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As we wrap up another week of working remotely and living “safer at home,” we celebrate the things that bring joy and hope. If you happen across something good to share, please email it to [email protected], Subject line: Good news. For now, though, enjoy these good things that happened this week.

6 Good Things That Happened This Week

Good Deeds Being Done

Michelle Conn’s daughters, Jaye, 16, and Toby, 14, have been spreading joy and goodwill to throughout Birmingham during the pandemic, cooking lunch for 42 guests at First Light Shelter for Women & Children, writing uplifting notes for local nursing home patients and sewing masks with Bham Face Masks, a local group creating masks for frontline workers. “We believe that it is important to do good deeds because it is part of our Jewish faith and because it is the right thing to do,” says Michelle. “As a parent, I firmly believe that raising kids to think of others is a vital part of creating a more loving and responsible society. It also allows us to feel more rooted and purposeful during these strange times.” What amazing local citizens!

Good things — Michelle Conn's daughters delivering food and letters

Michelle’s daughters made and delivered food and letters to locals — uplifting spirits all the while. Image: Michelle Conn

COVID Care Package

This good news comes from Memphian Angie Tyner, who found this fun delivery on her front porch this week. She says the goody bag, which included a Corona beer, some popcorn, an airline bottle of Fireball and Easter candy among other things, came from a friend — but which friend? The bag included clues to help her figure it out and suggestions for how to play along and pay it forward. What fun!

COVID-19 care package

That’s quite a care package! Image: Angie Tyner

COVID-19 care package

Here are the clues. Image: Angie Tyner

Don’t Stop Believin’, Indeed!

If ever there was an anthem of hope, it’s Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Seeing an entire floor of medical professionals singing and dancing to the song as recovering COVID patients get discharged brings it to a whole new level. We spotted this on Instagram via @sunny_side_news. Enjoy!

Celebrity Spotting: Happy Birthday, Aden

The power of social media has never been more evident than now. Prime example? In an attempt to help their friend Aden Browning celebrate his 18th birthday, a group of Marion, IL, teens texted Brad Paisley at the number listed in his Instagram bio. Within 30 minutes, he responded. They all jumped on a Zoom call and the Grammy-winning country star shared birthday wishes with Aden. Check out the full story HERE.

Good things — Brad Paisley Zooming fans

On the left, Brad Paisley’s Instagram bio — complete with phone number. On the right, the country singer Zooming with the teens. Images:

An Easter Bunny Serenade

This good news comes from John Bradway, Director of Sales and Marketing for The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville:

“Last Sunday at The Hermitage Hotel, the Easter Bunny was bringing joy to hundreds of local residents and children as they arrived to retrieve their Easter Brunch orders, at a socially acceptable distance, of course, when something unexpected happened.

“An unidentified WeGo driver in bus 1822 stopped in front of the hotel on Sixth Avenue North and serenaded the Easter Bunny with a soulful a cappella rendition of “My Girl.” Played by Soledad Bardas, the hotel’s Director of Special Projects couldn’t help but dance.

“Dee Patel, the hotel’s Managing Director, said the spontaneous moment brought smiles to everyone as they helped continue the annual Easter Brunch tradition people have enjoyed for many, many years and this was no different, albeit in people’s homes. There have been some really amazing appearances at the hotel over the last 110 years and that moment was one for the books.”

Check out the video below:


A New Waste Pro Hire

William Jeffries is a Waste Pro driver in Memphis, TN. When he learned that the teddy bears appearing in many people’s windows was a game and a fun distraction for families during quarantine, he decided to join in the fun. Now, William and his “new hire” can be spotted around town — bringing smiles with them with each street they travel.

Good news — teddy bear on garbage truck

Keep an eye out for this furry fella! Image: Next Door

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Kittens on the Loose

The Atlanta Humane Society has been keeping its residents busy with occasional trips to the Georgia Aquarium. Last week, canines got the run of the place. This week? Kittens stopped by to visit with some aquatic critters. Take a look at these tiny — and soon-to-be-adoptable felines as they make new friends.

