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In a town known for hot chicken and biscuits and 100-layer donuts, we’ve learned the importance of balance. There are days that call for comfort food, and there are days that call for something lighter. To help you find the dish and destination on the latter days, we polled some of Nashville’s health, beauty and fitness professionals to find out where they like to grab a healthy bite to eat. Next time you’re looking for something light or green, visit one of these healthy restaurants in Nashville and leave satisfied!

Where to Order Healthy Meals in Nashville

True Food Kitchen

Lee Wright, owner of Style House Salon

“The turkey burger with smoked gouda cheese and smashed avocado at True Food Kitchen is amazing. It is also available on a gluten-free bun. It is healthy, delicious and satisfies your burger craving.”

True Food turkey burger -Healthy meals Nashville

The turkey burger at True Food can also be served in a lettuce wrap for an even fresher bite. Image: True Food Kitchen

Vui’s Kitchen + AVO

Amanda McGown, Hot Yoga Plus

“Coming from a very serious salad snob, Vui’s Kitchen is my current crush! Vui’s Salad with lemongrass chicken or five-spice shrimp is one of the best salads in town. And the outdoor seating on a sunny day will make you feel all the feels for this amazing city that we call home.

“A runner-up is AVO. I love the whole concept, and the menu is done spectacularly well. My sister, Susannah, was one of the original owners, and I was the lead on the interior design for the space. It’s a fun walk down memory lane to return for a meal there and high five each other for one of our contributions to Nashville.”

Vui's Kitchen Salad- Healthy Meals Nashville

A Vui’s Kitchen salad promises a crunchy, fresh and flavor-filled lunch. Image: Vui’s Kitchen

Burger Up

Dylan Murphy, RD, LDN. Founder/CEO, Dylan Murphy Nutrition

“One of my favorite spots in town is Burger Up, and I especially love how they have more to offer than just burgers and fries. When I am looking for a healthy and balanced meal, my go-to order there is the kale salad topped with salmon. For a balanced meal, it’s important to have fiber, fat and protein present at the meal. Those food groups play vital roles in maintaining fullness, nourishing our body, building muscle, balancing our blood sugar and so much more. For a vegan/vegetarian option, the quinoa burger on the salad is amazing as well.”

The kale salad with a quinoa burger is one of our favorite healthy dishes in town, too! Image: Burger Up

Eat Well Nashville

Valerie Derrick, Medical Aesthetician at Woods Aesthetics

Eat Well Nashville is a meal prep delivery service. I love to order their fresh and healthy meals every week. It is a super-easy way to stay on track with a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. Their already-cooked single-serve meals are easy to heat up and eat on the go when I’m squeezing in a quick lunch between customized facials and laser treatments. My favorite meal is their turkey meatloaf with sweet potatoes. The classic meatloaf is prepared with all-natural ground turkey with cranberry sauce, sweet mashed potatoes and crunchy green beans. Bonus: Their packaging is 100% recyclable.”

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Prepackaged healthy meals- Eat Well Nashville

The prepackaged healthy meals from Eat Well Nashville make balanced eating easy. Image: Eat Well Nashville

Soy Bistro

Brigitte Edwards, Owner of Orangetheory Fitness, Brentwood, Midtown, Green Hills, Melrose

“At Soy Bistro in Brentwood in Maryland Farms, I order the hot chicken. It’s not fried; it’s made with lean chicken, and it has a little kick, but not too much. It comes with a house slaw with a wasabi sauce and with white or brown rice. I skip the rice and get extra slaw sometimes when I’m feeling really good!”

Soy Bistro hot chicken- healthy meals Nashville

The hot chicken at Soy Bistro is a healthy spin on a Nashville classic. Image: Soy Bistro

Vui’s Kitchen

Dr. Jennifer Lee, Board-certified Dermatologist Medical Director, REN Dermatology & Laser Center

“I’m Chinese, so my comfort food is typically greasy and not particularly healthy (think fried rice, lo mein, General Tso’s chicken)! So if I’m craving Asian food, I love the noodle bowl at Vui’s Kitchen. It’s vermicelli noodle-based and chock full of fresh raw vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, romaine lettuce and fresh herbs — all drizzled in a light, delicious Vietnamese fish sauce dressing. I usually get grilled tofu as my protein (pork belly if I’m feeling indulgent) and always a fried egg on top! It has loads of veggies that offer healthy antioxidants, and this dish never feels too heavy. It’s especially great so I don’t get that post-lunch haze. Bonus: Get a table outside for some fresh air!”

Paleo Works … and more

Ryan Freebing, Owner/Publisher at Nashville Fit Magazine

“Right now, I am doing a lot of CrossFit, so Paleo Works has been helping me out with my meal prep — which is key if you are trying to dial in your nutrition. I would also recommend Munch Meals, Clean Eatz and Build Your Temple, depending on the area you live in. If you’re looking for restaurants, I never pass up an opportunity to grab a Well Being (juice) and a curry chicken wrap at The Urban Juicer. I’ve also been to True Food Kitchen in Green Hills several times, and the service, food and atmosphere are always spot on!”

Paleo Works- healthy meals Nashville

Paleo Works make healthy meal prep simple (and delicious). Image: Paleo Works


Nikki Manscill, owner of Sumits Yoga Nashville

Chaatable Nashville is a great place to grab good, healthy eats. I love food with flavor and flair, and healthy to me is about moderation. Grab a few of their smaller bites, and you’ll get a great meal, experience different tastes and not break the calorie bank. I like to include a craft cocktail with my dinners and usually ask for a reduction in any sugar, which helps keep my drinks cleaner.”

Chaatable Build-a-Bhel- Healthy meals Nashville

Try the Build-a-Bhel at Chaatable for a tasty combination unique to you! Image: Chaatable


Annelise Carney, @_nashfit_

“My favorite spot in Nashville for a healthy but tasty meal is definitely AVO. While I love trying new things around town, it’s hard not to hit this spot at least once a week for their kimchi rolls and kale Caesar salad. The salad is the bomb, and I have yet to find one that compares. Their newly added burgers are delish too. They also have some pretty fresh cocktails and a great atmosphere.”

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AVO Kimchi Spring Roll- healthy meals Nashville

The AVO kimchi spring rolls are an SB office favorite too. Image: AVO

Zoës Kitchen

Bird Thompson, Head Coach at Orangetheory Fitness Brentwood

“I enjoy Zoës Kitchen for healthy meals. They have a great variety, and the food is fresh as they do not have a microwave, freezer or deep fryer. One of my favorites is the cauliflower rice bowl with double salmon. It has cauliflower rice, tzatziki sauce, feta, cucumbers and a choice of protein. I’ll add a side of basmati rice or grilled potato salad for a good slow-burning carb as well. It has everything you need that is good for you and delicious.”

Healthy Meals Nashville- Zoës Kitchen Cauliflower Rice Bowl

The Zoës Kitchen cauliflower rice bowl is topped with tzatziki, Israeli skhug, feta, cucumber and fresh dill, making it a delicious flavor explosion. Image: Zoës Kitchen

Cheers to healthy dining!


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