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Summer is here, and for some young adults that means college is right around the corner! Signing up for classes, attending orientation, and selecting roommates are all the buzz during the few weeks before college. Included in this jumble of to-dos is figuring out what needs to be purchased in order to decorate the dorm room. For freshmen and seniors alike, planning a stylish yet practical room can be quite the task. Luckily, the experts at Dorm Decor give us exclusive tips and suggestions on dorm room shopping to ensure students are equipped to create a beautiful new home away from home. Plus, they give us insider information on room trends and cute space savers!


Make your dorm room your own with Dorm Decor‘s stylish products.

Your dorm room layout begins with the planning — but when does that begin? “I would start searching and planning your last few months of [high school] senior year,” suggests Dorm Decor‘s Marketing Director Jackie Roessler. “After [high school] graduation is when you should start to make your purchases, that way you have the rest of the summer to relax, get your rush packet together, or go on that senior trip!”

Okay, that makes sense, but how do you know what those purchases should be? There seems to be a lot of dorm room products out there, and we need to know the essentials! Jackie discloses her must-have bundle: “I would have to say that people shouldn’t go to college without a Huge Dutch Euro, headboard, bed skirt, PowerCube and, of course, a mattress topper and encasement.”

Dorm Decor’s best-selling Huge Dutch Euro is an essential for a reason. “No one leaves the showroom without one after they feel it,” Jackie says. “The pillow is truly oversized, so you can use it along with our headboard or by itself.” She notes that many customers buy the pillow for college and beyond, often buying several for their first apartments or guest bedrooms.

Like the Huge Dutch Euro, another best-selling product helps mimic the comforts of home: the PowerCube. “Most people don’t realize how few and far between electrical outlets are in a dorm room,” Jackie shares. The PowerCube cord is 10 feet long and has four outlets plus two USB ports providing the freedom to be anywhere in the room while still charging devices.


The pros at Dorm Decor “spent months perfecting the size and feel of this pillow,” Dorm Decor Marketing Director Jackie Roessler says, and it is now one of their bestsellers!


The PowerCube is compact, and its lengthy cord allows you to charge your devices from anywhere in the room.

In addition to her must-have bundle, Jackie says to keep storage in mind. Dorm rooms often fail to give students much elbow room. Dorm Decor’s helpful solutions mitigate that common dorm problem. “Be sure to use the space under your bed, as well as any vertical storage you could use for your extra items as well,” Jackie suggests.

One such vertical space saver is Dorm Decor’s best-selling Bedside Cubby. It is tall enough to reach the height of your dorm bed, and has a drawer plus two shelves to store books and other items you want close by. Jackie says that depending on the room, “all or a few cubbies will help add that vertical storage.” If you want maximum vertical storage, Dorm Decor also sells cubbies that go above your bed or desk.


The compact Bedside Cubby helps provides valuable vertical storage.


Bed Cubbies take vertical storage to the next level, providing valuable storage space overhead.

Storage is great, but what if we want to have people over, too? Jackie says Dorm Decor’s Storage Ottoman is where social meets storage. “This piece offers you extra seating, and it also opens up so you can store any shoes, snacks or books. The best part is that this piece is moveable and can also be used to help you get up onto your bed.”

Speaking of social, we asked Jackie what she suggested for making our rooms stand out in the dorm hall. “Bed skirts and a headboard are always my first go-tos for standing out,” she offers. The Dorm Decor Bed Skirt Panels tie onto the springs of the dorm bed to stay in place. Plus, they hide underbed storage and effortlessly bring together the entire room’s design. Similarly, the Dorm Decor Headboard can be customized to your room’s theme, and it’s built to last.

Want to be up to date on the current room trends? Jackie notes that “Neutrals are a big favorite among girls shopping right now. It’s amazing to see how they use our products to create something unique for themselves.”


The Storage Ottoman comes in a number of faux-leather colors and offers both seating and storage at once.


No need to worry about the bed skirt panels shifting thanks to their fastening feature.


A headboard can add a detailed accent to your dorm bed.

Whether you want to follow the trends, do your own thing, or both, Jackie suggests going in with an overall theme for your room to guide your purchases. “It’s really the entire dorm room design you put together that will separate you from others on your floor. We have decorative pillows, quilts and duvets, throws, and decorative rugs that can help you design a dorm that reflects your personality.”

When you’re ready to start shopping, head to Here’s your quick-start guide:

Must-Have Dorm Decor Bundle

Here’s a successful start to college!

This article is sponsored by Dorm Decor. All photography provided by Dorm Decor.

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