He has good looks, killer moves, his finger on the pulse and the confidence needed to pull off the kind of Instagram feed that garnered him 795,000 Instagram followers in a short three months.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nick Kosir, allow us to introduce you to the Charlotte, NC meteorologist who is most likely recognized by his amazing dance moves and masterful (imitation) fashion.

Nick, aka @Fox46Nick, recreates everything from looks to dance moves — and he does it all with ease and panache typically pulled off by the likes of, say, Justin Timberlake.

If you’re still scratching your head wondering what in the world we’re talking about, let’s just get down to it. We posed a few burning questions to this Insta-famous weatherman, and here’s what he had to say. Enjoy!

Nick Kosir is a weatherman at Charlotte’s FOX 46. He’s also @Fox46Nick and he’s achieved viral status with his #dripchronicles and dance challenges.

StyleBlueprint: What came first — Drip Chronicles or the Slide Like This challenge?

Nick Kosir: Drip Chronicles came before the “Slide Like This” challenge. But, what most people don’t know is that The Rapping Weatherman went viral 10 years before either of these. (Google it to see me at the start of my weather career — and with a full hairline!) I love forecasting the weather, but also enjoy the opportunity to have a job that allows me to be creative when I’m not at the green screen. The #dripchronicles is a great example of that and gave me just enough followers that the Slide Like This challenge took off when I posted it.

SB: What lead you to begin emulating Cam Newton’s Drip Chronicles? Are you surprised by the response you’ve received and your audience growth?

NK: Outside of forecasting the weather from 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. weekday mornings, the leadership at [Charlotte’s] FOX 46 encourages on-air talent to maintain a presence on social media throughout the day. After nearly four years, I ran out of ideas for posts — until I saw Cam Newton post a photo of his #OOTD on Instagram. He had received thousands of likes in minutes! I thought it’d be funny to recreate his outfit, and — between my closet and my wife’s jewelry box — I was able to find everything I needed to pull it off. It’s been a wild ride and a challenge to pull off Cam’s style on a weatherman’s budget. I truly appreciate everyone’s support – even Cam’s!

And surprised is an understatement. In three months, my Instagram followers have jumped from 5,000 to over 800,000 and I’ll tell you what … I am grateful for each and everyone one of them. Their support and hilarious comments always make my day.

Nick is adept at recreating celeb style — primarily that of Cam Newton. Take a look at his fashion skills via the hashtag #dripchronicles. Image: Instagram

SB: The simulated fashions are truly impressive. How do you decide whose looks you want to recreate?

NK: Cam Newton was an easy choice — he’s local and easily the swaggiest athlete out there. I’ve also looked to other athletes with ties to Charlotte, like Steph Curry and Kemba Walker.

SB: How long does it take you to find the outfit components, and what sort of tips/tricks can you offer others looking to emulate celeb fashion?

NK: It takes way longer than you might think! I spend a lot of time at thrift shops looking for the basics. From there, arts and crafts is a big part of recreating these looks – our dining room has turned into an art studio! Overall, it takes 5-10 hours to recreate each outfit. After each outfit is complete, I post behind-the-scenes stories of the DIY work on Instagram. Fun fact: My most recent Cam Newton outfit involved off-brand Honey Nut Cheerios, because – you know – Cam style on a weatherman’s budget!

Everything matches — even the stance. Here, Nick pulls off Steph Curry’s style. Image: Instagram

No look is too tough to pull off — all the way down to the scooter and bodyguard. Image: Instagram

SB: You’ve pretty much nailed all of your dances. How long does it take you to learn the dances? Have you always had a gift for movement?

NK: The first dance – Slide Like This challenge – I hardly practiced. But, now that these challenges have gained more traction I practice at home for a couple of hours before filming. The Git Up challenge was the trickiest yet! A gift for movement? Nah. I have fun dancing, though!

SB: When you’re not working, learning choreography or thrifting, how do you spend your free time?

NK: There’s hardly ever a time when I’m not working, but when I do get those precious moments, I hang out with my wife, son and our dog, Max. (@maxlovessnuggles) We LOVE boating with friends on Lake Norman. And, at night, you can usually find us talking trash to each other while playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch.

SB: You’ve gained pseudo-celebrity status with your videos and photos. What has been the highlight thus far?

NK: This week, a local church hosted a summer youth camp for high school kids. They invited me to dance on stage in front of about 2,000 students, and the energy in that room was absolutely electric – I felt like a rockstar! Then, when the event ended, I quickly came back to reality when I climbed into my 2005, banged up Mazda 3 to leave. Ha!

SB: Do your co-workers treat you any differently now that you’re Mr. Big Time?

NK: Ha, no — but they’ve been very cool and supportive. In fact, I’m very lucky to work at FOX 46, where management encourages and fosters outside-the-box thinking.

SB: You’re married with children — how many kids, how old? What does your family think of your internet fame?

NK: I’m the proud dad of one 10-year-old son, who already has all the hilarious wit and sarcasm of a full-blown teenager. He cracks me up and keeps me humble. My wife and I have been together since 2007, and she’s been my biggest fan long before this internet fame. She keeps me humble, too – Can you believe she still makes me take out the trash and do dishes when I have 800,000 followers to tend to?!

SB: What can we expect from you next?

NK: I’ll be posting #dripchronicles photos and dance challenges until y’all get sick of me … then, I’ll stop and move on to the next series of shenanigans. In the meantime, follow me! @fox46nick


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