The latest item on our home project bucket list is a romantic, sun-soaked custom greenhouse. Though the concept is nothing new, the demand for greenhouses has spiked in recent years as folks were forced to spend more time at home and naturally began leaning into gardening and home improvements. We spoke with a couple of Texas-based custom greenhouse producers to hear their take on the current trend — and get a peek at some of their most sought-after designs!

A large greenhouse with stone surround.
How stunning is this custom home greenhouse addition? Keep scrolling for more eye candy! Image: Southern Greenhouses

The Custom Greenhouse “Trend”

Southern Greenhouses, based in Houston, TX, is a popular Southern producer of high-end greenhouses, putting up both residential and commercial designs all over the country. Owner Steve Reno credits the COVID-19 pandemic for the current popularity of custom projects. “Greenhouses have been a steadily moving product for years, but COVID really stimulated the market,” says Steve. “Families were locked in their homes, and instead of playing video games and watching TV, they built greenhouses.”

slanted greenhouse roof with man carrying flowers
Roost & Root is a builder based in Dripping Springs, TX. They specialize in chicken coops, garden beds, and greenhouses. Image: Roost & Root

Dyan Twining of Roost & Root, another Texas-based producer, specializes in chicken coops, garden beds, and greenhouses. Dyan echoes that the pandemic was a catalyst for higher demand. “[The desire] to be self-sufficient from a food perspective isn’t new, but certainly the need and interest really started to grow after so many people stayed home for so much of 2020,” says Dyan.

Roost & Root’s greenhouse offerings are more approachable for some, as they offer kits that allow the homeowner to assemble the finished product independently, as opposed to a fully custom build, which can be pretty expensive.

greenhouse with woman watering garden beds
If your interest in greenhouses is more practical than aesthetic, a simple, slant-roof design like this one from Roost & Root is a great place to start! Image: Roost & Root

In-Demand Designs

As we’ve seen, greenhouse designs run the gamut from simple and functional to wonderfully ornate, depending on the property’s needs. Commercial projects like bars and restaurants commission greenhouses for their natural light and whimsical ambiance, while homeowners commission greenhouses for both practical purposes and for infusing their spaces with a little ‘wow’ factor.

restaurant in greenhouse
There’s just something irresistible about a greenhouse. The ambiance is ideal for daytime dining, bathed in natural light, or a romantic dinner under the night sky. This design by Southern Greenhouses sits atop a hotel rooftop. Image: Southern Greenhouses
greenhouse bar
A Nashville local favorite, Greenhouse Bar is a mainstay in the Green Hills neighborhood. The interior design has evolved over the years, but the greenhouse concept — complete with abundant live greenery — keeps patrons coming back. Image: Facebook

Elaborate greenhouses have also become a popular addition for homes with sprawling backyards, affording the benefit of controlling growing conditions — while also providing a stunning backdrop (or venue) for intimate gatherings.

greenhouse with dining table and chairs in front of it.
This scene has “garden tea party” written all over it! Image: Southern Greenhouses

The sky is the limit if you can enlist a custom builder for your project. “We can fabricate and build gable-style greenhouses as well as rounded-end and custom greenhouses,” says Steve of Southern Greenhouses. “A custom greenhouse is for those who want to add their creative touch to the experience. We understand that some homes present unique challenges and needs, and we can be trusted to provide the perfect solution. One of the advantages of using Southern Greenhouses is the company’s unique creative flare.”

commercial greenhouse with decorative windmill attached
This is the creative flair they were talking about! This sky-high greenhouse by Southern Greenhouses is anchored with a stunning stone foundation. Image: Southern Greenhouses

Common Misconceptions

Dyan of Roost & Root shares that, with increased popularity, a few misconceptions about greenhouses have come to the forefront. The first is that they can’t be used year-round or in various climates. “With the use of shade cloth, you can absolutely keep growing in very hot climates through the summer, and with the use of a small heater, you can keep growing through the winter in cold climates,” says Dyan. “Our slant-roof greenhouses also have the ability to add an automatic ventilation management system, which is a tool to keep plants healthy year-round.”

interior view of slant roof greenhouse full of live plants
Slant-roof greenhouse designs can make use of solar panels to control ventilation and keep plants healthy year-round. Image: Roost & Root

Another misconception is that greenhouses are only meant for those who possess green thumbs. “We have customers who use our greenhouses for pottery studios, card tournaments, hot tub shelters, she-sheds, etcetera,” adds Dyan.

Beyond the Backyard

The fairytale appeal of greenhouses isn’t limited to residential and traditional commercial spaces. It’s also popping up as a popular choice for weddings and other special events. If you’re looking to harness a little greenhouse charm for a special occasion — without committing to a build of your own — search your surrounding area’s event venue and rental offerings. You may be surprised by what you find!

greenhouse set up for wedding ceremony
Here, the greenhouse at Long Hollow Gardens in Gallatin, TN, is all dressed up for a wedding ceremony. (Stay tuned for a closer look at these nuptials in the coming weeks!) Image: Christy Hunter
small white backyard greenhouse with stacked pillows in front
This charming greenhouse sits in a lush backyard in East Nashville. Made of recycled doors, this East Nash Greenhouse is available for rent and has become a popular destination for photo shoots and intimate gatherings. Image: Instagram

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