tips to impress your guests. Image: Danny Morton Photography

Less is more.

Another idea of Leslie’s is to “edit the items on your kitchen counters.” Less is more, so avoid leaving out small items that can easily be put away. This will create the feel of a larger, fresher kitchen with more space to work and prepare meals. She suggests adding a few large-scale accessories that are eye-catching, such as a large bowl with colorful decorative balls or fruit. Large vases filled with pastas or beans can be also be a creative touch to incorporate and can double as storage.

Top Designers' Staging Tips for Sprucing up your Home
We love this decorative bowl LL&A chose to use as their statement piece on the kitchen island. Image: Danny Morton Photography

Page|Duke Landscape Architects

Light it up.

The landscape architects at Page|Duke Landscape Architects won’t let a house get lost when the sun goes down! “It’s important to have a clearly lit path to the front door at a minimum,” says Gavin Duke, Principal Landscape Architect of Page|Duke. For entertaining, make the entrance inviting with candles in hurricane lamps along the way to add to the celebratory anticipation. This helps brighten the atmosphere, allowing guests to have a visible pathway and creating a moody feel. Duke also recommends “extending outdoor entertaining to four seasons with a fire.” Outdoor fireplaces are becoming more and more popular now. Install a gas starter to make the setup process much easier and buy some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to keep everyone’s sweet tooth satisfied.

A well-lit walkway to the entrance of the home lends a warm and inviting feel. Image: Reed Brown Photography
A well-lit walkway to the entrance of the home lends a warm and inviting feel. Image: Reed Brown Photography
Top Designers' Staging Tips for Sprucing up your Home
This simple outdoor fireplace will allow you to entertain for hours on end. Image: Reed Brown Photography

Make a swap.

“Using gravel instead of mulch is a great swap,” says Gavin. “Mulch tends to get muddy and mashed looking after rain, but gravel remains the same in appearance throughout diverse weather conditions.” Although, if you do choose to mulch, keep in mind when hosting a party or event that some mulches put off an odor that, while not necessarily offensive, may overwhelm the palette when trying to serve food or drinks.

Top Designers' Staging Tips for Sprucing up your Home
Swapping mulch out with gravel will give your landscaping a fresh and sophisticated look. Image: Reed Brown Photography

These tips and tricks are sure to have your home looking brand-new for all of your upcoming festivities!


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