All Buttoned Up and (possibly) Naked

For the last couple years I’ve been noticing a trend that I don’t really get–the all buttoned up look. After I talk about this trend, I’m going to tell you about another, completely different trend you will want to approach with caution, lest someone think you are naked. Really.

All Buttoned Up.

Now, I totally understand that when you wear a 2-inch skirt or booty shorts, perhaps a more conservative top is called for, and thus one must button her blouse all the way up. I applaud everyone with the legs to wear these looks for knowing that if you are showing a LOT of one thing, it’s best to cover up the other parts. I prefer a longer skirt, but I’m also not 22.

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So, the collared top, buttoned all the way up, does pair nicely with this super short skirt. Do you think she has shorts on under there? 


We showcased this image last week, as well. So pretty. But, would you look good with your blouse buttoned up this way? I have to say, though, if you have those shoes, I think anything goes…they’re amazing.


Here are 4 different looks to show you how much this trend has taken off.

I realize the 80’s throwback appeal of the look. Yes, I, too, had a Limited paisley $44 blouse, that matched my Guess $44 jeans (and these were both considered PRICEY). I buttoned that blouse all the way up and added a big ol’ brooch with a faux gem about 2 inches wide, right where the top button meets the collar. And, I walked with a certain swagger in this outfit, as I was undoubtedly HOT.

Now, my parents were probably thrilled that this was my look–who doesn’t want their daughter all covered up? But, come on, it does not look good. So, to all you grown women, please, there are very few of us who look fashionable when we do this! Quite frankly, the look ages you and makes you look like a fuddy duddy. (And if you use the term fuddy duddy, that, too, will age you.) Well, I guess rock this trend if you pair it with that tiny leather skirt.

Absolutely, if you are going to wear a short pleated leather skirt, the perfect foil is a buttoned-all-the-way-up blouse!

But, for the rest of us, what’s wrong with unbuttoning that top button? This looks great:

See how nice this looks? And, no strangling feeling. Lulufrost Blog.

So, take caution. But if you are baring lots of other parts, or wearing super tight… sure, button up!



Now, onto a trend that may make you look naked. Well, perhaps not naked, but people may think you left your pants at home: beige jeans.

These look benign, don’t they?

Beige jeans by Vince brand.

As I was shopping last week, I tried some jeans on, similar to the ones above. The problem was, they were far too close to my skin tone. Paired with a long tunic, my daughter noted, “At first glance, you look naked.” Out of the mouths of babes. This is especially true with the skinny jean style.

Now, my point is that if you are shopping for this look, don’t buy until you find a shade of beige that is as far away from your skin color as possible. Great jeans or not, we can all agree that we might look twice if this model walked by and wonder if she forgot her pants. On darker skin? It would work.


These also aren’t the best pick for her skin tone. Great jeans for some, but this is not a one-size/color fits all!


This color works better with her skin tone. You can easily tell this is not skin.


For all of our darker skinned readers, take note: you are not off the hook! Beige jeans may be a trend, but brown jeans exist and this same consideration needs to be applied to you!

So, while beige jeans are all the rage, please take a child with you when you try them on and encourage them to speak the truth. If they say you look naked, find another pair in a different color! As most of these photos are from Nordstrom, I would like to point out they they have stylists on hand to help you. So speak up and let them help you find the look that is best for YOU!


Have a nice weekend,