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From pot de crème to tarts laced with exotic flavors, we’re highlighting some of our favorite chocolate desserts found on Music City menus. Whether you are saving room at the end of your Valentine’s Day dinner, or you decide to embark on a weekend tour of all things chocolate, we invite you to peruse our mouthwatering list (in alphabetical order) and indulge your sweet tooth!

Coconut Orange Pudding at Butcher & Bee

With its mixture of fruit and chocolate, the Coconut Orange Pudding at Butcher & Bee melds coconut, orange and dark chocolate to create a creamy, rich depth of flavor. Not to mention, the dark chocolate shell is topped with candied orange peel to accent the citrus. The result? A luscious dessert to tantalize the taste buds.

Butcher & Bee's Coconut-Orange Pudding

The fruit-forward flavors of the Coconut Orange Pudding are sure to delight! Image: Butcher & Bee

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Chennai Chocolate Tart at Chaatable

Chaatable’s Chennai Chocolate Tart is an unusual combination of flavors that merge to create a sweet treat that delights. With ladoo filling, described by one Chaatable server as “kind of like a chickpea fudge,” and topped with whipped cream, strawberries, almonds, pomegranates and cashew cotton candy (no, really!), this chocolate-covered dessert is a sight to behold — and just as delicious to consume. Maneet Chauhan, Chaatable’s co-owner and world-renowned chef, says, “What I love about the Chennai chocolate is its incredible depth of flavor. The garam masala chocolate tart has delicious sesame brittle and pistachio hidden in the ganache. It’s like a treasure box of hidden Indian dessert treasures!”

Chaatable tart with strawberries, whipped cream and pomegranates

The exotic and super-delicious Chennai Chocolate Tart at Chaatable | Image: Jenna Bratcher

Chocolate Tart at City Winery

This Chocolate Tart from City Winery is one you’re sure to crave. A chocolate crust filled with creamy caramel and covered with chocolate ganache; one bite will leave you eagerly pursuing the next. Chris Allen, Executive Chef at City Winery, tells us, “The characteristic flavor combinations of this dessert are what brings it to life. From the buttery caramel to the chocolate ganache topped with a pink flaky sea salt, this fine-tuned sweet is a ‘must-try’!”

City winery Chocolate Tart

Trust us; this Chocolate Tart is to die for! Image: City Winery

Chocolate Mocha Tart at etc.

You can’t go wrong with a coffee and chocolate pairing, as evidenced by this beautiful, delicious dessert from etc. Pastry chef Megan Williams tells us, “Our mocha tart was inspired by one of the most popular flavor combinations: coffee and chocolate. It is a very decadent dessert with a layer of dark chocolate ganache.” She adds that even more coffee flavor comes through with the dessert’s espresso crumb crust and coffee-infused whipped cream. “It is perfect for sharing,” Megan adds, “but if you’re a chocolate lover, you might want your own!”

Chocolate Mocha Tart from etc.

This Chocolate Mocha Tart is a little slice of heaven. Image: etc.

Chocolate & Pretzel Mousse at Etch

Pastry chef Megan Williams brings more magic with this sweet and salty combo available at Etch. “This particular iteration of the chocolate pretzel tart is an updated version of the chocolate pretzel bar we featured on the menu a few years ago,” she explains. “I had a lot of customer (and employee!) requests to bring it back, so we did.” She goes on to describe the dish, saying, “The chocolate, pretzel, malt and caramel combination was inspired by my love of chocolate-covered pretzels. I think this flavor combination has been really popular because the flavors are familiar and remind people of the ‘junk foods’ they love. We incorporate pretzels into the dessert in a couple of ways. We make a crunchy streusel to use as a topping and also grind pretzels into a ‘flour’ that we use to make a pretzel shortbread for the base of the dessert. The result is a healthy balance of sweet and salty.”

