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Warmer weather is on its way, and we always love to refresh our living spaces as spring approaches. For some inspiration, we asked some local designers to share their favorite spaces they’ve created. From kitchens to patios to breathtaking bathrooms, these designers’ top projects will wow you. Take a look!

Local Designers’ Favorite Projects

Becca Gaines of B. Gaines Interior Design

“The Listening Room” 

Becca describes this space as “simple, warm and whimsical.” This room is meant for listening to records and hanging out with others. “It’s not designed around a television,” she says. “It’s designed for quality time.” The cabinets in the space were artfully sculpted by a local furniture craftsman, and the Catherine Erb work of art has a deep sentimental meaning to the homeowner — all the more reason to love this room.

The colors of the "Listening Room" are peaceful and calming!

“The Listening Room” is where you can relax and rejuvenate. Image: Selavie Photography

The brown finish on these cabinets is absolutely stunning!

The gold details on this sleek custom sideboard table are simple and elegant. Image: Selavie Photography

Missy Steffens of M. Steffens Interiors

Clean & crisp

Interior designer Missy Steffens calls this kitchen fresh, yet traditional. “This kitchen incorporates pantry and small appliance storage, as well as a bar in the cabinets.” With the help of David Anderson Architect and RKA Construction, Missy made this East Memphis kitchen not only smart but also stunning.

We are loving this bright, white kitchen!

This updated kitchen is beautiful and timeless. Image: Julie Wage Ross

This kitchen is beautiful and simple, making it all the more stunning!

Not only is this kitchen stunning, but the storage is also total game changer! Image: Julie Wage Ross

Leslie Murphy of Murphy Maude Interiors

Contemporary chic

“We love any project that allows us to incorporate our new lines of beautiful melamine, laminate and wrapped cabinets. It is incredible what these unique finishes and textures can do to elevate the space,” says Leslie. These contemporary yet chic cabinets exude sleek modernity, while the clever skull wallpaper lends an edgy vibe to this wet bar.

Classy and edgy, these cabinets tie in the whole room!

These chic cabinets give the whole room an edgy yet elegant feel. Image: Kristen Mayfield

Elizabeth Malmo of Elizabeth Malmo Interior Design

Peaceful & calm 

“Peaceful and calm tones make this bedroom an inviting retreat,” shares Elizabeth. “We enjoyed working with David Lusk to source great artwork to complement the variety of blue tones found in the fabrics and accents.” With its bright and calming features, we could easily nap in this serene master bedroom all day long.

With bright accents and features, this bedroom is making us swoon!

This peaceful and calming master bedroom is a rejuvenating refuge. Image: Selavie Photography

Bright, white and calming!

All the way down to the details of the nightstand, this whole space exudes serenity. Image: Selavie Photography

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Lisa Mallory of Lisa Mallory Interior Design

Transitional kitchen 

“I like the clean, white walls with color. It’s uncluttered and simple, but still exciting,” shares Lisa. “This space makes you feel completely at ease. I was thrilled that the client was willing to use something out of the ordinary.” Pops of color in abstract paintings from Atlanta artist Rana Rochat bring a little bit of playfulness to the space.

Colorful and fun, this kitchen is super eccentric!

Modern art adds color to this elegant white wet bar. Image: Selavie Photography

Selena McAdams of Spruce

Oxford oasis 

“I absolutely love that everything feels so tactile without actually feeling anything. This space evokes comfort by solely using textures from start to finish, to every last detail,” says Selena, who worked with architect David Anderson and builder Wade Aldridge on this stunning project. These rooms, perfect for family gatherings and entertaining, will seat all of your guests with comfort.

Bright and dreamy is how we would describe this dining space!

This space is simple and classic. Image: Selena McAdams

This is the perfect family hangout spot!

Rusticity intertwines with modernity in this beautiful living space. Image: Selena McAdams

Rhea Crenshaw & Miller Cowan of Rhea Crenshaw Interiors

French classic 

The use of space with the living and dining room area combined allows for seamless flow for any type of gathering. Though the space is large, one never feels lost in it. There are plenty of cozy corners for intimate gatherings. “There is a continuity in the mingling; you don’t get stuck in one room or the other,” says Miller. With a subtle smokey and faded color palette, this is a lively, classic space.

Loving this french classic space!

We love this classic warm and inviting living space. Image: Julie Wage Ross

Warm and classic, this dining room is great for events and parties.

This dining space will have guests swooning. Image: Julie Wage Ross

Cindy McCord of Cindy McCord Interior Design

Bright bathroom

This master bathroom is a clean, modern take on a traditional style. The round window in the shower is an architectural feature that opens up the rest of the master bath while keeping it private. The shower’s brass finishes and variations of gray and white marble tile lend a clean, modern feel. Cindy says this is her favorite because of the partners she got to work with on this project. “I love this collaboration with architect David Anderson and Gusmus Construction. Although the space was challenging, the finishes and sections came together so beautifully. This room is so light and warm.”

All gold everything in this beautiful, white bathroom!

The gilded accents in this white space are stunning! Image: Julie Wage Ross

Is it possible to have wishful thoughts about your dream shower?

This the shower of our dreams! Image: Julie Wage Ross

Ann Parker of Parker Design Studio

NexAir Corporate Headquarters 

“Whether it is residential or corporate, it is always an honor because we get to work with the project’s individual vision, and every job is different.” NexAir Corporate Headquarters wanted to marry their rich history as a community business to where they are today and where they are going in the future. Ann says, “We incorporated deep history through storytelling opportunities with tokens of the past for a design that is truly exquisite. From the staircase to the reproduction delivery truck, this project was fun, innovative and challenging wrapped up in one.” Parker Design Studio worked with Looney Ricks Kiss Architecture for this project.

Parker Design Studio made this project fun and innovative!

NexAir’s Corporate Headquarters wanted to showcase its rich history as well as where they are today and where they’re headed. Image: Chad Mellon Photography

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Ami Austin of Ami Austin Interior Design

Comfortable & inviting 

“Cedar Hill was one of my all-time favorite projects. We began this project more than six years ago. It started with a remodel of a bath and ended up as the most beautiful home ever,” says Ami. She brought in landscape designers Gurley’s for the exterior and the Clark family for building. With a wine cellar, lofty spaces over the stables and a warm environment, this home has everything one could possibly desire.

With a wine cellar, lofty spaces over the stables and a warm environment, this home is everything one could think of.

This space is so warm and friendly! Image: Steve Roberts, Selavie Photography and Terry Sweeney

From the woodwork to the large window, this space is so dreamy!

It’s all in the details! Image: Steve Roberts, Selavie Photography and Terry Sweeney

William Ware of Bishop Hearth & Home

Cozy outdoor living

With a cozy and inviting porch like this, you can kick back, watch television, grill out with friends and enjoy some fresh air. William says, “We love this outdoor kitchen because it is perfect for entertaining.” Summertime is quickly approaching, and having an outdoor living space is the ultimate dream!

We love this outdoor space by Bishop Hearth & Home!

A beautiful brick stone fireplace and mounted TV provide the ultimate summer hangout spot. Image: Bishop Hearth & Home

This is the ultimate hangout spot.

This patio has everything you need for summer! From the grill to an outdoor fridge, this will be the place to be all season long. Image: Bishop Hearth & Home

We hope these local designers have given you some home inspiration! Thank you to these design experts for sharing their favorite projects.


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