Lynda Lambert: FACES of Louisville

You probably recognize the name, but did you recognize the face? Lynda Lambert has been a part of local radio for years, and she has had a fascinating career. From starting out in the marching band in high school to being a major radio disc jockey in Los Angeles and then back home in Kentucky, this FACE of Louisville is a dynamic woman. 

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Hearing your voice immediately puts me at ease. What do you do for a living?

I co-host The Lambert and Lindsey Morning Show on 102.3 The Max.

You started in television news but transitioned to radio. Why do you prefer radio over television?

Radio had an immediate appeal to me. In radio, there is creative freedom. We are encouraged to take the experiences of our daily lives and use them to form relatable content for four hours to our listeners each morning. I love writing and creating original content. Radio allows for that personal freedom.

When did you discover your talent for broadcasting?

Ha! I’m not sure I have “discovered” anything at this point. My mother did say that she knew I would talk for a living because as a child, I always had to have the last word.

What happens if you lose your voice or get sick? Do you do anything special to “protect your instrument”?

We all struggle with allergies, colds, etc. The “Ohio Valley Crud.” Fortunately, when I do get sick, I don’t usually lose my voice. I might sound awful, but it’s not anything a hundred other people in our audience aren’t dealing with on a daily basis. When the voice does start to suffer, nothing works better than a little hot toddy. Yes, I mean bourbon.

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Speaking of instruments, tell us about your love for music.

I grew up in a musical home, thanks to my mom. She sings beautifully, and even though I did not inherit that talent, she started me in piano lessons during grade school. I continued piano through high school, playing for choirs, ensembles and musicals. I started playing clarinet in grade school and joined the marching band in high school. (Yes, I am a proud band geek.) I was drum major for the Oldham County Marching Colonels my senior year and was a member of the Wildcat Marching Band during the four years I attended UK. Great friends, great memories, great life lessons. And I wouldn’t trade any of it — even the label of “band geek.”

How do you balance your job and your personal life?

I have a wonderful husband who is my true partner and two daughters whom I adore. I have family and friends that I treasure more than I can say. With those people in my life, church on Sunday, and a couple of trips to the gym each week, I can usually handle what comes my way. And never underestimate the healing power of a good nap.

What is your biggest life lesson?

This is where I finally get to pay tribute to my grandmother, Nana. She had definite guidelines. What really matters is how you act when you think no one is looking. You will never be able to please everyone, so stop trying. And do not leave the house without lipstick. She was a wise woman.

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Who is your mentor?

My best friend, Karen. We’ve been best friends since second grade. There is no one I trust more, and there is no one who will cut through the nonsense, get to the point and give me sage advice more than her. And she knows me WAY too well.

What is best advice you have received in business?

Never say anything to anyone that you don’t want plastered across the front page of the newspaper, or in this day and time, Facebook.

If you were not in your current job, what would you love to do?

Be a Broadway star. That’s actually one of the most insane things I’ve ever said, since I can’t sing and I can’t dance. But I can dream.

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What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

That I worry about the zombie apocalypse or some other world-changing event, thanks to my obsession with The Walking Dead.

What is your favorite place to eat?

In this foodie town, I can’t name just one — and I will leave someplace out, I just know it. Decca, Pat’s Steak House, Jeff Ruby’s, Bistro 1860, Volare, Varanese. This city has amazing restaurants, and these are just a few.

Where do you like to shop?

Rodeo Drive, Rodes, Von Maur, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom. Again. Too many to name.

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What is a treat or a luxury you do for yourself?

A facial or a massage. Heaven on earth. But I’m paying college tuition now, so they don’t happen as often as I’d like.

What is your weakness?

Butter or bacon.

What is your favorite thing to do in Louisville?

I love going to Churchill Downs, Broadway shows at the Kentucky Center for the Arts and concerts at the KFC YUM! Center.

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Three things you cannot live without (besides God, family and friends):

Music, my iPad and coffee.

What are you reading?

Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep and The Fault In Our Stars by John Green — both recommended by my radio partners.

What are three of your favorite things?

They’re Real mascara

My convection oven (three trays of cookies at once!)

Hunter boots (thank you, Mama!)

Thank you, Lynda Lambert, for giving us your valuable time, especially since you start working at  4:00 a.m. To hear Lynda in the mornings, listen to the The Lambert and Lindsey Morning Show on 102.3 FM The Max.

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