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Nashville has become a huge cultural hub and our flourishing art scene is at the forefront of it. To get the most out of this scene, here is a guide to the best galleries and museums in Music City.

Best Art Galleries and Museums in Nashville

Here at StyleBlueprint, we make sure to partner with the best businesses and showcase them in our SB Guide. Below is a list of the best art galleries and museums in Nashville from our SB Guide.

Bennett Galleries

2104 Crestmoor Road, Nashville, TN 37215 • (615) 297-3201

Bennett Galleries is both a curated gallery space providing original fine art and a premier frame shop that specializes in custom framing. This gallery houses works from world renowned artists as well as local artists. With their amazing collection of contemporary painting and sculptures, this is a great place to shop if you are in the market for a new piece of fine art.

Best Art Galleries and Museums in Nashville

Bennett Galleries has a distinctive collection of contemporary paintings and sculptures for sale including landscapes, abstract compositions and stunning figurative works.

Cheekwood Estate and Gardens

1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville, TN 37205 • (615) 356-8000

Built in 1929, Cheekwood was gifted and opened as a public institution in 1960. Today, it features 12 distinct gardens and a woodland sculpture trail, all showcasing the stunning natural landscape, and an 8,000-piece permanent art collection — all surrounding a stunning Georgian-style mansion with historically furnished rooms and galleries.

Best Art Galleries and Museums in Nashville

Cheekwood is a 55-acre American Country Place Era estate in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ed Nash

1015 West Kirkland Avenue, ste. 414, Nashville, TN 37216 • (615) 496-2402

Ed Nash has gained widespread popularity for his ability to create great art and curate artistic spaces. His large acrylic paintings feature colorful gradations that formally reference landscapes. Conceptually, these strokes and textures allude to profound sensations like memory and longing. Abstract but approachable, these works fit seamlessly into a number of settings.

Best Art Galleries and Museums in Nashville

From corporate installations to intimate dining rooms, Ed Nash has decorated notable spaces near and far.

Frist Art Museum

919 Broadway, Nashville, TN, 37203-3822 • (615) 244-3340

The Frist Art Museum is one of Nashville’s most prestigious art institutions. Bringing new exhibitions every 6 to 8 weeks, they feature artists from the region and around the world. The Frist also offers educational programs for all ages and their multi-level venue includes the Martin ArtQuest Gallery, an interactive center for engaging activities both for individuals and groups.

Best Art Galleries and Museums in Nashville

With a reputation art of exceptional quality, Frist Art Museum remains a locus of imagination and learning, and welcomes all to engage with the world in a whole new way!

OZ Arts Nashville

6172 Cockrill Bend Circle, Nashville, TN, 37209 • (615) 350-7200

Ranging from musical and theater performances to art exhibitions and dance pieces, OZ Arts has it all. This nonprofit is filled with world-class contemporary art in multiple mediums. With events such as artist talks and showcases as well as educational outreach and performances, OZ is truly one of the most cutting-edge exhibits in the Nashville area.

OZ Arts is a space that approaches the arts with curiosity and an enthusiasm for its’ relationship with humanity.


Whether you have lived in Nashville your entire life or you are just stopping through for a couple of days, the SB Guide is full of things that you don’t want to miss — local businesses, local events, top restaurants and more!

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