It’s so exciting and inspiring when we see unique elements in interior design. Perhaps the only thing better is when we see projects that show how every inch of space can serve a purpose — be it for storage or simply to bring a bit of fun to a room. In that spirit, we tapped some of Memphis’s most talented creatives to see what amazing projects they’ve worked on that fit the bill. What they shared makes us want to rethink our own homes and transform previously unused square footage into something special. Take a look!

A Dog Cave

Men shouldn’t be the only ones who have their own caves. Give your dog a little personal space too, with his very own dog cave. This space, made by 323 Woodwork and designed by Becca Gaines of B. Gaines Interior Design, is hidden behind a tiny, sliding door and even has electricity. Bonus points for the shelving — storage for the win!

The perfect place for your pup? A dog cave! We love this one, designed by 323 Woodwork and Becca Gaines. Image: Selavie Photography

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The Ultimate Kid’s Bedroom

Welcome to the ultimate kid’s bedroom! “This is the most fun and unique project I have been asked to be a part of creating,” shares Lindsey Black of Lindsey Black Interiors, designer of the space. “When my client came to me with the request for a built-in playhouse, I didn’t know if she would really go through with it. It was a true joy getting to create the space for her sweet daughter.”

Thanks to HS Carpentry and flower box arrangements from John Mark Enterprises, Lindsey made the dream a reality.

A lucky little girl gets to call this room her own. Lindsey Black of Lindsey Black Interiors created this amazing space, complete with a Dutch door and flower boxes. Image: Stefanie Rawlinson Photography

This is the cutest bed we've ever seen.

Sweet dreams! Image: Stefanie Rawlinson Photography

A foam pit takes this space to the next level! Image: Stefanie Rawlinson Photography

Hidden Powder Room

Cindy McCord of Cindy McCord Interior Design shared a unique project that feels like it belongs in a James Bond film. This powder room, which is hidden underneath a staircase, is part of a recent extensive renovation in Chickasaw Gardens. “The powder room is a unique feature of this renovation because it utilizes a much-neglected space under the stairway,” Cindy shares. “I like it because it is a clean, simple space. I also love its warmth and mixture of materials — glass, wood and metals.” With the help of architect David Anderson and construction by RKA Construction, this room is beautiful and discreet.

How clean and crisp is this entryway?!

We would never know this powder room existed! Image: Ross Group Creative

This bathroom is sleek and tastefully designed; it almost makes us sad that it’s hidden — and yet, how cool! Image: Ross Group Creative

Dual-Purpose Door

This iron-framed door serves multiple purposes — it’s a mirror, a focal point at the end of the hallway and the entry to the closet within the master bedroom. Jeff Edwards of Carlton Edwards Architects, Ryan Anderson of RKA Construction and interior designer Selena McAdams of Spruce have created a space that is both striking and sleek, largely in thanks to the door.

This iron-framed door serves many purposes. Plus, it’s just plain pretty. Image: Selavie Photography

Behind the door, there’s a breathtaking closet we would be thrilled to call our own. Image: Selavie Photography

Creative Use of Added Elements

Ashley Toney of First Fruit Collection added a few tasteful additions to a project she worked on by incorporating rustic, antique columns in the living area, and corbels on the hood vent in the kitchen. Such simple finishing touches may appear understated, but their placement is both purposeful and impactful.

We are loving this kitchen!

The kitchen is already beautiful, but the added impact of the corbels makes it sing.

The columns give the room that much more personality.

The juxtaposition of the rustic columns against the sleek top and bottom molding is unexpected and intriguing.

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Added Dimension

Leslie Murphy of Murphy Maude Interiors incorporated an interesting approach to bring added dimension to this bathroom project. Her secret? The keen placement of a mirror upon a mirror.  She says, “It is a unique element that makes the bathroom look bigger and adds some additional personality.” This room, built by Ken Garland, offers a tremendous amount of natural light, with help from this thoughtful design element.

This stunning space is filled with an abundance of natural light, due in large part to reflections from the mirrors. Image: Kristen Mayfield

Fun & Funky

This space, designed by Kiser’s Floor Fashions, is packed with personality. Fantastic angles, vibrant colors and a bounty of playful patterns make this an intriguing spot that’s perfect for conversation over a glass of wine. The warmth of the rustic wooden beams allows for the painting above the fireplace to take center stage.

This room is fun, funky and eclectic!

We love the different patterns and color schemes in this room.

Big Design, Small Space

Ask Ami Austin of Ami Austin Interior Design to share one of her favorite spaces she’s designed and she’ll quickly offer, “Our barn loft — and fitting a kitchen, full bath, seating area and bedroom all in 900 square feet.” The addition of custom murphy beds, which Ami and team designed and that were expertly crafted by Kerns-Wilcheck, helped her achieve the finished product. “We loved the idea of not having a bunkhouse feel,” she continues. “Overall, we were able to accommodate comfortable sleeping for four guests with an elegant sleeper sofa and the two murphy beds. Clean and sleek when you want to entertain, and super cozy and functional for a perfect night’s sleep.” The project construction is by Chuck Clark.

This looks like a great spot to kick back, have some coffee and enjoy a good book. Note the murphy beds on the far wall. Image: Steve Roberts

Lines! We Love Lines!

We aren’t sure what we love more about this room: the open space, the wooden beams or the linear elements. With neutral tones, mod furniture and crisp, white floors, walls and ceiling, this space, created by Lisa Mallory of Lisa Mallory Interior Design, is as inviting as it is striking.

We are loving the neutral tones with the pop of furniture!

This cool, crisp space is rich with linear design elements and inspiring accents. Image: Chad Mellon

We'd like to sit at that table, for sure!

Can we talk about this fantastic furniture, please? Image: Chad Mellon

Ocean Vibes

This powder room is a favorite of Miller Cowan and Rhea Crenshaw of Rhea Crenshaw Interiors. “A beautiful South Pacific clamshell was used as the sink, with a custom iron pedestal designed around its unique shape,” the designers share. “The navy walls and lithography octopus prints, along with sparkle from the mirror, make one feel as if they are swimming in the sun-dappled blue sea.” Indeed they do.

Get lost in this bathroom!

There’s an undeniable underwater vibe going on in this breathtaking space created by Rhea Crenshaw Interiors. Image: Ross Group Collective

Feel inspired? Us too! 


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