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It seems everyone has their go-to “life hacks” that make everyday activities or chores a little easier. It’s no secret that life can feel chaotic and overwhelming at times, so we’re always eager to learn about time-saving tricks or tools whenever we can. In this edition of the SB Hot List, StyleBlueprint team members share their favorite life hacks — from how to make your own jewelry cleaner to making sheet masks even more refreshing.

SB Hot List Life Hacks: Our Latest and Greatest

Apply Dry Shampoo Before Bed

“Here’s a simple beauty hack my hairstylist taught me: If you know you won’t have the time or energy to wash your hair, apply dry shampoo before bed rather than waiting until the morning. It blends into your hair while you’re sleeping and soaks up any excess oil you may have through the night. It’s also great for gals with darker hair, as you’re less likely to have that white cast from spraying dry shampoo and blending with your fingers (but beware of doing this with brunette dry shampoo if you have white pillowcases!).” — Bailey Torkelson, SB Editorial & Marketing Assistant Manager

Eva NYC dry shampoo life hack
“I recently received the Eva NYC Dry Shampoo in a beauty subscription box. It smells SO GOOD, completely gets rid of any excess oil, and it refreshes hair and leaves no sticky or thick residue,” Bailey says of her favorite dry shampoo to use for her life hack. Image: Ulta

Old Laundry Sheets Remove Hair from Countertops + Use Hairspray to Protect Glittery Decorations

“I use old laundry sheets to remove hair from my bathroom counter. I also saw on Pinterest that if you spray hairspray on glittery decorations like ornaments, the glitter won’t come off!” — Katelyn Caughron, SB Memphis Client Success Representative

Save Your Phone Charger + Make the Most of Fruits and Veggies

“I reinforce my cell phone charger cords with toothpicks and duct tape when they are new, to avoid breakage just below the connector. I also save leftover cooked veggies in a large freezer container, and then when it’s full, I make soup. I wash berries and veggies in vinegar water to double their fridge shelf life.” — Ginny Staggs, SB Director of Sales

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At-Home Jewelry Cleaner

“I learned this from Living With Landyn: An amazing at-home jewelry cleaner is Dawn dish soap and Windex heated up in the microwave. Let your jewelry soak in it (in a clear glass), and if you dare, peek at the bottom of the glass to see all the nasty gunk that falls off. You can brush the jewelry with a toothbrush for a little extra cleaning. Then just rinse with water after, and lay it out to dry. It makes your jewelry so sparkly!” — Lauren Cummings, SB Business Coordinator

At-home jewelry cleaner
To make your own jewelry cleaner, heat Dawn dish soap and Windex in the microwave.

Use Deodorant to Stop Shoe Chafing

“Putting deodorant on your feet or heels protects from shoe chafing so you don’t get blisters.” Jenna Bratcher, SB Nashville Lead Writer & Associate Editor

Make-Your-Own Swiffer WetJet Refills

“Instead of buying Swiffer WetJet refills every time you run out, you can put the end with the plastic cap into a pot of boiling water for about 15 seconds. Then you’re able to twist off the cap and refill the bottle with the cleaning solution of your choice. I typically use vinegar and water.” — Brianna Goebel, Editorial Assistant

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Put Essential Oils on Dryer Balls + Refrigerate Sheet Masks

“I have two life hacks. First, I take a few drops of essential oil and put it on my dryer balls. It makes my laundry and my house smell amazing! I also like to put my sheet masks for my face in the refrigerator, as it makes them even more refreshing.” — Amanda Stanfill, SB Regional Account Executive

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

“I got this Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner after someone recommended it because our microwave looked like a crime scene. It works miracles!” — Peyton Haecker, SB Digital Marketing Analyst 

Cleaning Life Hack: Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner
Peyton recommends the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner to get rid of the mess often found in microwaves. Image: Amazon

Invest in an Automatic Coffee Maker and a Blender

“One thing I SWEAR by is investing in two kitchen items that will make things easier for you. First, get an automatic coffee maker and set it the night before. It really makes waking up so much easier, and it’s like a treat for your groggy morning self. Second, if you find it difficult to get in your fruits and veggies, or you succumb to the $10 smoothie at boutique health spots, invest in a fool-proof, professional-grade blender. A nice blender will basically do the work for you if you just throw the stuff in there. They’re easy to clean, and they last a long time! I swear that my ready morning coffee pot and my simple afternoon fruit and veggie smoothie work wonders for my psychological and physical health!” — Zoe Yarborough, SB Staff Writer

Find Unknown Credit Card Charges

“Can’t remember what you bought but see a charge on your credit card statement? Search your Gmail, and likely the receipt will pull up.” — Jay Graves, SB Operations

We hope these tips and tricks make life a little easier!


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