When it comes to fluffing our nests, women are both hunters and gatherers. There are so many great places in town to find just the right thing for your home for not a lot of money. From the decorators to the DIYers to the average shopper, there is something for everyone in Louisville’s home consignment stores. Here’s a roundup of your options, in alphabetical order, as well as a sampling of what you’ll currently find:

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Antiques and treasures this way.
Antiques and treasures this way …

Annie’s Attic

12695 Shelbyville Rd., Middletown, (502) 244-2303

Formerly located on Frankfort Avenue, Annie’s Attic has been in Middletown for a number of years, where they enjoy a much bigger space next to Kroger. Annie’s Attic carries new and consigned upscale home furnishings and accessories. What is great about the space is that for being packed with fantastic finds, everything is very organized. They have an entire section devoted to children’s furniture and decor, as well as a linen room, where the linens are either organized and labeled in clear Rubbermaid containers, or they are hanging. Most furniture seems new and all is in good condition.

SB Tip: Don’t need furniture? Check out their wide selection of jewelry and art.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Annie's Attic
Annie’s Attic in Middletown
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Big selection of current furniture, organized linen room and a children's room at Annie's Attic.
Check out the big selection of current furniture, the organized linen room and a children’s room at Annie’s Attic.


3300 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, (502) 618-3339

Candyjacks is a premier consignment shop, with a selection of stunning antiques, furniture, art, decor and accessories. The silver, china and crystal are all spectacular, with one-of-a-kind pieces sprinkled all over the store. Each piece is carefully tagged with its provenance and the price. Candyjacks takes the extra time to research all of its inventory, and it shows.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Candyjacks on Frankfort Avenue.
Candyjacks on Frankfort Avenue
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Fine silver, Spode china and antiques are all part of this beautiful store.
Fine silver, Spode china and antiques are all part of this beautiful store.

Charlotte’s Web

4175 Lyndon Way (off Thierman Lane), St. Matthews, (502) 719-4444

Charlotte’s Web is a Louisville favorite, with 13,000 square feet of retail space packed with all kinds of useful furniture. This is the place to find an inexpensive, sturdy piece of furniture for your home. They carry bed frames, lots of dining tables and chairs, sofas and club chairs. Anyone with an eye to restore or recover furniture should swing by Charlotte’s Web first; all of the furniture on the floor has good bones. Warmer months are a great time to look here for patio furniture, as well.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Charlotte's Web on Lyndon Way off Thierman Lane in St. Matthews
Charlotte’s Web on Lyndon Way off Thierman Lane in St. Matthews
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Wicker, dining tables, couches and beds are all at Charlotte's Web.
Wicker, dining tables, couches and beds are all at Charlotte’s Web.

Crazy Daisy Antique Mall

1430 Mellwood Ave., Louisville, (502) 560-1335

The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall is like taking a walk back in time. There is a huge inventory in the 20,000-square-foot antique mall located in Butchertown. Vintage signs, linens and remembrances of things past infiltrate the space. Shoppers could spend hours just browsing the memorabilia. There are definitely more accessories and memorabilia here than furniture.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Crazy Daisy on Mellwood St. in Butchertown
Crazy Daisy on Mellwood Avenue in Butchertown
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Like walking back in time with vintage signs, a rotary phone and vintage linens.
A visit here is like walking back in time with a rotary phone, vintage signs and vintage linens.

Crescent Hill Trading Co.

2720 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, (502) 896-6110

Crescent Hill Trading Co. is located behind Carmichael’s Bookstore on Frankfort Avenue. This small venue holds a litany of treasures, especially for those who love to fix up old furniture or have an affinity for vintage kitchen wares. There are also books, art and jewelry. It’s hard to list all the categories of items you’ll find. It’s also hard not to buy something here every time you go.

SB Tip: Crescent Hill Trading Company is known for its rustic collection of outdoor furniture and tools.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Crescent Hill Trading Company on S. Bayly in Crescent Hill.
Crescent Hill Trading Company in Crescent Hill
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Everything but the kitchen sink, and great rough outdoor treasures and stepping stones too.
Everything plus the kitchen sink, great rough outdoor treasures and stepping stones, too

Derby City Antique Mall

3819 Bardstown Rd., Buechel, (502) 459-5151

Founded by five siblings and set in the old Hikes Grade School, the Derby City Antique Mall has a great big selection of furniture, memorabilia and vintage pieces. With 170 dealers, there is a varied selection from which to choose. They even have a dedicated section of the store for pianos. Reminiscent of the old Antique Mall on Goss Avenue, this one also has a great cafe that serves lunch.

