A notable fan of all things color and certainly all things bright and bold, Beth Haley is a Nashville designer who brings spaces to life. Her perspective and unique touch make rooms and homes both joyful and livable. Recently, Beth worked on a project a bit outside of her typical color-splashed aesthetic, and in doing so, she again illustrated just how multifaceted she is.

These Nashville clients approached Beth in hopes that she could take the formal furniture and decor in their condominium and seamlessly incorporate it in their new airy and open Green Hills home. They entrusted Beth with this challenge of making the space more comfortable and approachable, yet still elegant and elevated. Beth worked these very traditional pieces into a home that now exudes character, comfort and warmth.

Beth shares, “Our client’s family baby grand piano is definitely a statement piece. The clients had the piano refurbished, and the finished product is gorgeous!”

One piece that made its way into the new home was the baby grand piano. This beauty sits in the sunny front room — a cozy space with built-in shelves filled with books, memories and unique pieces that hold special meaning. Beth shares, “Modernizing any style is first about simplifying and prioritizing.” This includes a deliberate approach to spaces like shelving, where favorite pieces are prominently displayed.

Beth created a main living area that would incorporate the desires of the client – comfort, relaxation and openness – all into one space. You’re immediately welcomed by two large sofas covered in inviting, casual linen and facing one another. The rug beneath them is the most colorful element of the room. Intentional details like a short stack of books on the table or a row of blue and white chinoiserie on the top shelf pull colors out of the rug. The neutral fabrics, white walls and crisp details achieve a desirable freshness.

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This living area lends itself to cozy conversations and entertaining of all sorts.

Accent pillows adorn the couch and allow the owner the opportunity to reenergize the space just by swapping them out.

The kitchen, while sticking to just one color, is layered with patterns and textures. Beth tells us, “By keeping in mind that simplicity and artistry allow any design to develop organically and easily, we were able to help our client’s vision become a reality.” In a modern style, she explains, color is kept light and crisp, and the materials, because of their single importance, must be artistic.

That meant drawing color from earthy elements that find their way into the kitchen – fruits, flowers, even greenery – and using various patterns in the kitchen materials. A marble waterfall island provides ample space for the owner to prep dinner while kids do homework or a beautiful spot for a dinner party hors d’oeuvres spread. The backsplash behind the stove makes a grey and white statement with its orb pattern, and the color scheme continues in the herringbone backsplash that spans the rest of the counter space. Sleek but not simple, the kitchen is a breath of fresh air and a welcoming place to gather in the home.

Silver hardware and appliances cleanly blend with the kitchen’s modern design.

The handsome blue barstools add an element of warmth to the kitchen. A comfortable spot to sit invites gathering around the island.

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“We were able to reuse our client’s existing dining table and chairs in their new home. We refreshed them with matching slipcovers for the heads of the table. Dressmaker details make the chairs elegant, yet fresh and new.”

“The bunk room was designed for the couple’s twin granddaughters. The navy cork floors, which added warmth, cushioning and a sound barrier, were topped with a playful Kate Spade rug.”

In each room, Beth incorporated her signature touch of color in a way that fit the clients’ style. The contrast of neutral furniture with bold art creates a special moment in the girls’ bedroom.

“The art personally spoke to our clients and created a story for them. Making personal connections with the clients and the space they live in is the most rewarding thing for me.”

The wine room is decidedly warm and masculine. Beth started with the tile statement wall, which added texture, then added a custom rug, leather chairs and hand-selected artwork to reflect the desired masculinity.

“Most people would guess I would like to have the wine room in my home. While the wine room is relaxing and inviting, I love their home office and believe I would get more use out of it. To be nestled in a comfortable chair and surrounded by the inspiring black and white photography is my jam!”

At the end of the day, it comes down to the clients for Beth. While her personal style might differ from a client’s, her ultimate goal is a happy client and a happy house. “When you walk into one of our houses, we hope that it reflects the client and not us. It looks like the client. Maybe, even, it doesn’t look like they had a designer at all,” she tells us.

This transformation of traditional and formal to inviting and relaxing gave Beth’s clients the updated, livable look they were hoping for … and in true Beth Haley Design fashion, exceeded their expectations. She tells us, “I’m pleased that we were able to blend the existing furniture with new pieces, blend masculine spaces with feminine and blend traditional style with contemporary. We were able to retain meaningful furniture pieces, add art that speaks to them and give each of them a space they love. Now, our clients have a personal connection to their home.”


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