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Everyone has a list of reasons why they love where they live. It’s a recently renovated kitchen with an oversized island, for some. Others never tire of their living room with enough space for the entire family, or the backyard outfitted for alfresco dining. Some admire the original architecture or the freshly painted interiors of their home. Low on the list of things to love are appliances and systems that require frequent maintenance and costly repairs. Why not leave the maintenance and repairs to the experts so you can focus on what you enjoy about your space? Designed to provide members’ budgets with protection against unexpected home repairs, American Home Shield helps homeowners plan for the inevitable. American Home Shield provides peace of mind and budget security with coverage for maintaining, fixing, and replacing home systems and appliances. As the home warranty industry founder and leader, American Home Shield takes the worry out of homeownership and lets you love where you live.

A home warranty is a service plan that helps cover the cost of repairs for everything from your dishwasher to your water heater when they break down due to wear and tear. Admittedly less fun than picking out new paint colors, choosing the right home service plan is crucial for homeowners who want to be prepared. Life gets messy, and when something happens, it pays to have the assurance that it won’t drain your budget.

Family cooking together in kitchen protected by American Home Shield

American Home Shield has been providing homeowners peace of mind for 50 years. In 1971, they devised a way to protect homeowners from the inconveniences and costs of household system and appliance breakdowns.

This time of year, homeowners across the country turn on their air conditioning units for the first time in months. If you run into issues, are you prepared to cover the costly repairs? You can’t predict when something will go wrong, but a home service plan will help pair you with the right contractor and help cover the often-expensive costs associated with repairs and replacements. A home service plan covers things your homeowners insurance doesn’t. They work together to safeguard your home and wallet. American Home Shield has been offering protection since 1971, and in 50 years, they’ve seen it all.

What is unique about American Home Shield is their five decades of experience, their comprehensive coverage, and their extensive network of professionals. As the most trusted home warranty provider among women, as surveyed by the Women’s Choice Award, they help homeowners take pride in their homes and prioritize convenience and savings.

Couple laughing and cooking in kitchen

Homeowners turn to American Home Shield for assurance that their budgets are protected. When components of your systems or appliances break down, they know how to fix the problem without breaking your budget.

How does it work?

When a component of a system or appliance breaks down, American Home Shield members request service online or by phone, and American Home Shield assigns a qualified, local contractor to diagnose and service the issue. More than 1.8 million members have access to 17,000 qualified contractors across the nation. There is no limit to how many claims members can file for covered repairs, and help is right around the corner.

Local contractor talking to homeowner in kitchen as part of American Home Shield's home warranty plan

American Home Shield pairs you with local, qualified contractors to address system and appliance breakdowns in your home. Instead of spending hours looking for someone reliable, you can leave the legwork to them.

What is covered in a home warranty?

American Home Shield covers what others don’t, which sets them apart from other home warranty companies. They recently released new plans with their most comprehensive coverage for what homeowners want and need. American Home Shield covers the repair and replacement costs of more than 20 major appliances and system parts that break down due to wear and tear. The long list of items covered includes components of kitchen and laundry appliances, ceiling fans, water heaters, garbage disposals, air conditioning and heating systems, and plumbing and electrical systems. Every plan includes their Shield Assurances, which means members get coverage for things that aren’t automatically included in many home warranty plans, like old appliances, improper installation, mismatched systems, rust and corrosion, and more.

Woman loading dishwasher

Home warranty plans are for new homebuyers and homeowners who have lived in their homes for years. More than 1.8 million members trust American Home Shield to make homeownership easier.

How much does an American Home Shield home service plan cost?

Your plan’s cost depends on your level of coverage, where you live, and how many add-ons you choose. American Home Shield plans start as low as $39.99 per month. Request a free quote, and determine which plan best suits your home.

Couple laughing in kitchen

American Home Shield provides information on their website that is not intimidating or hard to understand. From start to finish, the process is easy. Learn more about the different coverage options, and decide what fits your home and family.

What do the home experts say?

For Karen Pfluge, a Tennessee-based REALTOR® at Crye-Leike Realtors, American Home Shield has been an amazing tool for several of her clients. “We had a seller who was able to get a water heater replaced between going under contract and the home inspection so that we could offer better peace of mind to the buyer,” she tells us. “American Home Shield has also been an excellent resource for several of my buyer clients. Most people forget to turn off the HVAC on moving day and inevitably have an issue with the system just after closing. American Home Shield has quickly resolved this issue for multiple clients over the years and prevented what could have been a very expensive repair. I also have clients who really enjoy the pre-season HVAC tune-up and others who have utilized the rekey service option right after closing, too.”

Homeownership should be enjoyable, and the convenience and ease of American Home Shield’s home service plans allow you to spend more time loving your home and less time worrying about system and appliance failures. Find more information at

This article is sponsored by American Home Shield. All photography provided by American Home Shield.

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