Chocolate & Pretzel Mousse from Etch

This Chocolate & Pretzel Mousse is perfectly sweet and salty. Image: Etch

Flourless Cocoa Cake at Fable Lounge

Fable Lounge, the new speakeasy on West End, isn’t just a mecca for ’20s throwback vibes and unique libations. Its menu boasts some wonderful dessert options that are just begging to be paired with your cocktail of choice. Created by Fable Lounge’s Chef de Cuisine Chelsea Knight, the Flourless Cocoa Cake is a treat. (Plus it’s gluten-free!) Kraig Hansen, Executive Chef at Fable Lounge, tells us, “Our flourless cocoa cake was designed to cover all bases for chocolate lovers — from the silky milk chocolate mousse to the cocoa powder gravel made with almond flour, and then the decadent mirror-glazed flourless cakes. It all comes together to create a phenomenal multi-flavor layered dessert that is also 100 percent gluten-free.”

Fable Lounge Flourless Chocolate Cake

The Flourless Cocoa Cake at Fable Lounge is as beautiful as it is delicious. Image: Fable Lounge

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Olive + Sinclair Chocolate Soufflé at Henley

The chocolate soufflé with peanut butter-bourbon anglaise from Henley is not only stunning to look at, but it’s also utterly dreamy to dig into. According to Casey Carr, Henley’s pastry chef, “The Olive + Sinclair Chocolate Soufflé is a decadent and enchanting way to finish any meal.” That’s an understatement! She tells us the classic dish is rooted in the rich tradition of French desserts. “Here at Henley, we love celebrating tradition all the while tweaking with local ingredients that celebrate the rich bounty of the American South,” Casey continues. “Nashville’s own Olive + Sinclair Chocolate gives our soufflé its rich, bold flavor. And in addition to using standout chocolate, our soufflé gets just a little bit better when we pour our luscious peanut butter-bourbon anglaise right down the middle, creating a gooey gulley of chocolate deliciousness.”

Chocolate Souffé from Henley

The Chocolate Soufflé at Henley is an experience. Image: Emily Dorio

Milk Chocolate Feuilletine Crunch at Mane & Rye Dinerant

Mane & Rye Dinerant offers up the ideal Valentine’s Day dessert choice. Chef Seth Petitt says, “A romantic night calls for a rich dessert, which is why I felt the Milk Chocolate Feuilletine Crunch was a great way to finish out our Valentine’s Day menu. Complete with malt foam and drunken cherries, couples will end their dinner with decadent textures and luxurious flavors.” In other words, bring your date and some room for this exclusive dessert.

Milk chocolate dessert from Mane & Rye Dinerant

This Milk Chocolate Feuilletine Crunch is almost too beautiful to eat. Image: Mane & Rye Dinerant

Dark Chocolate Caramel Cake at Miel

A dark chocolate cake with layers of caramel and crunchy pecan meringue, this dessert is also covered in ever-so-delightful chocolate mascarpone cream. Can it get any more romantic? Miel pastry chef Jennifer Coins says, “I wanted to do a cake with different layers of texture and fillings … Something other than just cake and buttercream.” Mission accomplished!

A slice of Miel's Dark Chocolate dessert with caramel

The picturesque Dark Chocolate Caramel Cake at Miel | Image: Connie Chornuk

S’more at Saint Stephen

We’re suckers for nostalgia, and James Beard Award-winning Chef RJ Cooper takes us back in time with his s’more dessert at Saint Stephen. His description of the dish? “It’s an ode to a childhood favorite,” he says. “Deconstructed and playful, our s’more is even more delicious. Graham cracker ice cream and bittersweet chocolate atop torched house-made marshmallow fluff, and garnished with graham cracker crumb and chocolate pearls.”

S'more chocolate dessert from Saint Stephen

Nostalgia in a bowl — the s’more at Saint Stephen. Image: Saint Stephen

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse at Sinema

This colorful addition to the seasonal dessert menu at Sinema is equal parts exquisite and tasty. With thoughtful, artistic swirls of apple brandy mirror glaze, and cranberry and blood orange compote, and topped with pumpkin brittle, this flourless chocolate cake with milk chocolate pumpkin mousse is sure to wow your palate. General Manager Carly Houison says, “The mirror glaze is a show-stopping effect, and the various layers and textures throughout the dessert are both beautiful and delicious. The tartness of cranberry and orange against the bittersweet chocolate is an excellent end to a meal.”

Sinema Flourless Chocolate cake with pumpkin mousse

Who knew a flourless chocolate cake could be such a work of art? Image: Sinema

Wishing you a February filled with chocolatey goodness!


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