Launched in 2013, Twine & Twig is a thriving jewelry brand that grew its roots in Charlotte, North Carolina. Created by two talented sisters, Elizabeth Stafford White and Jacquelyn Stafford Buckner, the line features rustic elements like hand-carved wooden beads and naturally shed antlers. Sourced from near and far, the materials reflect a global awareness of and a deep appreciation for the intrinsic appeal of the Southern terrain. With both beauty and brains, Elizabeth and Jacquelyn have watched their company grow into a nationally recognized brand. Learn their secrets to success and how they stay humble and true amidst it all. Welcome Elizabeth and Jacquelyn as today’s FACES of the South!

Jacquelyn and Elizabeth of Twine & Twig

Jacquelyn and Elizabeth of Twine & Twig balance life and work with grace and style.

How did you land in Charlotte? How long have you been there?

Elizabeth: We are originally from Greensboro, North Carolina but we both went to school at Charleston. We hopped around the South a bit after college, first moving to Atlanta where we worked in marketing and event planning. About 10 years ago when we started building our families, we decided Charlotte would be a great place to live — the people are so friendly and there are such exciting things happening.

How did you conceive of Twine & Twig? How did you decide you wanted to make jewelry?

Elizabeth: Honestly, it was one of those scenarios where everything just magically fell into place. At the time, I had three young kids and Jacquelyn had two. We have always been creative people and loved coming up with new ideas but never had the intention of starting a company. One summer on our family vacation to Figure Eight Island, we made a couple of cool necklaces and decided to try to sell them. We started an Instagram handle to advertise some of the styles and before we knew it, we were getting calls asking about them.

The Twine & Twig look is known for its elegant, natural materials and can be worn with nearly anything!

The Twine & Twig look is known for its elegant, natural materials and pieces that can be worn with nearly anything!

Why do you think the brand was so successful so quickly?

Elizabeth: I think we hit the market at just the right time, as Instagram was becoming popular and brands had already recognized its advertising potential. We made a promise to post to Instagram every single day. We’ve stayed consistent and that has paid off, catching the attention of some stores who now sell our products. Then in Charlotte, we had a launch party at a local boutique. We made 200 necklaces thinking we would have many leftover but within 30 minutes, they had sold out. During that excitement, Poole Shop caught wind of us, which got us into retail.

How would you describe your personal style? How is that reflected in the aesthetics of Twine & Twig?

Jacquelyn: We are coming up on fall, which is my favorite season. I live in jeans, a t-shirt and rainbow flip flops. Personally, that’s why Twine & Twig is so great and so successful — it’s easy to wear with everything. Because I am such a casual dresser, it’s nice to put on a necklace, a few bracelets and instantly feel more pulled together.

Elizabeth: I’d describe the look as earthy elegance, using natural elements in a way that is sophisticated. Our pieces are both Southern and global and never fail to strike up conversation. Each one is truly one of a kind, naturally shed and hand-carved.

Wooden beads and thread at the Twine & Twig studio

The sister team travels all around the world to find inspiration and new materials for their designs.

Where do you find inspiration?

Jacquelyn: Honestly, my 3-year-old and 5-year-old kids are so inspiring. I love the way they look at the world and play in nature. They discover the most amazing things around them.

Elizabeth: Travel mostly. Growing up, I kept a collection of jars in my closet with materials and found objects from all over the world. To this day, if I need to feel creative again, I hop on a plane.

There are other jewelry lines whose lines look suspiciously like Twine & Twig’s. Have you been part of a trend in some respects or do you consider these outright infringements on your own creative ideas?

Elizabeth: When we created Twine & Twig there was nothing else like it. Our signature suede strap was completely unique, created to make the necklace comfortable. Now there are countless “designers” who are using the strap idea in conjunction with similar beads and pendants. We have five children between us, so it is very important that we instill upon them the morals and values to respect others. Draw inspiration from everywhere — but do not copy! Your authenticity reveals your integrity. We are not alone in this — we have many other jewelry designer friends that are knocked off 100% but I think it just says a lot about the person copying. The designer world is so fun to be a part of. As long as your are doing your own thing, artisans are all willing to help share ideas and tips with each other and lessons we have all learned along the way.

Why is Charlotte a good fit for your brand?

Elizabeth: We have great friends here and when we pitched this off-the-wall idea, they were so supportive. No one at this time was doing anything with these materials but they believed we had a vision. Our friends and family completely rallied behind us. Charlotte is friendly, happy and Southern and all the local press has been so loyal to us and so positive in how they portray us — the sister story has big appeal here and it’s a blessing to work alongside family.

How has the brand grown since it started?

Elizabeth: We just recently launched our Marketplace, which offers accessories, clothing and home goods. It started with just a few items collected from our travels but now it includes ponchos, totes, beach bags, hats — things Jacquelyn and I wanted personally to have. Our items are always varied, as we source them from our travels.

Jacquelyn shows off a layered assortment of Twine & Twig necklaces

Jacquelyn shows off a layered assortment of Twine & Twig necklaces, which can take a basic t-shirt to a whole new level.

Where are some of your favorite places to travel in the Southeast?

Elizabeth: Serenbe, Georgia, right outside of Atlanta, is hands-down our favorite right now. It’s a quaint farming community where our uncle has this amazing house. We did our most recent fall photo shoot there because we are so charmed by the farm houses, woods and cobblestone roads. It’s a nice change of pace for us.

 Name three things you can’t live without?

Elizabeth: A glass of rosé, my personal collection of jewelry and hugs from my kids.

Jacquelyn: ChapStick, reggae and rib-eyes.

Elizabeth keeps a personal collection of jewelry from around the world as inspiration for Twine & Twig pieces.

Elizabeth keeps a personal collection of jewelry from around the world as inspiration for Twine & Twig pieces.

A special thanks to Elizabeth and Jacquelyn for spending time with us. To browse more of Twine & Twig’s amazing products or to find a local retailer near you that carries the line, click here

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