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Sometimes, you just need a little pop of accessory to make the entire outfit complete. That’s why we’ve decided to switch up our usual What To Wear and bring you some ultimate accessory looks. From statement earrings and simple necklaces to showstopping handbags, feast your eyes on some of our favorite summertime pops of color!

With accessories modeled by Brooke Levy and Katie Savage from Blue Pencil Home, these pieces from Dazzle, Oak Hall and James Gattas are sure to make you swoon.

Let’s get to accessorizing!

what to wear

Thank you to Brooke Levy (left) and Katie Savage (right) of Blue Pencil Home for modeling in this month’s What to Wear!


Perfectly patterned, these boho-chic beaded earrings will add a pop of sophisticated color to any casual outfit. Wear these to Trolley Night on South Main on July 27 for a guaranteed good time (and a great outfit!)

Earring look #1: 

This fun pattern is sure to spice up an outfit!

From Oak Hall: Earrings, $375

Earring look #2: 

These fun and funky statement earrings are everything! Don your best white dress and add these for an extra touch of pizazz.

Sweet as lavender!

From Oak Hall: Earrings, $175

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Earring look #3: 

Every girl needs a good pair of neutral earrings. This pair’s tan and white color scheme matches with almost anything while adding some texture and glam to your ensemble.

From Dazzle: Jason Rose earrings, $22.50

Earring look #4:

You deserve a pair of extravagant earrings and a sweet lavender pair at that. Even though this is a colored accessory, they can easily mix and match with any solid or patterned top or dress.

From James Gattas: Earrings, $1,317

Earring look #5: 

Each pair of Tilton Street earrings is different, so these are perfect for the one-of-a-kind fashionista. Geometric shapes are a major trend right now and adding a two-toned color takes it to another level. Pair these with a tank and white jeans and you are ready to roll!

From Oak Hall: Tilton Street earrings, $40

Earring look #6: 

No blues here! These lightweight, circular earrings are the summer accessory that you just need to have on hand. Consider pairing these with a light pink or pale yellow top for an unexpected, yet fashion-forward look. We suggest rocking these as a festive Fourth of July accessory at Graceland’s All American Getaway happening on July 4 through the 7.

From Dazzle: Jason Rose earrings, $18.50

Earring look #7: 

Good as gold! These sweet baby blues are just the right combination of lavish and casual. Throw these on for the dressier events on your July calendar.

From James Gattas: Earrings, $354

Earring look #8:

This is an earring that will carry you far beyond the summer season. The navy, orange and perfectly pink color scheme pairs well with any white, navy or even pink dress!

From Oak Hall: Earrings, $195

Earring look #9:

Hot pink is totally on trend this season. Why not have a floral hot pink accessory on stand-by? This is the ideal earring for an evening outdoors. Pop them on for a concert at the gorgeous Levitt Shell this summer.

From Dazzle: Shiver + Duke earrings, $45


Handbag look #1: 

These little bags will carry you from the workplace to a night out on the town. With enough space for your essential cards, cellphone and the perfect shade of lipstick, you will be ready for anything that comes your way.

The perfect size bag for a night out!

From Oak Hall: Blue bag, $550; Oat bag, $250

Handbag look #2:

Perfect for a business meeting, lunch date or a trip with friends, this two-toned bag will soon become your favorite accessory. And how fabulous is that tied scarf?!

Carry this bag from day to night!

From Oak Hall: Bag, $475

Handbag look #3: 

Nothing says summer quite like a white accessory! Rock this metal-handled bag at the 2nd Annual Taste of Memphis Vegan Food & Drink Festival on July 20.

White is perfect for a summertime tote!

From Dazzle: Thacker bag, $148

Handbag look #4: 

Olive green is one of our favorite neutrals. And with tassels, a gold handle and structured shape, this bucket bag does it right.

We are loving this olive green!