Take a 7th-Inning Stretch

Baseball fans are missing the best season of the year, but Josh Kantor (aka the Boston Red Sox organist) is easing the upset with his delightful Facebook livestream show called “7th-Inning Stretch.” According to this NPR article, it’s a time when Josh “encourages folks at home to take a stretch, sing along and enjoy some favorite songs together, apart.” Plus, he takes requests — and encourages donations by everyone to their local food bank. He kicked off the show on what was to be opening day for baseball (March 26), and lucky for the rest of the world, Josh adds, “We’ve committed to doing it every single day (what’s a weekend?) until people get sick of it or until baseball starts up.” Read the full article HERE and take a sneak peek below:


Why You Should Tune In to SGN

In other celebrity news, everyone’s favorite “Office” employee John Krasinski has taken to YouTube with the launch of Some Good News — aka SGN. There, he delivers delightful episodes on a weekly basis for viewers in search of something good — it’s the perfect blend of sarcastic and soothing. Check out this week’s episode below, and subscribe to SGN HERE.

The Road to Recovery is Filled With Hope

Wonder what it looks like when a COVID-19 patient comes off a ventilator and begins to make improvement? Here you go! East Alabama Medical Center staff lined the hallways as patient and Auburn, AL, resident Tony Thornton was wheeled to a regular room, having been on a ventilator in the ICU since March 20. The joy this brings is tremendous, and the selfless staff cheering him on should give us all hope. Read the complete story HERE, and see the video from the EAMC Facebook page for yourself below.

Family-Style Dance-Off

Nashville resident Sherrie Neely, who lives across the street from her parents, shared this adorable video of her daughter and father having a dance-off video. It’s turned into a nightly event while the pair — who are quite fond of each other — are separated due to social distancing recommendations. They both have some pretty spectacular moves!

And Just for Giggles …

Anyone with birdfeeders knows how squirrels can sniff out and consume all the bird food before the birds get a bite. That’s why special spinning birdfeeders were invented — to squelch the squirrel thieves. This post by Massachusetts resident Charlie Oliver on Facebook — along with the descriptive caption — just gave us the giggles. Charlie writes: “Preparing for the 2021 Summer Olympics, Nutzo the squirrel has just smashed the World Record. And in a move which will immortalize him, he invented a new style of changing grip in mid flight, to be called ‘The Nutzorama’.”

And no squirrels were hurt in the filming of this video.

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Hope in Bloom

This Instagram post by Jeff Leatham, a self-described “flower whisperer,” was spotted by StyleBlueprint staff writer Zoe Yarborough. It reads:

“COVID-19 is having a major impact on the floriculture sector ALL around the world. The Flower Council of Holland is working hard to find a way to maintain consumers’ interest in flowers in a positive and appropriate way. That is why the consumer campaign ‘Let hope bloom’ will be launched on Friday 27 March. The campaign will run in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and will be boosted through advertisements in daily newspapers and via online and social media.”

What an amazing display and a beautiful message!

This beautiful, colorful, fragrant message does indeed offer a boost. Image: Instagram

Andrew Cotter’s Canine Commentary

British sports broadcaster is putting his recognizable voice to good use in a creative new way. In addition to this hilarious tweet that he posted earlier this week, which offers an entertaining play-by-play of his dogs’ dinner activity, he also shared the below post, which just brings a much-needed smile. Enjoy!


Life Imitating Art: A Call for Entries

The Getty Museum put out the call to everyone last week: Choose your favorite piece of art, and using what you have at home, recreate the image. The responses run the gamut — some hilarious, others spot-on. Check out a handful of responses in this article, then browse even more on the Getty Twitter feed, and then consider submitting your own. What else do you have to do this weekend?

Pretty impressive, right? Image:

Parademic Applause

This video out of the UK is a beautiful display of support — and a raw, emotional response. As this National Health Service paramedic left her home to go to work, her neighbors all greeted her with applause — a show of thanks and support for the work she’s doing as a first responder. Watch for yourself!

