While last year brought forced us into DIY haircuts and at-home root touch-ups, this year we’re back in the salon chair and excited to see what spring hair trends are in store. We asked some local salon experts to weigh in, and you might be surprised at a few of their answers!

Spring hair trends for 2021 include a middle part and soft curls

This spring, you can anticipate some interesting (and, in some cases, controversial) hair trends. 

5 Spring 2021 Hair Trends to Embrace (or Not!)

Middle Parts and Curtain Bangs

Many of the current hair trends are a throwback to the days of disco. Kayla Fontaine, manager at Blowout Co. in Brentwood, says, “We’re seeing styles from the ’60s and ’70s being mixed with the textures and cuts of the ’80s and ’90s.” This includes the middle part, which is definitely having a moment — again — and the ease of it speaks for itself. With one swipe of a comb, you’ve reinvented your look and upped your cool factor tenfold. Wispy bangs are also back and better than ever, providing a soft, approachable and flattering way to frame your face, no matter its shape. Curtain bangs easily complement any hair type, from curly to straight, and offer less labor-intensive upkeep as they grow out.

Side part versus middle part: the same model displays both, side by side

Goodbye, side part, and hello, middle part! Image: Element Salon

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The Shaggy, Lived-In Look

As we emerge from hibernation and beautiful spring days call for happy hour at a local restaurant patio, we’re looking for hairstyles that offer trendy sophistication without the fuss — something that lends itself to all occasions. Glenda McKinney, stylist and creative director at Element Salon, says fringe; long, shaggy layers; and short, edgy bobs are a perfect way to bridge the gap.

Kayla of Blowout Co. agrees, adding, “Lived-in styles and shaggy looks are fun and easy to maintain, and the pandemic is making these trends great because they are easy to touch up on your own.” In fact, it seems many clients are heading to the salon for event-related stylings and leaving with something effortless that they can wear indefinitely. “At Blowout Co., we are getting more requests for styles that will last,” Kayla says. Low-maintenance-meets-contemporary trend? We’re in.

A shaggy haircut and style from Blowout Co.

Shaggy, lived-in hairstyles are on-trend for Spring 2021. Image: Kelly Hicks for Blowout Co.

Soft Waves and Curls

Gone are the days of highly textured, overworked beach waves. Instead, we’re channeling mermaids with long, flowing locks. Kayla says, “This year is going to be about the softer, more touchable waves and styles.”

Abbie Adotta, Master Stylist at Style House Salon, agrees. “Overdone curls are definitely on the way out — ’90s hair vibes are making a comeback,” she says. “Think Cindy Crawford or Alicia Silverstone — lots of fullness and no major curl.” It’s all about going back to a more natural state of being, particularly when that means embracing a simpler and more convenient daily styling routine. In fact, even men are getting in on it. “The clean cut is going to be out for a while,” says Glenda. “Men are embracing having a little bit of a looser look, too.”

Dark hair with soft waves

Soft curls and wavy locks are an easy go-to, whether you’re lounging at home or headed out for an intimate gathering. Image: Kayla Fontaine for Blowout Co.

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Embracing Your Inner Brunette

Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes can brag about being on-trend this spring, and that’s great news for natural brunettes who haven’t been able to get into the salon for a color touch-up in a while. “In the 2009 recession, ombré [hair] became such a popular look because people were not getting their hair done,” says Glenda. “With that trend being out, I really think people [are going for] a more natural look.”

She says to expect cool browns with face-framing highlights, offering many women an easier transition back to their original color. “Oddly, the pandemic has been an inspiration for these new looks,” Glenda adds. “A lot of people grew out their blonde hair and embraced their inner brunette. They’re getting used to seeing depth, and they’re really loving it but want it to look intentional.” So, before you ask your stylist to take you back to that platinum hue, consider taking the natural route!

Brunette roots growing out in blond hair

Brunettes, get ready to go back to your roots! Image: Kelly Hicks for Blowout Co.

The “Modern Mullet”

Perhaps the most talked-about spring hair trend is the “modern mullet.” “The ‘modern mullet’ is definitely having its moment,” says Kayla, “but it’s not as scary as people think! There are so many ways to style it, from super edgy and choppy layers to softer bangs with shorter face-framing layers, so there is a mullet for everyone.”

Kayla’s not the only fan. “I’m actually obsessed with the modern mullet on men and women,” says Glenda. “I think a real ’70s and ’90s mashup is the new hot trend because it’s more natural but has an edge to it. Both of those decades have pretty iconic fashion and hair moments, and the marriage of the two is pretty amazing.”

In fact, the mullet has been in vogue for longer than we care to admit — even if the jury is still out for some. “I think the ‘modern mullet’ has been having a moment for a minute,” says Abbie. “As a stylist, I can appreciate the art of it. [However,] it’s not a look for everyone. It has to be complemented by the right hair color and personal style of the individual.” So, where do you stand? Are you ready to embrace some business in the front and a party in the back?

The "Modern Mullet"

Love it or hate it, the mullet is back. Image: Element Salon

No matter your hairstyle of choice, we hope you have fun flaunting it this spring!


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