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Each month, StyleBlueprint publishes four diaries — one each on dating, money, fashion and wellness. There’s something about reading other people’s first-hand accounts of how they handle life’s curveballs — from what they wear to an important meeting to how they meet new potential suitors to the healthy dinner they make each Sunday — that makes us feel like we’re not alone in our thoughts and daily ruminating. Whether you want a good example of how someone manages their budget or to simply be a voyeur on a single’s dating journey, there’s a diary for you.

And we want to hear from you, too! Submit your own diary below for a chance to be featured on StyleBlueprint.

Here are the submission guidelines to keep in mind. Any submission that doesn’t adhere to the submission guidelines will not be considered. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Submissions should be no more than 800 words.
  • Submissions must be original works that have not been published anywhere else.
  • Submission criteria includes:
    • For dating, provide your age, relationship status and a brief update on your love life (divorced, haven’t dated for 10 years, etc.). Your submission can include everything from how dating comes up during the day, if you’re daydreaming about an ex, checking out Bumble at lunch, feelings of guilt about not being proactive, actual dates, etc.
    • For money, provide your age, profession, salary and fixed expenses (rent, utilities, etc.). Also, include a rundown of what is spent each day and how you feel about it — feeling guilty about a purchase? Are you saving for a big purchase?
    • For fashion, submit 5-7 photos of your outfits for the week along with your age, profession, how you describe your style and your monthly shopping budget. Your diary should include the clothing item brand (or thrift/vintage) and what you were doing each day represented in the images (i.e. big meeting? low-key office day?).
    • For wellness, provide your age, profession, general health status and your ultimate goal (Losing weight? Getting healthier? Toning?). Share your routine, too — what you’re eating, how your exercising, your mental health routine, etc.
  • If you want your diary to be anonymous, please indicate accordingly in the bio.
  • No formal writing degree or experience is required for submission.
  • Please do not format your work — we’ll take care of all that.
  • Please include a brief bio of no more than 140 characters about yourself with no more than one link.
  • Pieces with foul language and questionable content will not be considered.
  • And lastly, if your work is published, we will give you a heads up so you can keep an eye out and share the great news.
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