Hang in There, Peeps!

This comes from SB reader Abbie Giompoletti:

“My 9-year-old son made this poster yesterday because he wanted to share an encouraging message with others. He hung it on our front door to share with people who walk or drive by, and I counted it towards “creative time” in our new homeschool schedule.”

We love this creative and encouraging poster! Image: Abbie Giompoletti

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Balcony Bingo: It’s a Thing

Over in Madrid, quarantined citizens in one apartment complex are making the most and passing time playing “Balcony Bingo.” According to this article in Condé Nast Traveler, resident Cristina Purenza posts Bingo cards in the lobby, and at 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, everyone gathers at their windows as one resident shouts the numbers and letters. See it for yourself below. What an amazing display of humans coming together.

Driveway Dinners Build Community

41 Action News out of Kansas City ran this story about how one neighborhood enjoyed a “Driveway Dinner.” About 40 neighbors put tables out in their driveways, and everyone dined at the same time — a beautiful display of community in a time of social distancing. Check out the video below.


Spotted on the Sidewalk

This touching photo comes from SB reader and Nashvillian Rebekah Stephens, who says, “Super cute and inspirational chalk art along the walking path along Otter Creek in Forest Hills.” What a bright bunch of messages to stumble upon!

Strength and solidarity seem to be the over-arching sentiments on this chalk art display spotted in Nashville’s Forest Hills neighborhood. Image: Rebekah Stephens

Cheers From Atlanta

This video posted to Facebook gives us goosebumps as it’s such a tremendous display of solidarity and support. Citizens of Atlanta emerged on their balconies to give a public display of support to the city’s healthcare workers during shift change three nights in a row. What a boost when they likely need it most.

Goody Bags & Balloons — Delivered!

This comes from SB reader Stefanie Tillet, Director of Marketing at Memphis’ Evangelical Christian School:

“Our 1st-grade teachers missed their students so much that they hand-delivered goodie bags and balloons to every single one of their students’ homes over 2 days. Our students miss their teachers and friends so much, and this was just one example of how our students are truly known and loved at ECS.”

That’s a happy ECS student! Image: Stefanie Tillet

Spread Love

Spotted on Reddit, this Louisvillian is sharing a kind message with a hopeful request: Spread love, not COVID-19.

Spreading the love in Louisville! Image: Reddit

Leaf Jumps Bring Joy

And lastly, while this didn’t technically happen this week, it is definitely worthy inclusion if only to make you smile. This video was submitted by StyleBlueprint Director of Marketing Megan Casey. Make sure you watch it all the way to the end …

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Quarantine Questions: A Perspective Check

We spotted this on Twitter, and while it was impossible to track down the original source, it is too good not to share. Create your own and have a fresh perspective each morning in spite of the ills of the world.

Start your day with some key questions to help set yourself up for a successful day — despite the current situation.

“I Wish You Love”

Hearing this sweet voice sing such a sweet song is a wonderful way to start the day. Take a moment and fill your cup with the beautiful sounds of 6-year-old MiuMiu.

Donate for a Drawing

This good thing comes from StyleBlueprint staff writer Zoe Yarborough:

“My friend Morgan Corbett has sparked more than $500 in donations by encouraging her friends (and now strangers, too!) to donate $30 or more to a local food bank. In return, she draws the gifters’ favorite snack and mails it to them. She’s so talented and it’s such a cool incentive to donate.”

If you’d like to donate for a drawing, visit Morgan’s Instagram page HERE.

For anyone who donates $30 to a local food bank, Morgan will draw a picture of your favorite food or beverage item and mail it to you. Image: Morgan Corbett

Meeting Daddy-O for the First Time

What a sweet interaction between a great-grandfather and his new great-granddaughter. Fair warning: You may cry, but my goodness, how beautiful is love!?


Dancing is Great for the Soul!