SB Tip: Can’t get down to Buechel? You can shop there online at www.tias.com

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture -The Derby City Antique Mall
The Derby City Antique Mall on Bardstown Road
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture
Vintage items, pianos, furniture and much more, including a great cafe for lunch, all at Derby City Antique Mall | Photo Credit: Facebook


1631 Mellwood Ave., Louisville, (502) 540-4940 (Eyedia is currently in between locations.)

Eyedia‘s mantra is “design it again,” and this is definitely the place for people with an eye. The furniture is arranged in room-like settings to give buyers a vision of how things may look in their own homes. You’ll find very current furniture in great condition. They also carry new items, such as lamps and accessories, to complement the consigned pieces.

SB Tip: This store is not packed to the gills with inventory and really looks more like a new furniture store than a typical consignment store.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Eyedia on Mellwood Avenue.
Eyedia on Mellwood Avenue
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Like-new furniture such as this couch, dresser and contemporary chaise lounge at Eyedia.
Like-new furniture, such as this dresser, contemporary chaise lounge and couch at Eyedia

Fabulous Finds

2101 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, (502) 893-3635 (Fabulous finds has since closed.)

Fabulous Finds is a great way to shop and give back to the community, as proceeds from this shop support the Heuser Hearing & Language Academy. It’s hard to categorize what you can find here, because it really does change day-to-day. Some days there are antiques; other days more contemporary furniture. Things move quickly through this store because the prices are low.

SB Tip: You can always find kitchenettes, dining tables, dinnerware and glass. It is definitely a treasure hunt worth return visits.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Fabulous Finds on Frankfort Avenue
Fabulous Finds on Frankfort Avenue
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Porcelain figurines, good furniture and vintage baskets are just a few of the fabulous finds here.
Porcelain figurines, good furniture and vintage baskets are just a few of the fabulous finds here.

Peddlers Mall in Middletown

12405 Shelbyville Rd., Middletown, (502) 245-7705

Of all the places in town, the Peddlers Mall in Middletown is definitely the largest at more than 50,000 square feet of space. With different vendors renting small spaces in this venue, there is a little bit of everything, from the high-end to the yard sale level. Serious hunters, who can likely spend hours in here, will usually come out with a treasure or two. There is a preponderance of clothing and vintage memorabilia here, more so than furniture.

SB Tip: This is a good place to go if you have something specific in mind that you are searching for, such as Ball jars or vintage children’s books.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Peddler's Mall in Middletown
Peddlers Mall in Middletown
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Ball jars, rustic furniture, vintage clothes and shoes all at Peddlers Mall.
Ball jars, rustic furniture, vintage clothes and shoes all at Peddlers Mall

Redefine Design on the Avenue

2320 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, (502) 894-3489

Formerly home to D & W Silks, Redefine Design on the Avenue has introduced another consignment furniture store to the Frankfort Avenue area. But this store is different, in that it still has the silk florals and arrangements and an interior design center, in addition to a vast selection of consigned furniture and decor. They have very nice consigned furniture, such as dining room tables, sofas, chairs, hutches and buffets.

SB Tip: Visitors will find a stunning selection of chinoiserie and Asian art and decor.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-ReDefine on Frankfort Avenue
Redefine on Frankfort Avenue
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-Great sturdy furniture, beautiful chinoiserie and silk flowers all at ReDefine
Great sturdy furniture, beautiful chinoiserie and silk flowers all at Redefine


1041 Goss Ave., Louisville, (502) 690-4572

YesterNook, known for its vintage furniture and collectibles, has been creating a buzz around town with designers, as well as folks who like to rehab furniture. It’s a great destination for those who like to paint or recover furniture. They have great vintage and retro pieces that need no restoring, as well.

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture -Yesternook on Goss Avenue.
YesterNook, located on Goss Avenue | Photo credit: Facebook
Great Louisville Consignment Furniture -Yesternook has great finds for furniture to be repainted or recovered here, plus vintage and retro items.
YesterNook has great rehab-able finds, plus vintage and retro items. Photo credit: Facebook

Remember this mantra, on display at Charlotte’s Web:

Great Louisville Consignment Furniture Stores-consignment shopping mantra
Consignment shopping mantra

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