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Eco-friendly is no longer just a buzzword in the retail industry. Instead, it’s integrated into the mindsets of shoppers. Clients of today want to know where something came from, if it was made in America, whether it was ethically sourced and how we can reuse or recycle it again later. Atlanta businesses are not only answering these burning questions but shouting their ideals from the rooftops. These three new and unique Atlanta brands — one food, one jewelry and one gift — are embracing the eco-friendly factor while bringing unique options to our home market and beyond.


Helmed by mom of three Jennifer J. Matchett alongside her husband and business partner Cale, Machete is Atlanta’s answer to responsible accessories. The brand’s line of ethically and environmentally conscious jewelry is minimal, timeless, interesting and, perhaps best of all, affordable. Each piece is made from acetate, a light-weight natural and renewable material that can be molded and colored. With chic and unique designs, the company is already making waves in their space. Machete has been featured in Vogue and is even sold at ethically conscious large-scale retailers who focus on small businesses like Anthropologie and Lou & Grey.

Even with these fashion accolades, Jennifer says at their core, Machete is a small, close-knit, laid back studio with a giving heart. “Some people write us off as a larger corporate company with mass-produced jewelry. In fact, that is far from the truth. We take our production practices very seriously and responsibly. We donate monthly to a wide range of humanitarian and environmental causes and design with sustainability in mind.”

Keep an eye out for Machete’s next collection which will include a range of rings and necklaces while incorporating metallics.

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Machete offers a range of affordable accessories in a variety of colors and styles. Image: Machete

Each piece is made from acetate, a light-weight natural and renewable material that can be molded and colored. Image: Nicole Letts

Truth Honey

Established in 2017, Truth Honey brings over 35 flavors of honey to the gourmet food market. Unlike many honeys on the market, Truth Honey uses corked glass bottles designed specifically for safer food storage and a longer shelf life. Of course, the eco-friendly aspects don’t hurt either. Founder Dior Brown explains, “I think consumers are starting to awaken to being healthy and preserving the environment, and I think this shift is heading to a more sustainable and reliable market.” The brand’s distinctive honey flavors include coffee, ginger, orange and vanilla, but their premium blend flavors are perhaps the most intriguing. Honey enthusiasts and novices alike can enjoy everything from Honey Bourbon Whiskey to 1800 Tequila Silver. Talk about creating a buzz in the market!

With plans to offer a honey refill program beginning in late 2018, there’s no stopping Dior and her honey hive. She says, “We bring value to the marketplace through our bold, unique flavor combinations; we want to change the way consumers view, purchase and use gourmet honey.” We’re confident this queen bee is well on her way to doing just that.

Truth Honey’s unique flavors include coffee, orange and vanilla. Image: Truth Honey

The honey company plans to offer a refillable program later this year. Image: Nicole Letts

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Wax Candle Bar

Spend just a few minutes on Pinterest, and you’ll find a bevy of ways to reuse your old candle containers. DIYers use them as planters, makeup brush holders and even makeshift vases. However, what you won’t find is someone who has made a full-fledged business out of refilling empty vessels. That is, until you meet Teri Xerogeanes of Wax Candle Bar. Teri describes the birth of her company as a serendipitous moment. “I was looking for a refill service to refill the used containers I had accumulated over the years. They were too pretty to throw away, so I thought it would be nice to refill and reuse them. I taught myself how to pour candles, refill my containers and started making them as gifts for friends. Next thing I know, I’m in three retail stores, and I have an online business!”

Wax Candle Bar truly embraces the concept of reduce and reuse. Purchase your Wax Candle Bar candle once, but reuse it again and again. “All of our containers can double as a flower vase or can be refilled by either our refill service offered at EcoHome Atlanta or by purchasing a refill bag online,” Teri explains. “All of the wax and fragrance I use is eco-friendly and natural, no additives or harmful phthalates! Customers can also create their own candles. They pick the container they like, then the wax they prefer and lastly the fragrance. Every candle is customized and as unique as the customer who ordered it.” Find Wax Candle Company at EcoHome Atlanta, Sugarcoat, St. Simons Bottle on St. Simons Island and of course, on their website.

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Wax Candle Bar allows customers to select their own vessels and scents. Image: Nicole Letts

We love that Wax Candle Bar’s offerings are as pretty as they are functional! Image: Nicole Letts

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