Natalie Weston, of Liverpool, has a tight bond with her 21-year-old brother, Jake, who has Down’s syndrome. When self-isolation measures, which are keeping them apart, began to take their toll on Jake, Natalie came up with a solution to brighten both of their days — even if a glass door separated them. Natalie showed up at her mom’s house, where Jake lives, and they had a dance party — Natalie outside, and Jake inside. Read the full story and watch the priceless video HERE.

Here’s a still shot from the video of Natalie and Jake dancing together. Image: Liverpool Echo

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The Therapeutic Power of Art

This bit of sunshine comes from SB reader Tiffany Bigham out of Murfreesboro, TN:

“I wanted to share with you some photos I took in my Murfreesboro neighborhood. As my family was taking a walk and enjoying the brief appearance of sunshine yesterday, we started noticing sidewalk chalk artwork on the street in front of each mailbox in a cul de sac. As we stopped to look at each unique message and take photos, two elementary school aged girls came out of their yard and identified themselves as the artists. They said they, with the help of their mom, had created the artwork to encourage their neighbors. I thought it was a sweet way for that family to provide happiness to those around them AND occupy a few hours. Now the rain has returned and washed away those precious drawings, but I hope on the next clear day those girls and their mom will use their time and talents to spread more joy around our neighborhood.”

Find the “happy” in each day. Image: Tiffany Bigham

We love the positive vibes these girls are spreading through their art! Image: Tiffany Bigham

Break Out the Albums

This fantastic suggestion comes from SB reader Varina Bunton:

“This morning I had an email from the grown son of some of our close friends who live in another city but with whom we spend summers in Michigan. Attached to the email were four hilarious pictures of us from years past at such gatherings as “Christmas in July”, a ridiculous “Hat Party” and all of us dressed as flamingos for a “Cabaret”. I looked at them several times during the day and each time belly laughed out loud. Let’s dig out our scrapbooks and send pictures to our loved ones. Laughter is indeed the best medicine!”


Bored? Go on a Bear Hunt

As we all try to find ways to navigate our new normal, creative activities are popping up all over. Case in point: The #BartlettBearHunt. Bartlett, TN Mayor Keith McDonald spearheaded this idea as a positive distraction for families who are hunkering down at home. The idea is simple: Bartlett residents are asked to put teddy bears in their windows, and families can drive around and hunt for the bears. We love this fun idea! Well done, Bartlett! Read the complete story HERE.

Invite your neighbors to put bears in their window and then take the kids on a bear hunt. Image: Holley Cary

A Song of Encouragement

As Middle Tennessee State University students returned to classes this week — albeit virtually — they were met with a song of encouragement from the MTSU School of Music. Check out this video they created and shared on Facebook, which features various members of the faculty and staff. Brighter days to come, for sure!


What the World Needs Now

Meanwhile, up in Boston, Shelbie Rassler, a student at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, is spreading the love via song as well, with this virtual rendition of “What the World Needs Now is Love.” The video showcases students singing or playing instruments — all recorded remotely and brought together in one, beautiful (potentially tear-inducing) performance. Check out the complete story HERE.

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Have Opera, Will Travel

While theaters may be dark during the pandemic, Opera Memphis brought their sounds to the masses via a trailer. Artists performed for residents, who emerged and enjoyed the live show from their front porches. Watch the show for yourself HERE, and brava and bravo, Opera Memphis!

Opera Memphis took their performance to the streets. Check out the video HERE. Image: Facebook

Grassroots Group: Lunches for ICU

A grassroots effort took form in Denver late last week in an effort to bring love — and sustenance — to doctors, nurses and clinicians who are working around the clock. Lunches for ICU is designed to keep local restaurants in business while providing meals to healthcare professionals. While this one is in Denver (You can join the Lunches For ICU Facebook Group HERE), this model could easily be replicated anywhere as restaurants nationwide are forced to close their dining rooms. To support Lunches for ICU, check out their GoFundMe page HERE, and if you want to partner with the group, email [email protected].


