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Not all CEOs wear starched suits, answer calls from a high-rise corner office and cap off days with high-end cocktails. Some wear messy buns, shuttle multiple children through carpool lines and manage daily logistics of how to keep a clean house, get dinner on the table and find time to sleep. Boulo founder Delphine Carter believes the modern job resume is leaving out multiple checkboxes — like “knows how to balance a family budget,” “can multitask the needs of several children” and “knows how to think on their feet when everything goes awry.” Basically, the modern-day job search is leaving out moms — but Delphine has a solution for that.

Boulo team

The talented team at Boulo, founded by Delphine Carter, strives to “connect smart, driven women with talent-seeking companies who offer flexible schedule jobs.”

To put it plainly, Boulo connects smart, driven women with talent-seeking companies that offer flexible schedules. In creating Boulo, Delphine gave mothers a way to get back into their careers without sacrificing time spent at home. It’s a solution that countless women have benefitted from — like Wendy Marcello, who after having children 15 years ago and being in and out of the workspace, realized she needed a more flexible career avenue.

“I was really looking to find a company that understood I still had work to do raising my children, yet realized I had a great skill set and was willing to offer flexibility on when and where I performed my tasks,” Wendy says. “It’s a perfect fit for re-ramping my career and still being able to be there when my boys need me. Working with Boulo was like having professional matchmaking services for my career!”

Like many others, Wendy experienced the ease of logging on to Boulo’s website, which features an intuitive talent page where users answer a few simple questions about their education and professional experience. From there, candidates go through Boulo’s onboarding process where they’re taken through an in-depth interview that connects their skills with the best jobs in their area.

“It really focuses on your innate skills and how you have maintained your personal growth even if you haven’t been in a paid role,” Delphine explains.

Boulo has proven to be beneficial for not only the job-seeker, but also the employer. Lynne Hennessey, CEO of Concepts & Associates — where Wendy now works — says using the platform to find and hire Wendy was a seamless process. “Once we chose the candidate with the best fit, Boulo then assisted us with the background check and helped us finalize the process,” Lynne says. “We look forward to working with Boulo again for our future hiring needs.”

Most of the careers Boulo connects its clients with are project-based, part-time and remote opportunities. By curating qualified candidates into one central platform, Boulo makes the hiring process simple and enjoyable — two descriptors that rarely describe the typically grueling interview process. Plus, Delphine points out, Boulo eliminates the all-too-often-felt “guilt” women have for yearning to relaunch their careers.

For Grace Adams, finding Boulo allowed her to find a way to continue the work she loved while also raising a family. “After having my daughter, I realized the full-time role with fairly heavy travel I had was not going to be the best fit for me. However, until Boulo was created, it was relatively difficult to find flexible work,” Grace explains. “How do you walk into an interview and say, ‘I’d love to work here here, but here are my requirements’? It’s kind of a difficult conversation. Boulo goes ahead and puts all of that out there for you as an immediate expectation. It takes the guesswork and the awkwardness out of the equation.”

Grace Adams uses Boulo for work.

Grace Adams, pictured here with her daughter, enjoys the flexibility that her job, which she found through Boulo, offers. She can work remotely and on her own schedule, which makes being a working mother that much easier. Image: Charity Ponter

Julie Gillis, another Boulo user, expressed similar sentiments. “Through Boulo, I was able to find a wonderful opportunity in content marketing with a startup company,” she says. “I’m still getting to use my writing and editing skills, but I am also learning so much about the startup world and what it takes to build a business from the ground up. And I am continuing to enjoy the flexibility that I had as a freelancer.”

With countless women re-entering the workforce, Boulo is leading the charge in creating more job opportunities for mothers — or, as Delphine likes to call them, “Geniuses in the carpool line” —  looking to reignite their careers. And they’re also launching in Jacksonville, Florida this February! “There’s a phase when you have children, when you’re wrapped up and you’re so focused, and maybe that’s where you need to be at that phase of life,” Delphine says. “But as the kids grow up, you might notice there are needs — personal needs — that aren’t being met. We help you maintain that professional side.”

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This article is sponsored by Boulo. Photography by Charity Ponter.

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