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Amy Selig has been shaping the bodies of Atlantans for years, first as an aerobics instructor and now with her growing fitness empire. Besides her fit body, she can also credit her workout routine for finding an amazing business partner. She met fellow fitness guru, Jeff Toney, when he was her trainer, and the two have since opened three different Atlanta gyms, Eclipse One on One Fitness Studio and two locations of Stellar Bodies, all aimed at slimming down clients and improving their health. This health-conscious entrepreneur balances motherhood, business and wellness with skill and flexibility. Get to know Amy Selig, our newest FACE, and find out how she’s helping clients change their bodies, with a little help from the Megaformer (don’t be scared, read on to learn the details).

Amy Selig

Meet Amy Selig, today’s FACE of Atlanta

Your hometown is Columbus, Ohio, and you went to school at the University of Tennessee. What finally brought you to Atlanta? What were you most shocked to discover upon moving here?

I would not be able to say I was shocked, because I was purely excited to move to Atlanta from college in Knoxville. I was aware of the change I was about to take, so it was quite smooth. The bigger transition was Ohio to Tennessee, since I had never lived in the South.

You’re co-owner of Stellar Bodies Buckhead and Stellar Bodies Midtown, as well as Eclipse One on One Fitness, so obviously fitness and exercise is a huge part of your day. What motivates you every day?

I am personally motivated to feel healthy with abundant energy and deliver this message to my two sons and my clients. My inspiration is provided by individuals who constantly work hard with a positive attitude.

Amy Selig

Fitness is a huge part of Amy’s life — both professionally and personally. Here she is training at one of her studios, Stellar Bodies.

Describe the Lagree Fitness Method.

Jeff and I fell in love with the Lagree Fitness Method in Arizona, and we were excited to be the first people to bring the Megaformer to the state of Georgia over four-and-a-half years ago. It is an amazing approach to full-body fitness. The client uses a Megaformer machine for the workout, and we coach the trainees through various moves at a slow pace. The slow speed allows you to contract the muscle without utilizing momentum, and we are able to address cardio, endurance, strength, body composition and flexibility in a full-body, 50-minute, low-impact session.

What was the transition like going from athlete to trainer to business owner/entrepreneur?

The transition was sales to mom to trainer to business owner … such fun! I fully enjoyed taking my business experience and being a stay-at-home mom to personal training clients in my home gym. I felt like I was cheating because I was able to do what I love to do and get paid for it! I knew that when I was ready, no matter what I did professionally, I wanted the ability to own it. I am motivated by freedom and creativity, so taking my love for fitness and combining the business aspect was a home run!

What can someone expect who visits Stellar Bodies for the very first time? How do you recommend someone start on her path to weight loss and a healthier body with your training?

Stellar Bodies first timers can expect a challenging workout. I always ask the new clients to check their pride and ego at the door because this workout has a longer learning curve … and it is a challenge!

Weight loss or a healthier body is achieved when the client has mentally decided to make the change — physical change starts with a commitment to bettering their wellness. Exercise is one component, but healthy eating is the largest percentage of the results.

Amy Selig

Though the Megaformer may seem intimidating, Amy, her business partner Jeff and the rest of their staff help clients understand and properly use this effective equipment.

What’s your favorite place in Atlanta to grab a healthy, delicious meal? And what’s your go-to cheat meal?

I am a big fan of Juicy Jenny, Dtox and True Foods. I wish Atlanta had healthier “fast food” options, but those three are my go-tos, besides eating at home. I usually live consistently as an 85/15 rule: 85 percent really clean and 15 percent a little more lenient. This type of eating eliminates a cheat day for me, and it enables me to stay lean without going crazy!

When not in your studio, where do you enjoy working out in Atlanta?

My favorite workout is within Stellar Bodies. Eclipse, our personal training studio, is my other workout, using free weights and cardio machines for a high-intensity workout with heavier resistance. I love being outside — to feel the air and look at the trees while moving my body … such an escape.

What is the Megaformer? It sounds intimidating.

A torture device … just kidding. It’s a patented machine that was developed from the evolution of Pilates. This machine allows you to use your whole body in a workout, changing tension with springs and pulleys.

Where in Atlanta do you buy your cute workout gear, kicks and other sweat-friendly accessories?

Part of my passion is fashion — when you feel good and you have on a great-fitting outfit, you feel amazing! Stellar Bodies Buckhead carries a large assortment of activewear, so my fitness gear comes from our studio.

Amy Selig

Amy focuses on her clients from the inside out — working on their fitness and making sure they look good while they sweat with her athletic wear.

You’re a mother of two boys and run a fitness empire. What exercises/routines do you recommend for busy moms who may not pay enough attention to themselves?

I always suggest moving your body every day in daily activities … sit less, move more! Busy moms can join their kids in their play outside and inside, and scheduling an early morning workout before the kids wake is a guarantee. Any workout is better than none — perhaps a mother only has 15 minutes available, well then use that 15 minutes to kick your own butt! She could start with one minute of jumping jacks, one minute of burpees, one minute of pushups, one minute of plank hold, one minute of walking lunges and one minute of jumping lunges (plyometrics), repeat without rest and finish in 15 minutes. Remember, no one regrets a workout.

During your time as a personal trainer, what’s the craziest request you’ve been given by a client? What’s your approach with clients/gym members — Drill sargent? Sympathetic, motherly type? Ice cold?

Personal training is so rewarding, but I am only able to maintain the few clients that I have trained for quite some time. The craziest request is probably asking me to call a spouse of the client and ask them to praise my client on their appearance, regardless of how they look. That was a little strange for me. I am all for praise and compliments, but not on command! I alter my approach with my clients, but I’m usually the “drilling cheerleader enthusiast” (if there is such a thing). There are clients who desire that “yell-at-me-please approach,” and I do not end up training these people. It would not be a good match — I want to deliver the message and a good workout, but no need to yell at someone.

Amy Selig

This Stellar instructor/trainer/entrepreneur understands the struggles women, especially moms, have when getting themselves to the gym. Amy herself is a mother of two and says making exercise a priority is the first step in finding the healthier you.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Jeff has always given me great advice because he is a brilliant trainer. My favorite was when I was first teaching at Stellar, he said, “Lose the notes and just trust yourself.”

What are three things you cannot live without excluding friends, family and faith?

I would prefer not to live without health and wellness — fitness is a way to mentally and physically stay positive and mindful. I am grateful for my health, and I want to keep it as long as possible!

Thank you, Amy Selig, for telling your story and sharing a little insight about your life (we’ve already built up the courage to try the Megaformer)! Also, thanks to CatMax Photography for the amazing photos.


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