“Livin’ on a Prayer”: Chicago-Style

As a lifelong Bon Jovi fan, this one touched a chord (no pun intended). Chicago neighbors abiding by the “Stay at Home” order united by song as they joined in a group rendition of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” According to THIS article, the performance was inspired by the videos of Europeans who sang together from their balconies and windows. And to make this even more amazing, Jon Bon Jovi chimed in about the gesture on Instagram, offering his love and support for all. So good!!

Jon Bon Jovi reached out to Chicago via Instagram when he learned about their group rendition of his smash hit. Image: Instagram

A Beautiful Gesture

This touching story comes out of Sheffield, England, where 13-year-old Maddy Weir used her birthday money to create care packages for those who are isolated or have no access to basic needs during the pandemic. According to this article, Maddy and her mother, Bethany, gathered contents for the care packages, put them all together and have spent the weekend delivering them. Kindness abounds!

Maddy Weir pictured here with her care packages | Image: The Star

Spreading Joy Through Art

Memphis artist Rita Woodward brought joy to her community through her art. She had some leftover wood pieces from her husband’s projects, so she painted some “pretty little happies” to give away. On her Facebook page, she wrote: “If you’d like a happy little wood chunky, go to my Woodward Arts page on Facebook. All you have to do is type “Want” under the post. I’ll write STOP when these are all claimed.” Approximately 40 pieces were picked up from her porch, and the rest she’s sending with her son Doug, who is an ER nurse at Baptist. “I’d like him to pass them out to some of the other hospital workers in the emergency room. They are on the front lines and I’m sure could use a little painted happiness!”

These are the painted wood pieces Rita offered to her fellow Memphians free of charge. Image: Rita Woodward

These are the pieces she made for the healthcare workers. Image: Rita Woodward 


2 Funny Finds

Here are two funny posts we spotted on social platforms. Enjoy!

We spotted this on Facebook, and we suspect there are situations like this happening all over as we all are working from home.

Love this! Image: @spicypub 

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Birthday Cards: A Global Effort

Mona Helgeland is a single mother of two whose children both had birthdays coming up – one on March 26 and one on April 6. She had planned celebrations, which have been canceled due to coronavirus. In an effort to still help them celebrate, the Norwegian woman reached out to various Facebook groups and asked if people would send her children birthday cards … and they did — from all over. “Blown away by the kindness,” Mona found beauty in the kindness of strangers. Read the complete story HERE.

A card that was sent to Mona’s daughter for her birthday shows it arrived in Norway from Illinois. Image:

Spreading Kindness to Senior Citizens

Nursing homes have put restrictions on nearly all visitors, and they have also had to cancel group activities and communal meals. But VOICES, Inc., in Evansville, Indiana, a nonprofit that works to protect the rights of residents of long-term care facilities, has launched an initiative to lift the spirits of elderly nursing home patients. People are invited to send cards and letters to VOICES, and they will be distributed to nursing homes. This article quotes Michelle Motta, executive director and long-term care ombudsman for VOICES, Inc., as saying, “No matter the content, elders love receiving fun mail — especially from children.” So grab some paper and markers and get to work. Cards and letters can be mailed to VOICES, Inc., 2425 Hwy 41 North, Suite 405, Evansville, IN, 47711, and emails can be sent to [email protected]. Read the complete story HERE.


Lift Lou Up

Bravo to Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer for launching a new website — Lift Up Lou. The site is designed to bring positivity and calm to Louisvillians by offering coping tips, fun activities, healthy eating ideas, stress reducing suggestions and more. Well done, Mayor!

First Responder Love

Tupelo offices of Renasant Bank and Mossy Oak Properties purchased more than $2,000 in local restaurant gift cards this week and delivered them to first responders and healthcare workers. They are challenging other real estate offices in town to do the same. Well done, Tupelo!