From Oak Hall: Bag, $395

Handbag look #5: 

When you don’t want to carry a handbag or tote, grab this Hammitt clutch for a sophisticated accessory that can carry everything you need. Gold accents, a unique texture and a summer-friendly shade make this one a showstopper. Bring this clutch for a night of music at Live at the Garden with a performance by the Doobie Brothers on July 13.

The perfect size bag for your credit cards and phone!

From Dazzle: Hammitt bag, $195

Handbag look #6: 

One bag, two choices! Whether you’re into a darker or light shade, there’s no denying that these little numbers will be your go-to handbag of the season.

The cutest bucket bag for all your summertime needs!

From Oak Hall: Zac bags, $295

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Necklace look #1:

Who says a pendant has to be metallic? Make a colorful statement with this pretty little blue pendant surrounded by swoon-worthy sparkle.

This beautiful pendant is sure to stand out!

From James Gattas: Necklace, $1,512

Necklace look #2: 

Sweet and simple, this lavender necklace is the definition of elegance. This would be beautifully paired with a white or navy jumpsuit or dress.

We are in love with this purple pendant!

From James Gattas: Necklace, $736

Necklace look #3:

We love this beauty for its unique shape, color and design. It’s ideal for an elegant evening out!

This necklace is so sweet and dainty!

From James Gattas: Necklace, $237


Bracelet look #1: 

If you’re into matching sets, pair this bracelet with its complementary necklace and earrings from James Gattas for the ultimate summer sparkle.

A classic bracelet that will match anything!

From James Gattas: Bracelet, $432

Bracelet look #2:

If you’re not one to don multiple jewelry pieces at once, this colorful cuff makes the perfect stand-alone statement. Pair it with a yellow, navy, white or pink dress or top.

This bright pattern will add a pop of color to your arm candy collection!

From Oak Hall: Bracelet, $375

Bracelet look #3: 

And the hot pink trend continues! This unique cuff with gold accents pairs perfectly with a simple gold necklace or earrings.

Hot pink is totally on trend right now!

From Dazzle: Les Georgette’s bracelet, $119

Bracelet look #4:

This cuff adds a little extra “oomph” with a textured look that brings interest to any colorful top or dress in your summer wardrobe.

Snake-skin and white, what else could you ask for in a bracelet?

From Dazzle: AV Max bracelet, $72


When it comes to jewelry, rings are always a good option to have on hand (pun intended). This one brightens up a look without going over the top.

No blues here with this gorgeous statement ring!

From James Gattas: Ring, $899


Sunglasses look #1: 

Summertime is the perfect excuse to buy those pair of sunnies that you’ve always wanted! Why not go a little spunky and get a pink pair?! Sport these at the 30th Annual WEVL 89.9 Blues on the Bluff on July 20.

Every girl needs a pair of fun sunnies!

From Oak Hall: Valentino sunglasses, $340

Sunglasses look #2: 

With a unique shape and edgy gold accent, these sunglasses will make a statement anywhere. Wear them out with friends, to explore the city or to relax poolside. You’ll love these for an added touch of glam.

We love the shape of these sunnies!

From Oak Hall: Valentino sunglasses, $440


And because we could not do an accessory What to Wear without featuring a gorgeous summer heel, we pulled the ultimate colorful sandal from Oak Hall. With a little bow on the front, shades of bright colors and a small enough heel that you can dress up or down, you should be talking yourself into buying these beautiful little stunners. Wondering where you can break these cuties in? The Rooftop Party at the Peabody Hotel on July 4.

How fun are these sandals?!

From Oak Hall: Loe Penny Knot Mule, $395

Thank you to Brooke Levy and Katie Savage of Blue Pencil Home for modeling in this month’s What to Wear! And to James Gattas, Oak Hall and Dazzle for supplying the gorgeous accessories.

And thank you to Laura Armstrong of NLA Weddings for the fabulous photos at Dixon Gallery & Gardens


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