Never underestimate the power of a well-staged home. Spiffy Staging & Design, a local full-service home staging business, excels in home transformations and ensures its upgrades attract the perfect home buyer and reduce the home’s time on the market. Spiffy’s services help everyone in both the selling and buying process by staging homes with an impeccable eye for design details and offering assistance and organization during the move.

Wendy Henry, Lucy Gaede and Betsy Henley of Spiffy Staging and Design

In addition to Barbara Cooney, Spiffy Staging & Design‘s owner and founder, additional team members include Wendy Henry, Lucy Gaede and Betsy Henley (aka “The Spiffy Gals”).

The History

When the Spiffy Staging & Design team staged its first home, the property sold for more than the asking price within 24 hours. Three lessons were learned by owner and founder Barbara Cooney that day. “Staging works, homeowners need help with their move, and selling products out of a staged home is a no brainer,” she says. Following her first successful staging three years ago, Barbara has since seized an incredible opportunity and planted her roots in Avondale. “This is the third startup I have founded, but I knew this one was a home run,” she explains. “I have a background in TV broadcasting and owned a TV production company, so I had no experience running a staging business at the time, but [I] realized the opportunity.” Since 2017, Barbara and her team of “The Spiffy Gals” have brought their staging, moving and organization magic to approximately 250 Birmingham metro homes — and counting!

The Spiffy team sets itself apart from others with a strong work ethic and an open-minded approach to any request that comes its way. “We rent furniture for EVERYTHING. We even rented a living room setup for a wake one time,” Barbara reveals. “We do long-term furniture apartment rentals, wedding rentals, corporate events and so on. You name it, we rent it.”

Before and after of living room

A stunning transformation of a client’s living room.

The Process

Since Spiffy’s inception, it has expanded to offer services that take the stress out of moving, staging and designing a new home, often guiding clients through the exhausting moving and design process with ease. The process starts with the most dreaded chore of moving: packing. Spiffy helps homeowners pack their home in an orderly fashion for an organized, and dare we say, easy move.

Once the packing is done, the staging begins! Clients have the choice to use their own furnishings or rent Spiffy’s high-end (and beautiful) furniture. After the home sells, the new homeowner can download the Spiffy app, type in their address and shop the staged furniture. One click and the buyer has a fully furnished home with no extra design fees or moving costs. Amazing, right?

The team can also follow clients to their new home, help with unpacking and determine the optimal placement for each piece of furniture. If clients need additional furniture for their new house, they can also shop the “Gently Moved, Gently Priced” inventory on Spiffy’s website. After the move is complete, The Spiffy Gals are happy to help with organization throughout the home. “I think we have identified a service and products like no other,” says Barbara. “[Moving] is a huge task, and many homeowners just don’t have the time or energy or eye for design to handle it all. So we do it all for them.”

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Marcus Higgins, a Spiffy Staging & Design client, shares his personal experience with this innovative company. “My family has moved 10 times over the last dozen years, crisscrossing the country along the way. While we’ve considered ourselves experts, each move came with more stress, damage and lost belongings,” explains Marcus. “We thought minimizing the chaos was a success until we met Spiffy.”

Library from Spiffy Staging and Design

Organizing a library is simple thanks to The Spiffy Gals.

Moving Forward

Spiffy knows the power of social media and has learned to use it well. With a robust social media following, Spiffy’s team easily connects to potential clients in fresh and original ways. From showcasing stunning before-and-afters to offering organizational tips and tricks, Spiffy has established itself as a knowledgeable source for all things home. In an effort to stay connected to the community, Spiffy launched its famous warehouse sales that have become a pilgrimage for eager shoppers and loyal customers to snag some amazing deals. “It has become a field trip for many,” says Spiffy Gal Lucy Gaede. “Our Instagram followers are simply giddy about our warehouse sales! We’ve had clients postpone vacations to make the sale.”

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While Spiffy has no intention of building a brick-and-mortar storefront, the brand is built around pop-up shops, warehouse events and a customer’s online shopping experience. Spiffy even hosts scavenger hunts on the shop site to engage customers in a fun way.  They look for opportunities to delight customers and frequently find new ways to make the staging, design and shopping experience dynamic and unique.

Before and after of home entryway

It’s amazing what paint and lighting can do to a space!

To learn more about Spiffy Staging & Design or explore their portfolio, email [email protected], call (205) 202-1384 or visit All images provided by Spiffy Staging & Design.


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