Here, first responders are presented with gift cards to distribute on behalf of Renasant Bank and Mossy Oak Properties. Image: Kylie Boring

Restaurant Owners Get a Break

A Jonesboro, Arkansas landlord has eased the burden of many by asking his tenants to use their rent to pay their employees instead of him. Young Investment Company owns the buildings in which five Jonesboro restaurants are housed, and Clay Young of the Young Investment Company is quoted as saying “pay your employees and take care of your family. We will get through this together.” Read the complete article HERE.


Funny Instagram Finds:

Spotted on Instagram … Stay home if you can, everyone!

And this one, by @TheKelseyShow, is spot on. TGIF!

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It’s OK.

In response to our article suggesting we all put up Christmas lights to bring some cheer, SB reader Perry Del Favero, who lives in Nashville’s Sylvan Heights neighborhood, wrote in with a beautiful alternative. “We’re terrible at hanging holiday lights, but i brought this banner outside today. Hoping it helps,” she wrote. It does, Perry. It totally does.

A simple reminder: It’s OK. Image: Perry Del Favero

That’s a BIG Tipper!

A couple stopped in for an early dinner at Irma’s Southwest in Houston on Monday, and when it came time to pay, the husband wrote on the bill, “Hold tip to pay your guys over the next few weeks.” He left $1,900 in cash and put $7,500 on his card. Read the full story HERE, and then give this generous human a virtual high five!

Generosity abounds at Irma’s Southwest in Houston. Image:

Egg Hunt Initiative

Much like the neighborhood games of “I Spy” we mentioned yesterday, there are Easter egg hunts taking place in various neighborhoods around town. The idea is two-fold: Have your children make an Easter egg with art supplies, and then tape them in your window or stash them in a hidden but not-too-hidden place, and then head out on an Easter egg hunt — see if you can spot your neighbors’ eggs. How fun!?

A Free Food Gesture

Hayes and Amy McPherson, owners of Memphis favorite Comeback Coffee, spent all of yesterday morning giving out free breakfast sandwiches and pastries. They went to University of Memphis Law School and the Medical District, and then the pair hit up Mud Island and Harbor Town residents for the last stop. The gesture, as shown by the below image, was much appreciated!

A thrilled recipient posted her appreciation for the generosity of Hayes and Amy McPherson, owners of Comeback Coffee. Image: Hayes McPherson

Hayes and Amy McPherson embark on their delivery tour. Image: Hayes McPherson


Sharing Presents, Not Presence

This bit of good news comes in from SB reader Dolly Kelly from Franklin, TN:

“Bella Brothers just turned 11 this week, and like many, her birthday party was cancelled due to COVID-19. Her mom, Kimberly, just posted to our community’s Facebook page that Bella is giving away little party bags and unopened, new gifts on her porch for neighbors to enjoy. She said Bella is wanting to ‘share with all’ including my daughter, Maryn, who turned 5 on Monday. We had to cancel her party too. So Bella and Kimberly are wrapping a gift specifically for Maryn as a curbside birthday gift later. In response, another mom neighbor posted under Kimberly’s message the following:

‘I just took my seven year old on an “adventure walk” and she picked out the unicorn lamp! Thank you SO much! It’s tough to fill long days and y’alls kindness is making it easier.’”

Bella Brothers is pictured here with her presents, free for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up. Image: Dolly Kelly

Bonus Funny Finds:

This tweet by Laura Norking, Deputy Editor of InStyle Magazine, is highly relatable!

From SB reader Kitsie Hayles: “My husband sent this [Instagram post] to me and it made me laugh:

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Companies Helping Companies

When Dr. Peter Swarr, a physician in Franklin, TN, asked a friend who owns a woodworking business if they had any extra N95 masks, it was out of desperation. “I asked him if there was anything I could to help,” says Dave Puncochar, owner of Good Wood Nashville. “He surprised me when he asked if any of our woodworking masks were N95 masks. They couldn’t find any, and they were looking at having to close their practice if they couldn’t protect their nurses on the front line — especially caring for people with respiratory issues.” Unfortunately, Dave’s company didn’t have any, but he reached out to another wood-industry friend, Roger Gramm of Just Plane Wood. “I told him the situation,” explains Dave, “and he told me that he could donate eight.” Dr. Swarr sent someone up to grab the masks, and now his doors can remain open thanks to the kindness and thoughtfulness of Dave and Roger.

I Spy — Neighborhood Edition

We’re hearing reports of neighborhood-wide “I Spy” games taking place in neighborhoods, each day with a different theme. For example “hearts” is the theme, and neighbors walk around the neighborhood to find the hearts placed about, taped in windows, etc. What if “I Spy” went nationwide?!

“I Spy” a beautiful heart. Start up a game with your neighbors for an uplifting break each day.

A Touching Toilet Paper Story

Louisville resident and frequent StyleBlueprint writer Julie Englehardt wrote to share a tale from her morning trip to Kroger. “Our Kroger opened at 7 a.m., and I got there at about 7:20, and all the toilet paper was gone,” Julie shares. “Later, as I was walking through the produce section, I passed a shopper with two packs of TP. I’m not one to shy away from talking to strangers, so I said to her (not negatively), “You must have gotten here early.” She looked me straight in the eye as she pointed to a pack and told me to take it. It was a true gift — not the paper itself, but her generosity.”

Free Flowers

This feel-good story comes out of the Netherlands, where Fred and Henk Magendans, two flower wholesalers, had purchased two trucks full of flowers to sell at markets, but shortly after they picked up their flowers, all markets were closed leaving the pair with an over-abundance of flowers and nowhere to sell them. Instead of letting them go to waste, they shared a bit of joy with the staff at two local hospitals. According to this article, “On Monday morning a truck with 500 bunches of flowers went out to the Elkerliek Hospital in Helmond. That same afternoon, people at Catharina Hospital was surprised with 800 bouquets.” And while Fred and Henk couldn’t personally deliver them, they saw many gracious faces through the windows, where the staff received the deliveries and distributed them throughout the hospital.

Flowers are delivered for hospital staff. Image: OmroepBrabant

Special Shopping Hours for the Elderly

In an effort to protect the elderly population from having to move among the masses, several grocery store chains have committed to allotting special hours for that particular age group. According to CBS News, grocery chains like H.E.B., Dollar General, Whole Foods, and Food Town among others are establishing “Senior Hours” on specific days and times. For more information, check out the story HERE.

And a bonus item because it made us laugh:

E News! picked up and posted Shonda Rhimes’ tweet, and it gave us a chuckle. Hang in there, everyone! Image: Instagram

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She’s Engaged!

Even in times of social distancing, there are always ways of sharing joy — here’s proof! When Premier Living & Rehab Center in Lake Waccamaw, NC, posted these photos on their Facebook page, hearts everywhere melted. One of the residents had a granddaughter stop by and share her good news — she’s engaged. Pass the Kleenex!

Here she’s pointing to the ring. Image: Facebook

Aaaaaand, we’re crying. While it’s tough to be separated at times like this, how wonderful to have people who love you like this. Image: Facebook

Love Thy Neighbor: The Musical

This story of two Ohio children — ages 6 and 9 — playing a 30-minute concert for their 78-year-old neighbor reinstills hope in humanity. The siblings kept plenty of space between themselves and their neighbor, Helena Schlam, as they played their cellos for her in an effort to help her not feel quite so isolated. See the complete story HERE, but for now, enjoy the video:


Free Lunches Courtesy of The Biscuit Bar

Even as restaurants nationwide are facing dwindling numbers of in-person customers, some businesses are stepping up on behalf of those facing even worse hardships. Exhibit A: The Biscuit Bar. This Dallas restaurant with three locations is offering free lunch to students in K-12 at all of its locations. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. through Friday, March 20, The Biscuit Bar invites students to select from a scrambled egg biscuit, ham and cheese biscuit, turkey and cheese biscuit, PB&J biscuit or chicken nuggets. Bravo!

Musicians “at Your Service”

A big shout out to Coldplay’s Chris Martin for his inaugural #TogetherAtHome performance. He and his bandmates are each stuck in different countries, so rather than keep all of his talent to himself, he took to Facebook, where he was “at your service for the next 20 minutes” sharing his thoughts and some music for fans. As if he wasn’t cute enough, he admitted he was a little nervous having never live-streamed before. Swoon! He finally launched into song — and the colorful hearts began flowing. Watch it for yourself HERE.

Look at those colorful hearts streaming up the right side. So much love! Image: Facebook

Businesses Adapting

You may not be able to gather with more than nine others right now, but you can still embrace life — and many businesses and industries are ensuring that we have the opportunity to do just that. From virtual farm tours to livestreamed operas, here are 10 virtual events you can “attend” while self-distancing. Click HERE!

cow staring at video camera

Take a virtual farm tour. Yes, you really can! Click HERE to find out how.

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Love Thy (New) Neighbor

When Nashvillian Joyce Claassen had new neighbors move in next door, her desire was to welcome them to the neighborhood — it’s kind of what Southerners like to do. And yet, in light of the current situation, she realized it may not be prudent to show up and mingle in light of social distancing recommendations. Instead, she dropped off a pack of TP – a hot commodity — along with a welcome note. “I felt like I was running books across the border in Germany or something,” she says. “I’m being over-dramatic, but I’ve read too many books!” Her note reads: “Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood. Sorry you moved during a pandemic & we are all hiding behind doors. Here is some prized TP & just text if you need anything.”

Package of toilet paper with friendly not for "3 Good Things That Happened Yesterday"

There has perhaps never been a better welcome gift! Image: Instagram

Close up of friendly note

Mark & Joyce may just be the best neighbors ever! Image: Instagram

The Tale of a $2,500 Tip

As many restaurants are bearing the brunt of social distancing — either limiting the number of customers they can allow, limiting hours or closing their doors altogether — one dedicated patron of Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, OH, did their part to lift the spirits of and provide a little financial comfort to the staff. On a bill of just $29.75, the customer left a tip of $2,500 to be split evenly among the staff. From the Coaches Twitter account: “When the going gets tough, the tough stay loyal. This loyal, amazing patron of Coaches on Bethel left the staff a $2500 tip to help lighten the losses during this required closing of Restaurants & Bars in Ohio.” See more HERE.

$2500 tip for "3 Good Things That Happened Yesterday"

Kindness abounds! Image: Twitter

Music Played Just to Bring Joy

“On a quiet corner of the Whole Foods parking lot in Franklin, Tennessee, this man was providing us with the most beautiful sight and sound. Such a gift !! Music 🎶 !!! Thank you for always coming to the rescue! You feed us more than these stocked pantries will. YOU feed our SOULS!! ❤️” — Kemp Buntin’s post on Facebook where she posted the video below.

Lunch Doodles With Mo Willems

During this time when schools are out and everyone’s at home, wildly popular — and uber-talented — children’s author and illustrator Mo Willems gets the hero of the year award for launching “Lunch Doodle” for kids — a daily doodle session offered free of charge each day at 12 p.m. CST. Learn to draw, doodle and learn new ways of writing with Mo, who streams live from his virtual studio. Learn more about the free video series and livestream events HERE.

Join children’s author and illustrator Mo Willems for Lunch Doodles, each day at 12 p.m. CST. Image: Mo Willems

Love Knows No Boundaries

When coronavirus required Bob Shellard to socially distance himself from his wife of 67 years, Nancy, on their anniversary — she’s in a nursing home that is limiting visitors — he stood outside her window holding a sign that said, “I’ve loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary.” She greeted his sign of affection with blown kisses. Could there be a sweeter love story?! Read more about this sweet couple HERE.

Here’s Bob holding his sign for his wife of 67 years, Nancy. Image: DISRN

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